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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. New evidence which is material and relevant in my opinion. 1) sworn dec from squad leader of the incident and injury during active duty service 2) two page document generated from the local VA seeking medical records for this evaluation 30 years ago 3) A signed document from a USAF recruiter three years later mentioned that he had made contact with a college ROTC program which had discharged me from its Army ROTC program based on an abbreviated MEPS eval for the condition in question which deemed me as disqualified. There is no record of this MEPS evaluation. At the college in question I was diagnosed and treated with an injection but no medical record recovered. Quote from that document: "...since he was physicalled and found to be ineligible, the Army ROTC Unit completely voided him from their program."
  2. I am preparing to deliver a fully developed claim having submitted an intent to file declaration about 9 months ago. One element of this application was a request to reopen a case which had been denied about 30 years ago. Intended to submit new material and relevant evidence and request an effective date to the original claim. My understanding is that with the new changes in the system FEB 19, 2019, I would be required to file a "supplemental claim" and forego the original application date 30 years prior. (https://bit.ly/2KkGgXu) I have no record of the denial. The VA Regional center had no record of the denial or even the application. DAV had no record. VA hospital locally had no record with my initial records request 2018. But a few months back I pressed the VA records folks a bit and they did some digging and found the record for that initial comp & pen exam...still awaiting delivery of that. QUESTION: file the "supplemental claim" due to the new regulations and forego the earlier effective date 30 years and request it to be the date of my "intent to file"?
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