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  1. If i get denied(which from what i heard is more then likely) would they increase me at least for limited flexion i got worsen over time or i have to do a new claim just for that?
  2. Update: 7/17/19: Well they just change my estimate completion today, from 08/07/2019-11/09/2019 to october. Estimated Completion: 08/07/2019 - 10/09/2019
  3. Updated on 7/15/2019: Well been checking my case since my c&p exam, still on "Gathering Evidence", Is it suppose to be a longer process for individual unemployment case then a regular increase case? on Ebenefits it say estimate to be on August, But on Va.gov it say November, any idea?
  4. Currently they did an example on my knee and ankle and it was worst then a few years back, i think i can barely bent my knee when they do the ruler test( i don't know what it call), last time i was able to bend it a little maybe like 40 degree or something now it less then 10. And i heard someone say they get denied in 2 weeks after c&p exam? i guess i wait til i see the status change to prepare to notification then i check the ebenfits for rating update, last time it update before i even get a letter after my status say prepare for notification.
  5. Thanks for replying, I notice the requirement when i did the individual unemployment and they did say at least 60% or more, so that why i did add a back condition that i didn't get a chance of adding in the past.
  6. Hey Guys, Sorry if i posted in the wrong section, i'm have file individual unemployment since may 23th of this year, already have my c&p exam, turn in my recent employment form by the deadline(6/28), now it still on the " Gathering of Evidence", I heard many story of veterans getting denied first time and i even heard after 2 weeks of claim they get denied also. It give me anxiety even thinking about it, i don't have ptsd or any surgeries to my disability. I have 50% disability due to service connected. I have flexion of bilateral knee, bilateral ankle, back condition and hip. For my c&p exam my flexion of my knee and ankle is worst then before. Currently it hard for me to even get off my bed to go do my regular routine, haven't fall yet but i do have soreness on my knee when i stand, walk, or even sit. The only evidence i have is the employment information and the c&p exam. Would i likely to get approve by this? How long would the case usually take from start to finish?( I start at may 23th 2019, and the ebenefits estimate somewhere from august to november of this years.)
  7. They didn't tell me anything about working except turning in my request employer information form, just a regular exam they measure my flexion of my knee and ankle /xray and it was worse then before.
  8. Hey guys, Sorry if i posted in the wrong place, I was wondering, currently i'm 50% disable service connected and work has been hard for me so i have to resign from my job not too long ago, and i file for individual claim on end of may, my question is how likely it is to get approval if all i have is a va form employer information request and my leg is been worst since last time i went to do a c&p exam.
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