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  1. update 2/8/2021 Went to an ankle specislist i guess last week, now i guess i got to wait. I hope the 60% they gave me and then deffered hopefully it stay at 60% or more.
  2. Update 12/10/2020- Got a called from VES evaluation service for another appointment, she say in a week or 2 i should recieved a letter letting me know when and where it take place. I guess ebenefit error cause they didn't update at all, this is the first time for me that i seen it postpone this long, usually for me i claim couple time and usually it a 3 month process from start to end. I remember some claim i did i just get measure on my knee and that was it but some require measure and xray, i guess they want an xray in my ankle this time since it been awhile since i have an xray on that area
  3. Thanks for pointed it out i finally see the case mumber, i just delete it, if you could delete the quote image from your post that be great.
  4. I'm just confuse as you pacmanx1, If my condition is worst why upgrade to 60% then lower to 50% I guess maybe they deffere my ankle that why they reduce 60 to 50% 2. I call peggy and they say they can't tell me my content unless decision letter come, i told them it did but the claim still pending on ebenefit, I check va.gov and ebenefit still 50% and at "Gather of evidence" stage. Maybe the claim system is not update due to lack of staff. I check the decision letter it dated november 25,2020. I'm really have no option but to wait,i seen the 2 hip and thigh limited inc
  5. Thanks, i delete that 1st image if that what you mean. I'm just alittle confuse that if i'm doing worst why would they change from 50 to 60 then back to 50 and plus the claim is not even close. So as you see where it say the right hip and thight limite extention increase to 10 but on the bottom it say decrease to 0% so they decide to upgrade me then decrease me?
  6. Let me check again, they sent me an email last time about covid stuff for ves maybe they want an xray or something. My current case claim still pending ot not even close yet so i dont know if this is an error letter or what. I really confuse about this so they trying to get me to another exam? or they think all my disability worth only 50%?
  7. So i got letter from va intake center but i don't understand the result. look like they finish my claim but on ebenfits it doesnt say it close yet still on gather of evidence stage. 50% current disability. can anyone tell me if i get an increase or a decrease if so how much percent. it look like they increase me to 60% the decrease to 50% again?
  8. Update: Went back to gather of evidence for a almost a week now. I check the letter it say i suppose to get $1132 instead of $1117, Anyone know why? And today i just got a extra $443.76 deposit what is the reason behind it? don't get ne wrong we all love getting pay extra, but any veteran here have an idea?
  9. Thanks, It just now change to Review Of Evidence. Yes i got direct deposit. thanks most likely i wont see my claim close at least until december 1st.
  10. So before thanksgiving it went back from to Prepare for Decision from Prepare for approval, as of 11/27 it just update to Prepare to Notification. Cross my finger it be approve soon
  11. Thanks for the encouragement, I would assume the that i heard from i forgot where that is after case close if i get approve i should get my ebenefits update within 24 hours rather then waiting for the letter to sent home. I would hope i get approve at lease one but both bilateral on my knee and thigh would be better. The lady there couldn't test my hip and thigh cause i told i i could not do swat. But right now i just hope for a good rate. P.S My claim status just move to Pending Decision Approval, Most likely it will be finish by the end of this month. Update on 11/26 Goin
  12. Sorry if i'm not suppose to reply back here since the post too long ago, I submit another claim increase since sept 14,2020, my c%p exam is better this time cause the lady there use the gianometer to measure my knee and also since i claim for hip and thigh she ask if i can do swat and i say no so there were no test on hip and thight. (I claim for an increase on thigh and hip and also knee. When she test my knee, she ask me to stand straight and try to cross my knee and i coudn't cross it pass the other leg. She also test me sitting and bent my knee up and back, only 45 degree angle on bot
  13. @GBArmy I check Va.gove for the claim status and it just said "Your claim decision is ready"
  14. @GBArmy Thanks for the reply, they did the measurement last time i was there which was 2019, this time they just ask me about my disability problem and if it flare up or how the pain,etc and if i was working or not. No measurement or xray/mri of any kind.
  15. Hello everyone, Happy labors day to all, so my question was i my current disability is rated at 50% since last years, since then i haven't seen any improvement myself, I haven't work much or able to keep a stable job, my last job was at home depot for prob 2 months as a greeters around the end of 2019, I just submit all my disability for an increase on may 2020 and my case just close on September 3rd 2020, when to only 1 C&P exam where the doctor just ask me about my injury and how it feel about it, if i pull any muscle or tears any thing, i told the doctor it just hurt when walk or s
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