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  1. Hi, My doctor did submit the form and I had a c&P exam for an increase. I see the 100% combine disability final on e-benefits but the aid and attendance is not there. I am distraught because I really need help. My husband is sick too. I have someone that comes in to help me, but I can't afford to pay her. I don't have any where else to turn. I have to wait for the decision letter to see what happened.
  2. I need help you guys. I don't know what to do and I am so distraught. I have fibromyalgia really bad and a back issues that prevents me from taking care of myself. My nurse practioner applied for the aid and attendance benefit for me but ebenefits was updated showing that I was awarded 100% but the smc L is not listed. They gave me 40% for my back and 60% secondary for my bladder. Shouldn't the primary condition be higher than the secondary condition?
  3. Hi, I seen my decision posted on e-benefits. I went from 90% P&T to 100% P&T but I don't see a SMC L listed for the Aid and Attendance benefit. Does that mean I was denied? Also, I was given 40% for my back but 60% for my bladder secondary to my back. Is that right?
  4. My e benefits account was updated today with my increase. I was 90% with 10% TDIU. Now I am 100% P &T. I applied for Aid and Attendance. Should my e benefits show that I was awarded SMC L, if it was granted or should it be seen in my benefits letter? Neither of them say it.
  5. If a veteran is service connected for both fibromyalgia(40%) and spine conditions(60% and 10%), radiculopathy (20% upper, 20% lower) and is in need of aid and attendance, could the veteran receive a higher SMC because both conditions require Aid and Attendance. The veteran also has mental health issue that equals 50% but may be increased to 100%.
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