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  1. I feel distraught. What do you do when you need help, but the Va says you don't hurt enough and denies your aid and attendance? They rated me as !00% combined but said I don't meet the criteria for smc aa. They said my medical record show I require some assistance with bathing and other hygiene tasks, my service connected conditions do not meet criteria for a grant of special compensation based on the need for an aid. In order to be eligible, my service connected disability must be totally disabling and be the sole cause or contribute to the need for aid and attendance. I have no service connected disability evaluated at 100 percent. They said if I had disabilities resulting from the same disease process and/or certain combinations of primary and secondary disabilities, they could consider that. But in my case, everything for my back adds up to only 90%. They said they couldn't add the fibromyalgia 40%, depression 70%, or neck 10% into that formula. I've been shifting from crying to being lifeless for the past week. Where am I suppose to turn for help now? What am I suppose to do? I think the worst part of the rating, is that it feels like someone got an in dept look at my life and screamed back at me, that nothing I am going through is taken seriously by any one.
  2. Hi, My doctor did submit the form and I had a c&P exam for an increase. I see the 100% combine disability final on e-benefits but the aid and attendance is not there. I am distraught because I really need help. My husband is sick too. I have someone that comes in to help me, but I can't afford to pay her. I don't have any where else to turn. I have to wait for the decision letter to see what happened.
  3. I need help you guys. I don't know what to do and I am so distraught. I have fibromyalgia really bad and a back issues that prevents me from taking care of myself. My nurse practioner applied for the aid and attendance benefit for me but ebenefits was updated showing that I was awarded 100% but the smc L is not listed. They gave me 40% for my back and 60% secondary for my bladder. Shouldn't the primary condition be higher than the secondary condition?
  4. Hi, I seen my decision posted on e-benefits. I went from 90% P&T to 100% P&T but I don't see a SMC L listed for the Aid and Attendance benefit. Does that mean I was denied? Also, I was given 40% for my back but 60% for my bladder secondary to my back. Is that right?
  5. My e benefits account was updated today with my increase. I was 90% with 10% TDIU. Now I am 100% P &T. I applied for Aid and Attendance. Should my e benefits show that I was awarded SMC L, if it was granted or should it be seen in my benefits letter? Neither of them say it.
  6. If a veteran is service connected for both fibromyalgia(40%) and spine conditions(60% and 10%), radiculopathy (20% upper, 20% lower) and is in need of aid and attendance, could the veteran receive a higher SMC because both conditions require Aid and Attendance. The veteran also has mental health issue that equals 50% but may be increased to 100%.
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