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  1. I feel you on the migraines. I'm on a daily medication and I still have a migraine a week at the minimum. But I take that over every day. I hope you get that rating for them.
  2. I'm glad you got a response as to what the 'correcting an error' meant. My migraines is the one that got increase during the HLR. In my experience it's good to have an physician review your records (that has always created a positive outcome for me at least).I really hope you get a good result!
  3. I 100% agree that no 2 claims are ever alike and I'm not going to say my records were spot on either. I initially filed upon retirement in May 2017, asked for reconsideration in November (led to several exams), filed a supplemental in March 2019, then filed an HLR in July 2019. I just was able to point out specific dates where the reviewer said I had no evidence. The other issues I had 3 exams for - if you want to call them exams - I spoke with a Dr but never physically examined me. So that was the Dr error and why they asked for a new exam that required a full exam. One issue got increased to the full amount allowed for it (migraines). In my personal opinion it was the best option for me (the HLR) because I could point out areas where there was evidence and even in the past exams what I had stated the issues. And if it comes back negative, I can always go back and do the supplemental with letters from my current Dr and buddy statements. But if I know something had been overlooked in my records, I would go the HLR route and ask for the informal conference so you can point out those dates to the reviewer. Even if they deny the issues that I had the exams for, I do not regret taking the HLR route.
  4. I might be one of the few, but I had a great experience with the HLR lane, more than I did with the supplemental. I talked to someone, gave specific dates and information from my file that was overlooked. They increased one of my issues and found an error with the others that necessitated an exam. I had the exam and am waiting to see what the VA decides based on what the Dr said.
  5. After I had my informal conference from my higher level review, they found a duty to assist error. They requested another exam for those issues which was completed later that month. I'm still waiting on the verdict from that exam. Hope you get good results from whatever happens. Now that you received the letter, you can call the VA number and ask for a status update. They will tell you if an exam has been requested.
  6. Just wanted to post an update that my supplemental was denied but I filed an HLR for the issues. Filed HLR 5 July Informal conference on 5 Aug 1 claim increased, other 2 were identified as an error (the exams weren't done correctly/completely) Had C&P exam: 30 Aug VA received exam notes that weekend Put in decision phase on 5 Sep. That is where it has been since then. For those that have documentation, I think the HLR is totally worth it. The person who did the informal conference with me was awesome. I had all my information I wanted them to know in front of me, told my story, gave specifics dates and records where information could be found. That is why they increased my one and found the error of the other. When I get the decision from the other 2 issues that required the C&P I'll let ya'll know.
  7. My HLR claim looks like same except that during my informal conference the lady identified that an exam had been missed. So one of my issues was decided (increased) that day and they requested an exam (that what the error). I had my exam and it still says they are vising an error. My timeline is: Submitted HLR: 5 July Informal Conference: 5 Aug Increase/fixing error: 8 Aug had exam on 30 Aug (it doesn't show this anywhere on va.gov) When I call the 1800 number they tell me it's in the decision phase.
  8. So my HLR also showed up as closed but nothing has popped up for a supplemental claim. Hopefully that just means it's in the queue to be assigned to a regional office to get me an exam scheduled. Hopefully my paperwork shows up soon that says something.
  9. When they found a duty to assist error, how quickly was your appointment scheduled? Did it move your claim to the supplemental lane or did it stay in the HLR lane? I'm asking because I had my HLR informal conference Monday and 1 issue got increased and she found an error where the original C&P exam and follow up exam stated my scars were painful and unstable but the Dr's never visually examined the scars. My 1 increase showed up but my HLR still shows open. I called the VA yesterday and they didn't show an exam or anything pending for me so I'm confused as to what's going on with mine. Since you had an appointment after your HLR, I just wondered how that process went.
  10. When it was referred to the supplemental lane, did that show up on va.gov? Or did it just show your HLR was closed?
  11. I just wondered if you received your letter and what it reflected (did it match anything you saw online)?
  12. Good afternoon. I am waiting on my supplemental claim results from the VA. Nothing has updated in e-Benefits and on va.gov it the status shows that the VA has made a decision (under the status tab) and under the issues tab it says "currently on review - compensation issue". Has anyone seen this and know what it means? Many thanks! Heather
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