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  1. Thank you for your input, but iam still covered under Tricarevasca active duty member until my PTDY Zand transition leave ends, VAMC epnt see me until then..at least not in Alaska. I was never implying that the VA is wrong or right..but would any of you explain to me what the difference is between a BDD CLAIM and a FULLY DEVELOPED CLAIM?
  2. Thank you GB, I certainly will make this work. I start my new job on 01August and will have insurance with them as well. I just dont see the point of a BBA claim when they brief us to start 180 days out from your retirement date if the VA does not start working on it until your retirement date. This is all very confusing to me. VR Michael
  3. Thank you for your input, by no means am I implying that the VA is wrong. However, I am on several medications including four for PTSD, to control my blood pressure and so forth. I did perceive a 90 day supply for some,but not all as they are controlled and can only be given in 30 day increments. How am I suppose to get my medication if none of my conditions are recognized by the VA before September? I do have all my records and I have no doubt all of my claims will be service connected.
  4. Good afternoon all, I am a little confused after talking to a VA rep. on the phone. So,I just signed out on terminal leave and will be officially retired after 21yrs in the Army. I did a BBA claim,I think that's what it's called through my VSO and had all my CP exams done by QTC in May. I called the VA to make sure they received my DD214 and as we were talking the later said that all my C&P exam DBQs are in my file and so is my DD214, but she also said that they wont even start my claim until 01Sept..which is the day iam as I said be retired and also reflected on my DD214. So my question is, why would they sit on my claims until then if they have everything else they need? My VSO initially told me that it should be done by mid August,give or take. He is on leave now until 15Jul,so I cant ask him...any input battles?
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