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  1. I was scheduled for a C and P exam recently and this is what happened and what I submitted to the VA asking to be placed in my file also. Have you seen this before and does anyone have any clue as to why a doc would act this way? Does this make sense? I have no idea what the outcome will be yet. The claim is in preparation for decision now. On 6/28/2019 I showed up to an appointment with xxxxxxxxxxx in Horn Lake, MS for a VA requested C and P exam for what I was advised to be Anxiety and depression that was setup through VES contracting. Upon entering the room the doctor advised that I was there for a C and P exam for anxiety and depression and explained that the reason they do these exams sometimes is to be sure veterans are not lying about their claims. This struck me as an odd way to begin an exam and then the Dr. proceeded to look over my C-File and advised that it appeared that I had someone else's records that had served from somewhere around 1958 to 1964 and asked if that was me. I of course stated no. I was not even born yet. She then went on to say that sometimes these files are put in our veterans records by the VA accidentally. I asked if that is what they base my claim on and she stated that there were disagreements in my file about dates by raters and that this file was causing confusion. She stated that she would let them know that they should remove it. After the appointment I called the VA and spoke to an operator that stated that the record mentioned above was never in my file and she had no idea what the doctor was talking about. As the appointment continued it seemed as if the Dr. was continuing to try to discredit anything wrong with me by asking if I thought I had biological depression and could have had it all my life. I advised her that I had a great childhood and after joining the service I started noticing my anxiety and depression becoming worse. The doctor also advised that I must have made my previous boss mad and that is why I was fired which should have nothing to do with why I am at a anxiety and depression C and P exam 2 years later than the termination. The doctor also asked if I was mad because I was released from the military when I stated that to my knowledge I was released from the service due to sleep apnea, anxiety and depression. I stated life goes on. Which it does. We are soldiers and we learn to keep going no matter how much it hurts emotionally or physically, or at least we try even though appointments like this one remind me that evidently, possibly not everyone has our best interest at heart. I miss the people I served with as an M1A1 Tanker. I miss serving and I love my country even though my body is worn because of it. I do not regret serving by any means. I feel as though this exam was more of an inquisition and have had more anxiety due to the unsettling nature of the exam since it unfortunately. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do. I just wanted someone to hear my side. I am attaching the C and P request also to this letter so that you will have their information also.
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