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  1. Question: VA Form 21-526EZ page 8 section 13. Should all the items from the VA Problem list (medical records) be included on the form, including secondary problems and other items such as diabetes or ONLY the service connected problems? Post Vietnam, no AO My spouse's condition has deteriorated in the last 10 years and we need to be re-evaluated. Last year, the VA Rep submitted a claim and the Comp&Pen Doctor asked us for an MRI. From there it gets murky trying to get assistance for documentation.
  2. My question: Should all items that impact his disability be listed on the VA Form 21-526EZ? If something is secondary such as pain, that should be listed? BACKGROUND: I need assistance with VA Form 21-526EZ. On page 8 section 13, it asks for the list of disabilities. Does this mean ALL items from his problem list (VA medical records)? For example I can easily extract 20 items from his VA medical problem list BUT the VA Veterans Advisor only posted 4 line items which do NOT give a complete picture. 1. paralysis external nerve (mild) 2. lumoscaral strain (mild) 3. paralysis median nerve (mild) 4. degenerative arthritis of spine (mild) After 10+ years of progressive degeneration, a year ago, we submitted a form for re-evaluation of his service-connected medical conditions. The MRI from the 2009 determination is missing from his records. The comp&pen Dr indicated that it was our responsibility to provide documentation to him on what changed. We assumed that the comp&pen doctor would conduct an exam/order MRI or could extract the information from his records. He also indicated that pain (consistently documented as 9/10) is not a consideration for disability, that it is immaterial to VA. Only one (from the 4 listed) line items was increased 10%. The current MRI indicates his spine has moderate to severe degeneration. The VA Veterans Advisor indicated that we should NOT resubmit again unless we can get a doctors statement specifically indicating which line item has progressed from mild. I have asked the Spinal Cord Injury Primary Care doctor for assistance, provided her with research documentation and she said she would but that was 2 months ago and nothing was put in his records. In advance, thank you
  3. I just joined the forum and need some advice. Have a 70% disability due to incomplete quadriplegia (extreme pain), slipped disc and stage 2 bladder cancer. Post-vietnam veteran. I am trying to figure out how to file my bladder cancer as service connected disability. I have research documentation indicating Spinal Cord Injuries are a precursor to BC but VA doctor isn't documenting it in records. Can I use this case https://www.va.gov/vetapp08/files1/0803308.txt, or even exposure to Navy jet fuel exhaust fumes as a missing link? It has been documented in my medical records that I have a 40-year history of smoking (I quite) AND family has a history of colon cancer. Will this impact my claim? It was also noted in my records that 9 years ago the bladder cancer markers were present in my annual physical assessment but nothing was done and there were no VA screening done. Also I just discovered pain can be rated as a secondary condition, how do I go about getting that? I appreciate your assistance during these serious times.
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