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  1. I currently am at 10% for tinnitus and 0% for hearing loss and eustachian tube dysfunction. I do meet all of those symptoms and on my c&p all criteria is met per the appropriate codes, and cfr 38. Civilian ENT did dbq/nexus and agree 50% greater from service and my c&p examiner states that same. No profound test was done since meniers is autoimmune and based off of symptoms and treated with medication.
  2. Summarizing my issue: 2017 claim to appeal for my ear. 4/2019 claim for more ear issues and a letter sent back saying this will be processed with my 2017 appeal. Diagnosed with Ménière’s per va, and civilian ent and c&p exam concurs and believes 50% or greater from service. Within a month the privacy act section is added to my Ebenefits. I was told my most recent claim can’t close until my appeal is Closed also. I checked today and just saw this, any insights? Ebenefits still reads •reads 10%. Any tips on what anthing ? Thank you
  3. You are right and I understand that part. I meant, in a sense, that it will be hard to NOT service connect me once the evidence is reviewed. I say this because all criteria is met per cfr 38, etc etc. All of it is in my favor and in my opinion it would be hard and the DRO would have no reason (since they are NOT medical professionals) to deny two ARNPs medical opinions or to not agree with them. If that for some reason is the case then I will start the CUE process, attorney, or whatever may be needed. Thanks for your input.
  4. I called ebenfits to speak with them about it. she said there would be a docket number only if it was at the BVA. I informed her my NOD is from 2017 and that i requested a DRO to review. She then advised it should be at a regional office and that it wont have a docket number, followed by her computer system is down and that she cannot see anything. To call back later.
  5. Thank you, I will be sure to get my number. When I do get one, is there any way to know what or near the current one they are serving? Example if mine is 17xxxxxx maybe there on 12xxxxxx, etc.
  6. They did send me a paper sometime in 2018 that asked if i wanted to opt into the RAMP when it was available. I was kinda at a standstill with my claim and evidence at the time and didn't have the motivation so i sat on it. But I haven't got anything about the AMA but i've been told I cant even opt into the AMA at this time since I still have an old appeal which I find hard to believe or understand.
  7. Thank you but I am not sure, where do I see or find if there is a docket number ?
  8. Thank you, I hope I don’t have to speak with her about a cue but It’s good to know she is there.
  9. Thank you, I was diagnosed by the va and civilian doctor with Ménière’s disease which is an inner ear issue. My original claim is for hearing loss, ear infections; and inner ear vestibular disorder. So without a doubt and per all info as initially mentioned it should be rated at 100%. Anything less than that, in my eyes should be a CUE, unless I’m missing something important. My VSO agrees the same too. Thanks for your input. Who is Berta ?
  10. I filed a claim in 2/2017 and some of it was denied for ear issues. NOD submitted 12/2019 for review by a DRO. I filed a fully developed claim in 4/2019 so a different condition but same body system. The 2019 claim meets all checkpoints, cfr 38, favorable c&p, 50% greater service connection, 2 dbqs blah etc etc. I received a letter June 1 saying they cannot accept my claim at this time and all evidence from this class will be added to my 2017 NOD. Today this whole new section was added to VA.gov,l. My NOD box has said evidence revieW and gathering for the past 1.5 years. Does this added section mean that someone is actually reviewing it as in being in the decision review officers hands? Or a generic response that they’ve just received my additional evidence/denied claim? Thank you
  11. I have a claim from 2/2019 and was granted some of it for my ear issues. We did an NOD for increased % for hearing loss and also ear infections, all ear related conditions. This NOD was received 12/17/2017. In April 19, I submitted a fully developed claim with a civilian ARNP ENT nexus statement (50% or greater caused by service), DBQ, and treatment records. All in my favor for what is now diagnosed meniers disease. With that claim I submitted a VA ent doctor diagnosis of meneirs and also currently being treated for it by the VA. After paperwork is received I then have a C&P exam approx 2 months after. Another ENT nurse practitioner, after her exam, tells me that she is serviced connecting me for meniers and then she does believe it is caused due to the military. This same ARNP gives me service connection, dbq, and her exam is in my favor 50% greater than caused to service. That's 2 DBQs and 2 Nexus in my favor all submitted. A month or so passes and I am told that the VA is unable to process this claim due to an old appeal (2017) that is too similar to this current meniers. As I see it and per CFR 38 etc etc it SHOULD easily be rated 100%, as all required marks are met. However it is not processed as i mentioned and attached to my NOD from 12/2017. I spoke to a few other people including 2 from FDVA (florida) and was told i should be receiving a decision on my claim/NOD within 30 days and the other told me 30-90 days. They also said that I should be granted something in my favor shortly since they responded and attached it to my NOD rather than sending me back just a denial while continuing my NOD. My timeline for the NOD says 1-26 months (legacy) dating from 12/2017. Since I am now 1 year 9 months in this NOD, and all evidence is submitted and done, I am unsure if i should opt into the AMA process with the 125 average? And or wait since my NOD/claim is SUPPOSED almost done with due to C&P results and all other paperwork in my favor? I'd hate to join AMA if i may be weeks away ( I Know no one knows for certain) from a decision. What is your advice or experience with this? Thanks for your time.
  12. Any update on this ? Currently approaching 19 months on my NOD. C&P exams done 2 months ago and service connection granted per c&p results. Any update on this ? approaching 19 months for my NOD. All cp exams done and evidence submitted in my favor, thanks.
  13. Feel free to email me at tlpclean@yahoo.com since i dont see these responses that often. I was service connected from a civilian nurse practitioner (ENT). As mentioned the exact cause/ideology of meniers is unknown but it is an autoimmune disease that includes fluid in the middle ear. which can cause several symptoms as you and I know. To try and keep it short, meps physical shows all good to go ENT wise and less than 2 years in complaints started. I was security forces and before that in Pararescue (SF) training. Years after lots of flying in helicopters, flight line, firing range, etc etc military shit, my hearing was worse with complaints of ear infections, weird noises/movement feeling type issues in my left ear, tinnitus. I separated in 2012 and the issues continued, surgery, doctors visits, and then dizziness came later. I sent civilian ent my info, met with her and explained my issues/symptoms and she wasn't easy to give me the option of 50% or greater due to service. Then i sent her an article from pubmed.org of meniers where it basically says pro longed noise exposure or acoustic trauma as it states to be exact, has been linked to cause and or aggravate a pre-existing condition which still warrants service connection. After seeing that article and i also sent her a VA court hearing that i read on google about meniers that reinforces this thought process, she sent back the nexus letter with 50% or greater. C&P exam was also a ARNP and she read all of my history, saw the medication im taking for it (meclizine and hydrochlorothiazide) and asked a few simple questions to give her a medical opinion. She then told me that she is not supposed to tell me her opinion right now and that im supposed to see it in the mail, however she told me right there that based on my extensive history and complaints that she does opine meniers to my service. She focused on being 100% normal at MEPS to now in current time with my continuous ear issues, hearing loss, etc. She then explains how the middle ear causes this and i also have eustachian tube dysfunction followed by otis media, etc etc bullshit and all tied in together she agrees with it all. The c&p examiner also review my civilian ENT DBQ and nexus and mentioned that she viewed them as well in the paper work. I have submitted a few months ago however it is all being tossed into an NOD i did in 2017 so who knows when i'll get it back. Its kind of hard to not approve it when it meets all criteria and CFR. I'm just hoping they dont make it a complicated process for me.
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