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  1. Smitty 2020 I also have a legacy appeal that has been in the system since 2000. I am know 100 P&T schedular rating but that was not an easy road by no means. I would be happy to get involved in this , I am currently in the status of the judge is reviewing my appeal.
  2. Sorry about the details I recently had a Video hearing Jan 21,2020 and had 30 Days to submit additional evidence. 100 percent was awarded in 2015. 50 percent effective 2000 on upper body 50 percent effective 2015 on lower body. The appeal shows that the lower body was affected at the same time due to the T.B.I. Just curious about a time frame and wondering why the website was not moving. I guess what's going on in the world very we'll could be delaying the only way I know to track my claim. Thanks for the help. " KEEP UP THE FIRE "
  3. I have been keeping my claim up to date since filing it in 2000. My claim was granted in 2015 for Residuals of T.B.I to include multiskeleter nerve damage rated at combined 100 percent T@P That was just my upper body. My medical records on file says my lower body was affected just as bad if not worse than my upper.( I have serious gate and balance problems) Anyway tracking my appeal on V.A .Gov the movement of cases has not moved in the last week.Is anybody aware of this and may shed some light on why this is ?
  4. Broncovet ,My lawyer said at least we still have our heads above water. We'll submit all the paperwork we have and we'll go from there ! The effective date is when they received the claim on this issue which would be 2000 !
  5. Broncovet, during my video conference the judge advised my lawyer to submit new evidence that shows the V.A knew about these medical problems prior to 2015. My lawyer is submitting operative notes,from 1985,rehab notes from 1985 ,also medical records that have built up over the years, that hopefully show they knew this issue from the start of the appeal. we'll see how long this takes .
  6. AWGv001 My appeal has been remanded for 15 year. the latest appeal was entered into the system in Aug 2015 and it's under the legacy appeal. The President signed the new Rapid Appeals Modernization Program in 2017 but it went into effect February 2019. Not sure which system your appeal is in but whichever it is, I hope it goes faster than mine. Good Luck !
  7. So I had my videoconference and the judge gave me 30 days{requested by my lawyer} to show evidence that the V.A was aware of my neuropathy prior to the new claim that was filed. I happen to have the operative notes in 85 as well as progress notes in 2013 state cerebellar hemorrhage with residuals of neuropathy is noted. I hope this is enough to sway the judge ,we"ll see.
  8. Thanks for the advice ,this is a legacy appeal and ill update after the video conference !
  9. During your appeal timeframe[1 year],can you file a new claim for the same disability ? I went to my lawyer to prep for the upcoming video conference. It appears that a regional officer that contacted me by phone filed a new appeal disability claim for the same problems,even though I filed an appeal earlier that year , The claims were approved,and it put me at 100 percent but the effective date was changed to 2015 instead of 2000. can they legally do this?
  10. Question How long do you need to be getting 100 percent T+P before your locked in at that rating?
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