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  1. That is totally possible, the REMAND to pay. I wish she would let us get involved more but she refuses and just trusts the process. But it’s been years and we keep hearing there will be a ice settlement and we need it so bad. She won’t even create an online ebenefits account. So if it’s in Remand status what does this mean?
  2. I’m helping my MIL who refuses to call but once a month or so to check on her deceased vet husbands claim. She keeps getting conflicting information. She was told in June her claim packet would come in July and that he was going to be paid out on at least 5 claims dating back from Vietnam. He was exposed to Agent orange and ultimately passed 4 years ago from complications. He’s been fighting for this for almost 15 years. In July she was told her claim was in Demand to Pay status. Still nothing. We’ve searched all over the web and found no information about what this status means. Anyone heard of it?
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