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  1. Okay, that makes more sense to me. I will definitely do that. Thank you so much for all your help!!!! Seriously!
  2. Thank you so much! Do you know what benefits? Or a reliable website that will explain it? I keeps getting different information. Also, do you know how can it be total if he’s only rated 70%?
  3. @GeekySquid @shrekthetank1 My husband’s claim closed today. He was awarded IU and his rating is considered Permanent and Total (picture of what ebenifits is showing). I’m not sure what that means since it’s not total and I thought TDIU was temporary but I am so happy and relieved. Again, thank you to everyone for all your help. I genuinely appreciate all the advise and encouragement. You guys are amazing! This could not have come at a better time because despite finishing his inpatient program, my husband was involuntarily committed to the VA psychiatric unit for five days last week. Now that I don’t have to focus so much on maintaining our finances, I will be able to focus on helping my husband down the long road to recovery.
  4. My husband’s updated as soon as ebenefits updated to preparation for notification. His congressman was involved in his case so everything went through in four days so it may not be as quick for you. If it’s not showing under the disability tab, try clicking on the VA documents tab and download your verification letter.
  5. A good start would be ordering your medical records from your time in service and comb through any reported symptoms that can be connected to your current diagnoses. Certain conditions can be considered “presumptive.” For example, I believe IBS is considered a presumptive condition for Gulf War veterans. Others you need to do more leg work on. Listen to GBArmy in regards to the PTSD. He knows his stuff!
  6. I am so sorry for your loss! I will keep you i my prayers. Please don’t worry about me. How are you?
  7. The money hit our account today! The senator called me (the actual senator not an aid) on Friday and told me to call him if we have any further issues. I definitely expressed my appreciation for his and his office working so hard to make sure we were okay. He told me that our situation had his whole office upset and he’s happy they could help. I just sent my rent payment for October. I’m about to call my gas company to get my gas turned back on. I am so relieved. Thank you everybody!!!! You all saved me and my family from financial ruin!!! Every single one of you are incredible!
  8. I did as you suggested this morning. The senators office just called and told me it will be in our account in 48-72 hours. Thank you!
  9. I realized that after I initiated the claim with the VSO. I will most likely fill everything out myself from this point forward. Please tag me!!! Even if she doesn’t need my help I would love to give her some moral support. I really didn’t think my situation would get resolved but thanks to you all it did! It rejected yesterday and was returned to the VA today so I’m hoping it won’t take too long. At least I can cover rent with his October payment. I’m going to contact the senator’s office tomorrow if they can’t provide a date it will be reissued. The senators aid told me she was closing the case but to contact her if there were any other issues. I will! I’m still figuring out these forums but If you see anything I can help with on other posts, please tag me. It notifies my email on my phone so I’ll definitely see it.
  10. I’m sorry! The baby caught a little cold virus so he wants to be held 24/7. The VSO submitted the wrong information for direct deposit so I’ve been dealing with the VA to get it resent to the correct account (hopefully we get it sorted before my rent is due). I swear, the only thing that guy had to do was submit the application, the dependent info, and the direct deposit Info and he managed to mess 2 out of 3. I guess I’m lucky he managed to get the application submitted even if it was three weeks after I turned it in. I’ve also been getting my husband’s travel arrangements in order for his treatment in Chicago. The VA is requesting his former employer fill out a form so I’m driving it down there tomorrow to have her fill it out so I can submit it. How are you this evening?
  11. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of this situation! I’m sure glad I listened to your “hectoring” or I would be watching everything I built burn like the Trojans did.
  12. I should have gone with my gut on attaining him in the first place. I had never dealt with this process so I figured I would let someone more competent guide me. However, through research I determined I needed three things: diagnosis, the stressor, and the nexus. When I handed him the memorandum and the PHAs with reported symptoms after the stressor, he told me they didn’t need it. I was confused and said “don’t you need to prove a stressor occurred and his symptoms started after?” If I knew more than him I should have gone with someone else. He is still listed as our representative and I haven’t heard from him since he called back in July (weeks after I called asking about expediting the claim). At that point, I had already figured out what needed to turned in and submitted it. Thankfully, this forum helped me get everything done myself. If I had counted on him, I would be tossing my stuff out right now.
  13. I got some clarity on this. Apparently even though it was flagged, they didn’t prioritize it as high as they should have. My understanding is that the VSO never turned in the paperwork for the children so even though the expedition request stated his children would be homeless and there was no resources for them, the information the VA had stated he didn’t have any dependents. Also, the VSO never turned in the memorandum that stated he was sent to combat stress in Iraq so they had to pull records of the incident which extended the time it took to make a decision.
  14. Thank you Berta!i appreciate all the prayers and support. As grateful as I am for the senators intervention, I am so angry that it took this much to get him the benefits he was entitled to so he could get the help he needs. How many veterans do not have someone to fight for them and are instead left to the mercy of a heartless agency like the VA? Especially those suffering from mental health conditions which can impede their ability to advocate for themselves? It’s not okay! Our veterans deserve better!!!!
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