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  1. hurryupnwait, I sure can understand you wanting to vent. I am new to the game, but, surely its time to make some noise? Maybe that noise has to come from me and others and like me. Maybe I can help in some way to help you get yours because I am seeing that I will probably never see anything but a token of what my service years took from me. BroncoVet, your post on this thread....real important to me...MY AHA moment....thanks for posting this.... I get it. At least I think I do, at least some of it, at least the part of WHY I am reading about all of you having important parts of your claims held up for years as the VA plays out its agenda, and continually adjusts the goal posts, so that the VA agenda is met. Not the mission. The mission is not met. The mission has never been met. At least the mission that I was sold. The mission that the public was sold. And the mission I believe that each and every one of you was sold. I can see that it comes down to personal agendas always, whether that 'personal' is a person, such as any one of us, or it is an agency like the VA, which is really just the DOD, which is really just part of something much MUCH bigger. We all just get a piece. And it is really just a game. Its a game to them, and its a game to us. Now when I say its a game to us, I don't mean that lightly, as the last thing I want is play any game. But, I say its a game for a reason. Where is the truth? Where is the truth in any of this? If someone has nothing but a Tinnitus claim. What are the odds of it sailing through? Even if a person has hearing loss where they can't have a decent conversation on a telephone or watch a TV program at a 'normal' listening level, since getting out of the service, what is the odds of that person getting the benefit out of the system as it is promised and written? I can see that it is set up this way to encourage those who would lie to collect on Tinnitus, to substitute for not being able to collect on the actual measurable hearing loss that they may or may not have. VA is limiting their pay out here. All the while those who actually have both, stand a chance of telling the truth and getting nothing for years if ever. While someone like me who has disabling Tinnitus and hearing loss since in the service, decides to 'come' out of the woodwork, because I need to, and now my agenda is questioned by the VA, the public, and some in the Vets community because of timing. (The timing is always going to be the claimaint's timing) and shouldn't matter to no one. Unless it had been promised a different way, it wasn't. That is what believing what other's will tell you is always the truth without agenda will get you. While what I wrote is an oversimplification, it works for me to understand some of what I am facing, as I empathize with all of you. So, when I file my 'real' claim....I can look forward to 40 to 60 years of waiting while a couple of hours of work are done on my case to delay it multiple times to fulfill the VA's agenda. And it will be very easy for them to do, as some of the 'rules' will have to be rewritten for the truth to play out. At first I though I understood some of the 'soft' 'pedaling' around what the VA does and does not do when compared to what they should be doing.....and I thought that was the right thing to do....for a little while, I changed my mind to that, from seeking truth....always.....Well I am back to seeking truth always again. I waited 42 years to file anything....I don't have another 42 years to play games.....8 years ago I was a long shot to be here today....ten years to win? not worth the effort, what I have learned in the last 8 years is to live now, but what I have also learned in the last 65 years is that if I am to get what I want, most likely I have to be the one to open the door and to make sure it stays open. By doing that....I have learned to recognize a 'rigged' game. A liar, a thief, a cheat. What I see now in the limited experience since deciding to come out of the woodwork, if I had 40 years to spare, then play the game, and then maybe play the Lottery at the same time.....one of them might come through for me. The VA is playing a shell game, just like the bigger parts it is a part of. Allow this group something of what they earned, and stall the other group, get one group to blame the other, latch onto the latest thing and let the others sit it out. When I was taken into the VARO back secure room to 'proof' myself, a few days ago, there was at least 30 empty cubicles, one person was working (the one that checked my identity and passed magic on the keyboard to allow me access to eBenefits) there were maybe 4 other people in the room, they were laughing in a huddle sitting in their office chairs, no one was at a keyboard.......? I don't know what I was looking at.....I was just passing thru. I can see, that I would like to get the VA to stop playing Whack a Mole.....and Nuke the stack, eliminate the stack, by being made to settle all claims in a reasonable time frame, and NO a year is not reasonable for any claim. A reasonable man would see about 3 months as reasonable if this was a business transaction. I have busted down a few doors in my life. I can see a new one inviting me. ***************** hurryupnwait, I sure hope these experienced Vets that have seen it all, can help you find an open door.
  2. The Dolphins? The closer the Dolphins forage to Fred Bayou? The more nasty toxins found in the Dolphins. Without exception. And it scales up. An interesting find is that males had numbers a lot higher in the same species of dolphin. This was attributed to lactation, with some of the toxins being passed on to the nursing dolphin.
  3. Hi Ms Berta, I have Ischemic Heart Disease, manifested in service, with ER on base, chronicity until eventual MI and stent intervention with old 100% blockage left as is. Lucky to have built up collateral arteries over the years. A list of others, Peripheral Neuropathy, started in service, with acute exacerbations in the service (no records of course) but a record of chronicity with diagnosis. Left side of face is numb. Initially eyelid tics. Don't have Diabetes diagnosed, but in reviewing my blood work, it is all over the place over the years, very seldom in normal. I don't have my list in front of me right now, for my wife and I are actually building that list using some pain chart stick men to not miss anything (not to claim everything, but to try to actually see what you alluded to? where everything connects and where it doesn't) I have spent my whole adult life since leaving the service chasing something, as no one ever had enough answers for 10% of my questions. I am pretty sure that I have a connection to DDT, DDE for some of what I have. Agent Orange? I don't know, when I find out if what I have is Choracne or not. But, not only is there no mention of AO on Tyndall, but very little of anything else, and what they claim is there is downplayed, just like at other places until that magic document is found. But, where I was exposed is where they admit there is a problem, of course downplayed by selective testing of species mostly irrelevant to human food chain, until you put in the multipliers for bioaccumalation, and biomagnification. So, I am not connecting any of my diagnosis and growths to anything yet, specific, but my first manifestations and limitations started there, and doctors visits started at my next base. I will take your advice, and look at what you said. As soon as I get my complete list together, I will post it. I will post now, my last cat scan results: pineal cyst, from MRI scattered lung nodules 3mm, hazy bottom lung both lungs, one lung smaller than expected.(Pleurisy and Pneumonia at age 29, chronic sinus since service, impacted sinus with polyp in 92', very chronic currently) Pneumonia 3 ? times at least) Pneumonias secondary to Chronic Bronchitis, secondary to chronic sinusitis. Allergy shots at 29 three vials of serum. enlarged heart, calcium in aorta, IHD, Angina, AFIB, High Blood Pressure (although when first out of service, I couldn't give blood at trade school as my BP was too low.....which is an affect of DDT poisoning) Intraheptic (in liver) and extraheptic (out of liver) bile duct dialations (something in bile duct) I suffer with chronic Pancreatitis, in 96 hospitalized with Acute Pancreatitis, a week later bile duct drained, a week later gall bladder removed (no stones, sludge) 3 months slow recovery with 2 rehospitalizations with only more questions and no further answers, just suffering since, and I think I am close to surgery at least scope cutting again. All indications of pancreatitis ramped and sugar crashes. Renal Cyst, right kidney, 26mm small intramuscular lipoma (it doesn't say sarcoma, and seldom is, but with all the rest) scattered 'likely' bone islands....currently at 5mm or less....intramedullary osseous sclerotic foci..... divirticulitis in colon.....I attribute to constipation flips flops, IBS or something to be determined, that started here. and was discovered at age 29. Diastasis Recti........I attribute to constipation There is just too much for me to absorb or any doctor that I have met over the years, there has to be an external cause, which one? Probably not just one. How I was toxed was not with one, but with every combination that available. So, I hope I didn't stray too far.... I know you asked for just presumptives....my quest is bigger as I want to understand what has happened to me (regardless of what VA does with it). I wanted to answer before I started my day, we are working on completing the list of all of my diseases right now.... Tyndall has hiding most of everything they did, and that was fine until I got sick. There are records of DDT barrels stored along the bayou, that leaked (it seems that is what barrels do). One of my quests is to find out what other kinds of barrels where stored in that storage yard over the years, it makes a difference to me. And then what happened over the years on the other side of the base, in the Red Horse Area, the construction area. In my time it was all open to hunting, one could get right up to those 2 hardstands. What we though were some kind of shots at them, or test charges, look like could be test plugs removed similar to what was done at Eglin, where they stored AO in an old unused hardstand, and later tested it for AO residuals. And I have started to listen to James Cripps. Its like drinking from a firehose, all the different sources that have to be digested. Over in the Red Horse area is paper mill growth. When we hunted there, we tracked deer and bear, I got down on the ground in the fire breaks and studied the tracks......in my hands (my hands are falling apart, they stay split open and dry with hardly any skin left. Did they normally spray firebreaks with herbicide? or just plow them up? ******** I noticed that the above reply I had made was buried in a drop down format. I have discovered that the lab at Tyndall has been supplying synthetic biodegrading agents to other labs, that will digest all kinds of nasties. Organophosphates, TNT, DNT, and ? what else? I am assuming to create something like that and to confidently send it out to other labs, you would have to have some of the nasties on hand to test your toxic waste eating product? Must be a paper trail that leads to Fred Bayou, somewhere. This lab was in charge of AO disposal. I found some other interesting papers. Civilians are afraid to say to much in published papers, but all trails lead to Fred Bayou. There is one study on dolphins, where they identify the dophins individually, by multiple sightings in the area of their foraging over a time period. Then a blubber sample and blood sample are taken. The blubber is an excellent test vehicle for storing toxins, just like an airman living off the land. As long as the dophin doesn't land on hard eating times, the toxin is in the blubber, unlike the airman, who is put on amphetamines speed, and put into starvation mode to weigh a number that has nothing to do with his body type and physical abilities, therefore putting him into starvation mode, dumping the toxins to all organs and other body tissues, wrecking havoc throughout his whole body, and brain....as these toxins cross the blood brain barrier. I am finding more and more. I am hoping someone else can find something they need in this. I believe all AO roads lead to Tyndall AFB. That is why Tyndall has not been cleaned up, by the EPA, they haven't been let on the base like everywhere else. There will be a lot worse found here than AO. They are trying to make it all disapear, they have had a lot of years, got to be a lot of paper somewhere.
  4. Here is a different direction. I became eligible for Medicare in 2013 as disabled, I choose the Advantage plan that was a PPO, that let me choose specialist doctors without going through a gatekeeper (primary doctor). It is a regional PPO, but also allows me to travel, and I can still get care covered additional to my research studies that I participate at Mayo Clinic which is 1k miles from home. I also choose this one because of the balance between deductibles and prescription cost. (I currently take 17 drugs a day). At one time scripts costs was about 1k a month for one drug. I bought the most expensive Medicare Advantage Plan available in my area. When you look at the Advantage Plans, choose the best one for your situation in the list that is available in your area. You choose base on what you anticipate your situation will be? More doctors? or more medicine? Hardly any of either? or in my case lots of both. If you have a stash of cash, that you can use to pay higher deductibles, you can get a good Advantage Plan with no monthly premium. Do you travel? Would an HMO suit you? I have read that, some of the care I receive, VA will not provide for the disease I have. So, for this one reason, I will retain Medicare. Also, I take name brand drugs that are not on VA's formulary. And once you have experienced the treatment at a teaching facility like Mayo Rochester, where they will spend as much as a month, 8 hours a day, sending you from planning sessions, to multiple tests, then to another strategy session, then to more tests, all nonstop, for a month to arrive at a diagnosis, its hard to give up on, the future opportunity to repeat that process if it becomes necessary. For the last couple of years, my medical costs are almost approaching 60% of SSDI over and above covered costs. My main reason for exploring VA medical care and finally getting around to getting my SC claim in is to let VA share the wealth. I will need both. You may too. I am facing the age 65 transition in about six months. I can do nothing or change anything about medicare just like it was the first time, is my understanding, more cognitive loading that I don't need.
  5. VetQuest, I made it home with all my originals, and even some new copies of same, and some new originals (that I have never had before. Vync, I made sure I didn't overstay my welcome, there sure was a lot of people who wanted my autograph? I decided if I was going to go with a VSO, maybe one who Vets are willing to wait 4 weeks for an appt (to be accepted or not) and for me to drive 3 hours to find out, is probably better than one who always has time (I know I could be wrong). I filed Intent to File with VA. I was 'proofed' by the VA, so I can now sign into eBenefits. I POA'd. State Veterans Affairs. AL I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks. and for some reason, the State wanted me to pick out a hole in the ground? Miss Berta, Flight Line, and not proximity to, but on the ladder talking to pilots to find out what is wrong with aircraft radar (while removing one muff so pilot can scream in my ear, as the clock is ticking to when the jet has burned too much fuel on the ground.....so, running up and down the cockpit ladder in front of the running jet engine....that still holds the worlds record straight line speed for a 'SINGLE' jet engine....still hear it....since 1974. I know how to 'sell' the truth. Of course I will never stop learning....and always eager to attend class.... There were two squadrons of F106s at my base, it was the training base.....24 hours of flying, some birds flew 3 sorties a day, day training, night training, IFR (inflight refueling training) New aircraft training, weapons and systems training......all this training for pilots......LOTS OF flying on base.....lots of running aircraft......lots of After Burning of two bird take offs while maybe another two are taxiing in and another 2 are taxiing out.....and another 2 or 3 crew chiefs are playing ground pilot with their birds......and then add the gasoline, diesel, and turbine, AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) Electric Generators, Big Air Conditioners (big coolers), Hydraulic Mules.....really annoying noise.....and how about a hydraulically tuned Magnetron (like resetting the power on your microwave with hydraulics that move so fast it sounds like another jet engine) or testing the weapons bay doors (the six flew clean, all the weapons tucked into the belly, until launched) those doors were pneumatic controlled....it was loud too.....NO ONE ever could say they saw the door open or close at the same time they heard it happen....ever....so, highly probable is likely I do have my training records folder with sign off's for OJT training, on the flight line, with the Red Ball Wizard, the base's go to guy for fixing aircraft running in a hurry, so right out of tech school, while most went to six months half day classroom/ half day on flight line carrying someones tool box.....I carried the old Swede's tool box around all day long for six long months. On running jets, all day long. I just received in the mail, another audio test from a MD in 2007. I am 50's and 60's both ears over 2K, drops from 10's like a rock after 2K. This is civilian doc. I know, 0%, Thanks for fast track info. Interesting about the STR's. I am eagerly awaiting to see if anything even turns up, I sure hope so. Nexus and Caluza..... I have 3 boxes of medical records so far after service.... I have over a hundred documents saved offline and bookmarked to revisit and reference to those records and what happened to me in the service. I think I have a good start. My wife and I have some charting and timeline partially done. It is overwhelming, but, that is the priority now. BroncoVet, It will be awhile...I have some interesting nexus lines to draw.
  6. Retiredat44, I surely can't be of any help on the VA side of things. But, maybe I can help in this way. Empathy. and maybe another way, in helping spread understanding of what exactly chronic means. I know what it means to have to change doctors. For me it could mean life and death, it definetly would change my ramp of decline....and I have 'never' heard anything good about changing a ramp of decline. MY neurologist is 1000 miles away, I lived in a travel trailer for the last eight years, until it fell apart around me, so I could afford to keep going there. So, I understand that aspect of what you are saying. There is no amount of 'sucking' up, or panties that are big enough or tight enough to change the facts of life. If there is anyway you can go outside of the VA and find the 'right' doc....but, the odds are no better outside either, as I am sure you are aware. It took me 3 years to find this one. Now, throw on the fire, the pain you are going through with your pancreas, I have no idea what you are going thru. But, I know what I am going thru. The steriods and the antivirals, given to me about a month and half ago, kicked my old chronic pancreatitis into the worse episodes that I have ever experienced, of course I am not counting the initial 'acute pancreatitis attack about 25 years ago....and in researching my medical timeline, and looking back on a CAT scan I had done in Jan of this year....yes they identified the diastasis recti 'the nerf footbal that pokes out of my abdomnen if I bend over'. But, they failed to mention what else was in the radiologist report......growths everywhere, muscles, bones, kidney, lungs, bile ducts in liver and outside of liver....which are connected to 'pancreas' and now I realize that those pains mid abdomen I have been having for the last 25 years......are me eating my own pancreas.....so I empathize on this level too.....I am going to dump a crap load on the VA next week at my first appointment......but, they will own it all before its over. Not that I want them to, but, I can't afford the outside anymore for everything that ails me.... we didn't sign up for this.....I understand.....I know when I tell you..you understand...not many others do. I hope you find something that works for you.
  7. Vnyc, thanks, good point about these folks that I will be seeing will be busy, and not to waste their time. I am always as concise as I can be in person, as the stakes for me, are pretty high, and have been for a very long time. That is why I over prepare. I know what I want to ask them, thanks to researching here and other places. And I know what I want to accomplish at RO, that is reason for the trip. I received two referrals for 'special' agents, we will see. Looks like I have two interviews to do I believe I have enough general info to accomplish this phase of the plan. I know I can't get anyone to do the legwork for me, I know its the veterans job to dig it all up and to know what they want from it. I want to find someone who knows what they are looking at, after I put it together and they will see more than just a stack of paper (even if it is a digital stack). And someone who is not going to dessert me after the first submit button is pressed. I want to see a track record, and something complex that they have been involved in, and know that they stick with the claim, like beans on rice, and will communicate at the right times, if I can't find something close to those specs, I will wing it. I appreciate all of you letting me sharpen my tools a bit, or a least, remove a few burrs. And VetQuest, no worry about the originals, got that message loud and clear.....
  8. I would appreciate any planning tips, putting together my plan of attack for tomorrow. 1) I have a list of things to bring already, any must brings? 2) I have a list of things to accomplish, what am I missing? a) VA ID Card, and the verification needed for (DEERS?) so that I can enter a claim in ebenefits. at the RO. What else can I accomplish at the RO? b) VSO, look them over, talk to one or all, maybe choose one to work with on my first claim. 3) Should I call either the RO or the VSO groups that are there to make appointment or just walk in? What questions should I ask the VSO? I haven't been to one of these RO before, its almost 4 hours away, I want to make this trip count. Any suggestions to add to my list? I plan on filing first claim for 1) tinnitus 2) hearing loss 3) deformed toenail (military medical procedure). Plan is 20% Not much to debate on these SC. Most likely choose a VSO to work with so I can be 'more' likely to learn enough to submit my real claim after. And maybe I will fly through the process with these, and maybe I won't. But, one way or another, I will either have filed initial claim before I leave the RO or will have the last tool necessary to do it myself online. My first VAMC appointment is next week, if anyone has any tips for that visit, I am preparing for it, gathering up my medical history (was a work in progress as I have been doing so to work on big claim). Any must do's and don'ts ?
  9. Since I haven't been to the VA yet, my response doesn't have to specifically do with the VA, unless by inference. I do know something about DNA and RNA consent forms and the implications. I am in numerous research studies. For the last 9 years I have spent at least a week and as much as a month, at Mayo Clinic in MN, I have had my brain modeled, every which way, even on cocaine, multiple times, called a DatScan. So, I can legitimately say......here is my brain on drugs..... So, this January I signed up for my first trial, instead of study. A study, they only study you.....take bits, pieces, parts and pictures....and measure you as you shrink....into oblivion... A trial, is where they actually try something on you.....might actually speed up oblivion.... I only this last January signed that consent form....DNA and RNA......to be stored indefinitely......to be cultured, grown, into what? I dunno, and I won't be told.....and if it makes a gazzillion dollars....I won't see a cent.....if it saves the world.....I definitely won't know.....if it destroys the world.....I will surely get the blame. So, I have already done this.....its a tough nut to crack.....actually impossible.....if you want to play, you have to pay.....price of admission? Whatever they want......nothing new, not changing..... My price for all the above.....one brain....I won't need it....at least I hope I won't.... I believe we are way past worrying about all of this.....if you think anything is secure on this planet, or that anyone in any form of power over you is telling you the truth about anything.....I sure would like for you to show me what you base that on. Then right after I got home from trip, where I signed that form, of course they have the blood, but, then they have gallons of my blood by now. So, I get home and I read some of the ghastly things they are doing in DNA research.....goes against everything I believe in.....it seems that everything we are faced with today in todays world comes with an ethical and moral decision, that we mostly just ignore because we want to eat, breathe, reproduce or not, and most importantly......we as individuals....want to stay alive......so what we are trading for? to stay alive.....they have the bargaining chip.....we have what they want.
  10. 1.) yes, DAV is about 3.5 hours away in RO. This does not work for me. I still have the blank POA sent to me from the DAV 10 years ago. My Dad was DAV member, I have his well worn belt buckle. My son also used DAV. Not being able to look into someone eyes who can screw me into eternity doesn't work for me. 2.) I will file the Intent to File today. 3.) I am capable of putting together a records package together as good as the best of anyone else (not all, but among which should be good enough, as I am more careful than most before actually committing. But, I am capable of committing. I did purchase VLB Attig's Veterans Law Blog Claim package, so I have a template for assembling things, among other bits and pieces of templates from around the internet and on here. So, I am not blindly saying I can do. I can do things if I pre lay out step by step, which I do. So, here is the part that sucks. So, for those who have limited time, turn around, stop reading. ************************************* DANGER ALTO VERBOTEN STOP Because I am misunderstood if I don't explain what I am experiencing and how it affects what I do, I always experience what I did when coming here. Through trial and error, what I did here, as painful as it is, this is the best method for success. 1) Just do it. I did. Then at first sign that I was having problems interacting in the swimming pool, I told the truth, half way. I said I had a problem. Of course it is misunderstood as a mental, behavior problem, always is, but then, that is better than saying I have dementia (which I do have, but NOT in the hollywood sense of the definition) in the hollywood sense of the definition, in my reality, I am a freaky genius, I am, just a misunderstood artist. 2) Then I attempt to tell what I actually have, so, that I can find the ones who can spare a few extra moments to understand what is necessary for a safe play space for both of us, that will be productive, and then the explanations can go away. For, I can't operate in the 'real' world without those allowances except as a spectator, and I am not the only one anywhere in the world who would benefit from those allowances. So, what I am saying here, there is a place where equilibrium is reached, and it is not far away, but like dealing with the VA, there are no shortcuts, no matter how smart one thinks they are.....ask me how I know.....8 years boots on the ground taking fire all the time. But, I am still standing. Just a little more time and I will have figured how how to exist here, and all of you will figure out if I am real, if I am worth it, or if I should be left alone. And most important, if you want to add a few extra moments to helping me over helping someone else at any given moment. Its called triggers. Folks with brain problems have triggers.....shaved, hair triggers.....responses are like zip trains, except they aren't bullet zip trains, they are zip bulk tanker freight trains, loaded for BEAR.....and they are RUNAWAY and infinite fuel.......think about being being the 'controls' of something as POWERFUL as THAT.....that's ME......it is not what its kicked up to be......it is so tiring to keep that monster in its cage.......just think about the other side now and then.....I do. I find that to overcome my language processing issues, that is easy to operate in circles and analogies. If I do that then I don't go into a full body tremor.....so, light bulb anyone? Then I can still type. But, if I am forced to dig down deep into areas of my brain that is clogged with clumps of proteins that don't belong there....my brain will try to deliver....and if unsuccessful, it won't stop trying to give me the right output....it will load up that channel of brain communication...so then what happens? Just like a computer with CPU (central processing unit...the 'brain') it will if overloaded, overclocked, it will start 'shedding' processes, shut down subsystems (all kinds of analogies here)....so my brain will stop controlling the correct position of arms in time and space, and if that doesn't get it what it needs to provide my answer and I am still trying, it will stop correct positioning more things..... Then my eyes will shut....and I mean shut.....not to open again....until the the load is gone....how do I know? I have spent 8 years trying....(not too often, way to tiring). Then usually whatever word, maybe two words, or maybe half a word.....will become trapped in a loop....not a smooth repeating loop.....but a jagged....irregular spaced.....tone variable.....usually lower and lower.....until.....boom! Everything in some fashion in some bumpy ride jerking and spasm loaded fashion will quickly return to my normal.... And here is where I usually get left in the cold.....just give it a minute or two.....once I realize that I am overloaded....I back off on the load.....faster back to normal.....then please just continue where we where......because guess what? I didn't go to planet #9.....I was right there......hearing everything....usually me being ignored, or over aggressive attempts at help, or really wrong assumptions of what is going on...... Then I am ready to pick up the conversation where we left off.....would seem like a common courtesy? Right? What usually happens, is that, I am ignored, and left out for eternity after that...... but, not by everyone, a very small few will care enough to figure out or listen long enough to see that a real person still lurks in these shadows. Or I walk into a new door and say, 'hey, I have dememtia'......and guess how that goes..... Or I go into this tirade on how I need allowances or everything goes sideways..... Or, I take my chances with the 'plan'.....a step by step just like here.....with an end in sight, either some level of acceptance or full rejectance....I have plenty of experience here, mostly with the rejectance. Most of US.......brain afflicted, whether it be anything......LBD, MS, TBI, we just go off and find a small comfortable box that won't hurt us by trying to help us........ Or a few of US, try to stay warriors to the end.....and then brother.....the end comes fast.....there ain't NO going thru this wall......as I explained above as to what happens to me....so, I stay away from the wall....leave it to the warriors... It is not weakness to know ones limits.....to know when to ask for help......to know that no one owes you any help.....they give help if they choose.....and not many do.....but I am really grateful for any level of help.....and even more grateful to be left with the insight to know what is going on, what I can change and what I can't. Like I said above.....if you hung around and read this....its on you.....I hope it helps you, and more important, I hope it helps others with the same issue as me in the future....... think about that person stumbling on his words.....whether it is in print or in vocalization.....if he is talking in circles....if he can't talk in a straight line..... if someone is missing a leg, do you jump to the same kind of conclusions? So......VSO.......if I go that route......he has to be sitting across from me.
  11. HONDOII, Thanks for the detailed outline, and for clarifying what you meant about VSO's. I am sure I will be referring to it along with others. Broncovet, Thanks, I have read far too many stories such as yours to trust anyone except myself (even when its really hard to get anyone else to trust me, and when I am limited in the time... that I will be able to pull that off). This is why I said what I did about not desiring to use a VSO before. I think such as in the case of my son, he served about 9 years, had medical problems in the service, and just 'handed' his POA to a VSO and walked away and just laid down and accepted whatever bone they threw him. He doesn't have clue what took place and doesn't care. For someone like him, I believe he did the right thing, for he would have fared much worse probably. For me, I don't expect anyone to take on the task that I will I have, and to spend the time necesary to do what I see has to be done. No one. Not here, not anywhere. Not many attorneys....either. The reason I have survived is all the double and triple checking of everything I do in public or before I submit anything. So far, so good. To not get it right is really not going to be okay. Sure it limits my surroundings, I do okay. I believe I will try to get 'verified' or whatever its called, tomorrow, so I can submit on ebenefits, I will research more on my own about the Intent to File and actually starting the File. 'Before' I hit submit or intent to anything. And I feel I should research a little more about VSO's and actually try to talk to more than one, so far, I talked to one about a month ago. The day after I requested my DD214. I was not impressed, but I was keeping him from his lunch. I do think I see your point about the intent to file is probably better for me, just in case I decide to work closely with a VSO, but I won't be handing anything over to anyone and walking away. Now I am gunshy of asking any questions, so I will look up the difference between an advocate and a VSO, jsut in case there exists advocates in some sense other than my wife is an advocate, I am my best advocate. It really evacuates a lot stale stinking air, that I can't just go to an attorney and do it right from the start. The VSO I went to about 5 years ago that didn't impress me and then I lost interest, I found out he was cutting grass for a living the next month, and the following month he was fired from that job, per the county VSO this year. I guess I didn't understand what goes on here, I was trying to limit to just what I needed help with, I was not expecting step by step, I am truly sorry, if I gave that impression. I know I present an extra burden. I think it is a great thing that you have here, a place where vets are helping each other. I will venture one question, because this has troubled me for awhile. DAV is only at RO's, that is almost 4 hours away from here. ?
  12. GBArmy, I appreciate your reply. I respect it. You have helped me tremendously, and I have no doubt I will continue to learn from you in your posts helping others. I do wish I was able to be clear and concise like I once was. It is what it is. Your advice in this post taken to heart, in a good way. I do appreciate your efforts. Thanks. I will fare well, I don't quit.
  13. 2.what do I need to do to file a claim for my knees I injured while in the service? How do I present my evidence or the best way to present it in my claims? 3. Can I file for all my claims all at once? (I have about 12 claims to file) or should I file each claim separate? 4. Are there more than one mental health claim we can file for? 5.Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make sure I get a correct rating? and that I get my Earliest Effective Date ( known as E.E.D,) Its just so much less confusing if you ask your questions the same post ,After you get your answers move on to your next question. Just make sure you ask your questions in the correct forum. and stay with your post , & if you get your answer on any particular question that you ask just simply let us know and move on to your next question. These are based on first time claims and not Increase's or Appeals. It is the Veterans choice to file as many claims as he/she wishes there is no limits on how many claims you can file all at once or file separate. Its to your advantage to file all your claims at once to start your early effective dates on each claim. rather or not some will be denied that's certainly to be expected , but you can Appeal the ones that are denied but you have to be denied to be able to Appeal any claim. The VA is always going to find something wrong with some of the claims we file so expect that. Its hard to perfect a claim unless you have years and years of claims experience. when we think we have it right VA comes right back and pops our bubble with some cock&bull Crap they dig up. So denials are to be expected and thats just the game the VA Loves to play. Again, thanks for you patience, I would love to start over, don't know how at this point. If I can figure out how to ask questions where I don't feel like an outsider intruding on someone elses space, then I will stick around, if not, then I will just use this site as a reading resource.
  14. paulstrgn, I don't have my service records yet, and waiting for another civilian hearing test record in the mail. And discovered I don't have 'verified' yet....that 'premium' isn't the same thing. So, believe ebenefits is the right way or best way to file, or is it the only way? So, I have to go to RO or local and get verified first. I just tried again to start a claim. thanks, I am hearing everything said, just filing it is a problem.
  15. GBArmy, I could be wrong, but, I am thinking if we sat across from each other, we could have a meaningful conversation. Thank you, for your post, if you will, try to understand that I think that posting that others will stop, will actually cause that to happen. Maybe I am wrong. I am trying, and I do think have gone over and above in trying to help me. I truly am sorry that anyone has to deal with me on any level. I just reread your post at least twenty times. I am trying to accomplish every one of the things have listed in you paragraph. Please don't suggest to others to not help me, that is what I was trying to say. 1.) Tinnitus filing a claim, why not? I have tried twice. When I couldn't get into the system because it said I was missing something, and here is where my limits come in. I confused 'premium' access with 'verified' access. First time I had neither, Second time I have 'premium', but I don't have 'verified'. And yes, you covered going to the RO and getting verified or even at a local it might be possible. Then I lost that in my head. In the mean time, I applied and got enrolled and within 3 days, all the while these questions are going on, so yes I have been busy, and a bunch of you have been helpful. On the phone call from the VA to set up my first appt, I asked about the ID picture, and was told I cold accomplish that then. And, I still don't have any military records, except for my DD214, I have been collecting my civilian records, it appears I have had 4 hearing tests post service. I just got a call on Friday that my records from that test were pulled from storage and are being mailed to me. So, by now I am all confused, so I ask more questions, and to make it easy for me, I start to think if I break them out into separate threads, like is done on most other forums (on other topics, on similar ones to this I have no idea) then others might benefit just like I benefit if my question is in the title. I really thought that is what the big NOTE on the front of the forum was saying. Don't embed questions in a thread, ask it in a new post. So, I came here frustrated, I get slapped down real hard, called a flake, told I could never be believed...because I dared to share the truth...believe me, that was enough for me to take a hike, if I didn't see the value in the whole. Then I break out questions so it is easier for me work with and I think I am following the rules, and it appeared to me that I was being slapped down again.... I didn't come here to complicate my life....I have enough of that already. And I don't want to complicate anyone elses, that is why I said UPFRONT, I need allowances.....that is no bull. I really don't want a problem to exist. I really don't think I am procrastinating, not since I have assembled a war room, and there are still pieces missing, so I was asking do I start the file without those records? But, then I find out that I still can't because I am not 'verified' . Or is there more than one way to file online? and which one is best then? From what I gathered filing on ebenefits is the way to go? So, I do understand what you said. I am hoping you understood what I said about planting a seed for others. I understand however it works out.
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