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  1. Backpay, I understood your problem, and yes, you keep knocking on more doors until the right one opens. I have learned, not to expect much help here either....but you can learn about others moms good advice and how long they walked barefoot in snow without any help.....so why should you expect any...... Geez....I am going to have to reexamine my head to see why I subscribed here...... I read a handful of posts and the its the same group who belittled me when I got on board......doing the same thing over and over.....this board could be something great......if you guys actually tried to understand what someone WHO is trying to do what you did previously Could actually use some help.....because WE ALL KNOW we ain't getting it nowhere else..... VA, VSO's private doc's all have agendas......and it sure ain't to help a fellow vet......I suggest a new sub board......VETS actually helping VETS......I will play on that one......I have about 90 VA encounters in the last six months.....I was so close to tying up some loose ends......I drove 3 hours and spent a night in a hotel to make an appt with a hot shot 'troubleshooter' VSO about 4 months ago......(VSO has not returned a single coorespondence......not an email nor a phone call........NoT a single acknowledgement.......VA docs keep finding more and more images and diagnosies that line up with my SMR's......but will not even list any on my active problem list.......it is a fight everywhere....... yes......I will do it on my own......if I live that long.......why does it need to be that way on this board? Backpay, you don't owe any apologies for asking for help, its the other way around.
  2. Ms. Berta, I noticed at the VAMC I am going to My Blue Button Notes are showing the following: "Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Contract Nurse Practitioner Signed: xx/xx/xx 00:00" and "Receipt Acknowledged By: xx/xx/xx 00:00 /es/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx STAFF PHYSICIAN" This matches up to Staff listing you posted. That link is also under 'Providers' at each VAMC individual website. I am new to using VA medical so not familiar how it used to be. It appears VA is listing whether or not Contract or Staff at this facility. Then I have a Specialist that is listed in the Blue Button Notes as co- signing with his specialty like 'Gastroenterology' but is not tagged as either Contract nor Staff. But he is on the Faculty at the attached Medical School, I only saw the 5th year intern, who has already rotated out, never saw the doctor. I wonder what his status is?
  3. I been wanting an excuse to drive over to the next valley. Leaves are turning. Will have to stop in on them. Congrats to all.
  4. flow1972, I read your whole thread, I am new to all this also, I am 0% SC today, and I just enrolled in VA medical care about a month and a half ago. I will try to share a couple of things that I have learned. I was in the AF. I had an experimental flu shot at TECH school (the Air Force has been the guinea pig for flu shots for all branches since the 1940's) (when you have a reaction, you go to sick call, not that they will tell you that, but google will) (google lowry, university of colorada, flu shots, and 1972, or 1976 for real killer) that made me extremely ill....so much so that I refuse to take another....this was in 1973. The deal is....when doing what you are doing....connecting the dots.....the web just keeps getting bigger and bigger. My STR's show first Acute Sinus with VK penicillin plus nasal spray script, was in NOV 73, I was given the FLU shot DEC 12.....does anyone think I was healthy and not immune comprised on DEC 12? What if I share that sometime between mid Sept, and NOV 73 I had a detail of shoveling Pigeon Poop, scraping it off building, and shoveling areas where the ground was covered in it. Then add pneumonia at 29, pleurisy, and chronic problems from 73 till now. Also when connecting all the dots. My first head MRI scan shows a completely filled maxillary sinus cavity with mention of polyps. Then a head CT scan in 2007 mentions that sinus mucosal thickening probably due to FUNGAL cause...... MY recommendation? Don't jump to the first cause and effect you find when trying to connect the dots. I just had a Gastro Catscan that incidentally shows thoracic vertebrae damage probably from using my back to break a center line underbelly antenna in 1975~(luckily I was able to track down the SSgt that working on the plane with me, and his memory isn't totally shot), it is probably going to tie in to quite a few issues that I have had since then, that no one could find a box for before. Some boxes are going to have to swapped. I am going to have to rethink some of what I mapped out real pretty in the war room, over the last 3 months, as it has become easier to explain. I don't know if what I am doing is right, wrong or off planet....but, i am taking my time connecting the dots. I found a VSO that is one of the top two in my State, by talking to upper level chain in VSO organizations. I told them what I was looking for, before I would accept a VSO, keeping in mind, that it is my responsibility, but, I want real interest and real help, or I will just do it myself. I think if you search for it, you can find it. As far as VA health care, its a mixed bag. I found a great hospital, but a primary care doc assigned to me at a CBOC is a joke. So....I have been to the 'URGENT/Care - ER' at the VAMC 4 times in less than 2 months. I also have had 3 skin lessions removed, one 5 stitches, two x 2 stitches. One abdominal Catscan, wore a Holter monitor for a week, I just came back from a MBA - Mixed Barium Swallow.....which finally shows someone else that my esophagus has a mind of its own, and more that I can't think of right now.....I have been to the Patient Advocate office twice, they have a back door just for me. I called a Social Worker, I call the Help line. I am supposed to be getting a new primary care doctor. I got NOTHING FROM THE assigned Pact Team Primary Doctor......I am hoping you are getting my message about how it has worked for me....First time you hear NO is an invitation to go ask somewhere else, as long as what you are asking for is real, or you believe it is real. I find it unbelievable that I have hope for better health, and for even more claims thru new diagnoses coming from the NEW VA.......but, it ain't easy, they make you work for it. If you quit after ONE NO......you are done. I don't quit. I don't think you will either. I am thinking the Primary Care Doctor is the same as with an HMO, he is a gatekeeper, and the only tool he has is a LOCK. The ER door is never LOCKED.
  5. Vync, Thanks, I did get the back end report and the CD 'today', I told them the truth, I was going to civilian doc, if some doctor didn't get with me and I needed 'my' records. Then I went and talked to patient advocate, I had waited the required time, and I had options, I just needed to know what the VA was going to do, so I could decide. I have to say, most of my experience so far with the VA has been positive. I have my gastro consult moved up to tomorrow, and my skin lesson has been moved up. I still don't have a PC doc, but, I did request a staff MD, with EARS (at least part of one). I talked to local vet in one of the waiting rooms today, he just went through the acupuncture, they have it in the VAMC, that is where I am transferring, he went through 4 appts, and said, it surprised him, it appears to be doing him some good. I have had a civilian disabled plate for 9 years, for these same legs, as PN. I did go to the State Vet Affairs VSO, and I am hoping I found a good one. So, yes, the claim is being put together between the doctor visits. It looks like I have 1 IMO lined up, I will need one or two more. I have to call in those buddy letters now, that I have a better idea of what I need. Thanks
  6. Prominent facet arthrosis of lower lumbar spine, Mild spondylosis of lumbar spine, opens new door. I thought my claim was overwhelming before this. I had a catscan for abdominal issues: The above (plus other things) is on the Lab Report Radiologist report, but the Blue Button Notes, omit the part about the spine? I have waited 7 days plus since catscan and no followup from PC, although, the notes are flagged: Significant Abnormarlity: Atten Needed and the notes go into detail about handoff to PC doc, and his signature is there, taking the handoff, but no contact. I have talked to Patient Advocate before, actually just before I left the house to go get the emergency room, where they ordered the catscan (but asked me on the way out: do you want the good news or the good news? to which I replied, shoot me with all of it. Which I was told everything was fine, get with my PC later. Now to the question: I have thought and so have doctors that I had parethesia (cop out diagnosis) or PN, but EMG would be normal. But I have Radiculopathy sypmtoms, in my STR's that are still with me today, that line up with my spine problem, and I have an incident where I broke an antenna that ran under the centerline of a F106, by striking it with my back as I working under the aircraft, that I Red X'd for flight....after I was able to stand up. I sucked it up. And my knees are arthritic, I did pound the pavement more than anyone else around me in combat boots, often dehydrated, sometimes on speed (per flight surgeon) plenty of forced dehydration, in sauna and steam and running. I know alot of you have back problems (spine) I thought I didn't, when I look at those scans, I know better now. Now I know why I bend or break every driver seat in my new vehicles. First one was a Datsun/Nissan sentra, bent two seats in same manner, in the first two months. It took me a few years to break the weld in my 2500HD GMC Sierra, on the right hand side to match my old Nissan. Probably my ankles are that way too. I don't have an image, yet....I did turn it a few years ago and it doubled in size. So, I am camping out at the VAMC morning morning, I am done with the CBOC. I have the form filled out already to change PC, I already spoke to the Patient Advocate a week ago, he said no problem but have to wait in line. I don't like lines, especially when I am hurting. Any tips? Ideas? Something I am missing? Patient Advocate? Another office? ER again? I know I need to go the the Records office in the VAMC to get the 'real' records, if I can actually get them anywhere from the VA. Then: What should I do to find out what's up with my spine? Both for my health and for a claim? First for my health?
  7. I am constantly adding relevant to me material to my blog on this site. About my Toxic Journey. The particular post I am working on is a list of Toxins, and links that are related: https://community.hadit.com/blogs/entry/150-toxic-exposure-misc/ This link below, is the " WRIISC " War Related Illness and Injury Study Center : https://www.warrelatedillness.va.gov/education/factsheets/military-and-aircraft-vehicle-exhaust.pdf It is about JPx and Diesel Exhaust, and how about its REALLY BAD FOR YOU.....and if you think you were exposed to some and you have problems, just tell your PC doc and ask for a referral......I am wondering how that is going with anyone? Did you get anything worthwhile out of that experience? I keep hoping for something somewhere....of course the door isn't open there for me, CONUS exhaust. I believe I found another couple or three or more links to my ills....those nodules in my lungs...along with the growths in half a dozen other places, could just be from inhaled JP4 exhaust or tarmac particles or a combo. And my newly bloomed wide spread Actinic Keratosis hopefully hasn't changed to SCC just yet, before I get the first one cut and tested next month. Question: Anyone get one of those appointments? Was it more than just putting your name on a list? Looks like I am not in the 'included' list to be 'presumptive'. Is this true? Has anyone outside of combat deployment got one of these appointments?
  8. vetquest, ouch...I misspelled the thing, its MOHS.... probably not much chance of it being available out here in the woods, I did a search, locally and not many civilians have this equipment and setup either. It looks like only a handful of VAMC's have it. I am thinking as long as it gets gone, I will hopefully be in better shape in the long run. Hope it worked out for you.
  9. Vync, I know just a definition, no more than that. It is a surgery process, where a lesion is removed one skin layer at a time, you sit there until they remove and do the pathology while you wait. Supposively its the best thing going. The idea is that ONE and DONE. The surgeon keeps removing layers until they are satisfied its all gone. Looks like at minimum....and that is BIG minimum.....I will be leaving with at least a hole in both arms. Some VAMC have this in place, some don't.
  10. In 30 days, from enrollment, I have had my initial appointment, a disappointment, then after some research and a few phone calls, I think I found the answer. See a social worker before your appointment if possible, or at a minimum ask to see the social worker ASAP. Ask a lot of questions, get a lot of answers. Have a list of what you want FROM the doctor, don't wait for him to offer anything, you will run out of time. When my questions were interpreted as a complaint, I got to talk to a social worker and I was set up for the 9 referrals that I wanted to start off with. Two of them are actually set up as appointments now and another 4 or so show up on MyHealtheVet as signed off and referred, and another two are still waiting signatures. One of the ones I requested I wasn't going to get fast enough. So, instead of waiting for this Doctor to get back from somewhere, I instead went to the ER at the VAMC. I was seen in 5 minutes, I was asked to sit in the waiting room for another 5 minutes, and then seen again. I was told I would be contacted with a referral with a Dermatologist in a few days to a week to set up an appointment. This was yesterday, I was woke up this morning with a phone call to make an appointment for general surgery for lesions removal on Nov 13, or I could choose local care. I let them set up the VAMC. I am trying to find out if the VAMC has MOHS. https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/skin-cancer/what-is-mohs-surgery I decided to give it a few days to see what pops up on the web, and if I get any more calls. And to investigate who does the local stuff. Any tips appreciated. I wanted to tell NEW people searching to see if VA medical care is something to try or not. I have not made up my mind yet, I am exploring, although I admit, I just took a deep dive in the far end of the pool. The infrastructure is there. As someone who has spent more than 16 weeks at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in the last 8 years, the VA has an impressive set of tools available, at least in my area. I have NOT had enough of those tools touch me yet to decide if they know, and/or are willing to use them enough and/or appropriately. I intend to find out in the short run. I held out the most important specialty, neurology to Mayo Clinic only, for this trial period. The biggest TIP: Prepare for the first appointment, KNOW what to ask for. MY mistake was to let the Dr. Drive. I have hope, that things are changing on the Medical side of the VA for everyone. I am giving it a chance.
  11. NoZZZ's, The more I try to simplify my conditions, the more complex they become. Almost two months non stop pouring through my medical records (the bits and pieces I can find and locate). I believe I understand the rating criteria as written, finally, after reading it many times and looking at your explanations and the cases, listed here and elsewhere. It looks like for ratings purposes, the only polyps that mentioned would be in the nose (not in the sinus cavities). I think I understand the concept. The disabling factor is blocking the airway. This is for rhinitus. Polyps in the sinus cavities that don't cause any 'pain', and 'discharge' 'crusting' ie....anything that doesn't interfere with working, is not disabling for rating purposes. At least that is the thought process I am using at the moment. I just received an ENT full workup that I had in 2007. It seems to suggest yet another rare 'bird' in my collection of 'rare' diseases connected to my time in the service. It suggests that my fully blocked maxillary sinus cavity was fungal infection in origination. Interesting: STR shows a Sinus Infection treated with antibiotics (labeled first of many) in NOV 73, I arrived at tech school the last day of August 73, during the time I was AFI, waiting on classes to start, one of the duties I pulled was to shovel pigeon crap, in front, in back, and sides, of 'Radar Love' building, along with who knows where else. It is just incredulous....where these bullets come from....I am looking harder at my pneumonia in 84' that permanently scarred my lungs..... My research into bird poop, especially pigeon poop and fungal diseases.....really nasty stuff.... I am still working all of this stuff up, I knew the pigeon poop shoveling could not have been beneficial.....I just didn't realize until just a few minutes ago about the fungus connection to the sinuses? maybe? I am going to need half a dozen IMO's. My sinus and bronchial issues have always been handled as bacterial, but I can't remember anyone ever taking a sample and analyzing it. I do get crusting, nasty colorful discharge, I could write a 4 four page paper on the process all the way to multiple pneumonia's over the years.....and then I could write a two page tutorial on how I prevent that most of the time. With a antihistamines, nasal steroids, saline wash, a machine to vacuum my sinuses (Navage) and a Steam Machine to moisturize them and 'melt' the nastiest. A go to box with expectorant, an old reliable of really deep coughing (until I found out that my 9 day stint in the hospital with AFIB may have been caused by that deep coughing to prevent pneumonia. But the best medicine, is prevention.....a big bubble, that one stays inside of. I can't visit any of my three children at their houses. They all have animals in the house.
  12. I am interested in this also, I will post my question soon. I had a MRI in 92 that showed a maxillary sinus polyp/ and further MRI's that showed complete impaction of maxillary sinus, whatever it was popped when I started neti pots about 6 years ago, now MRI's show mucousal thickening (nih.gov says one way is chemical agents). Civilian Docs wanted to do a nose job and drill against the skull....I will post mine elsewhere, but, I am interested in what happens. My issues started in service and documented, chronic. Over 90 skin tests, over 20 interdermal tests, 3 vials of serum, allergy shots, after service. After sinus, bronchitis, then pnemonia & pleursy at 29 yrs. Working up mine hard right now. Got my first VAMC doc to document chronic rhinitis without trying so far.....LIke I said, watching this closely. Chemicals, seem to do a lot of things.
  13. GBArmy, My blog, here, which I started to save those from having to read trememdous amounts of stuff to get to the meat...started out being about my journey through what I thought was a maze that I could surely figure out... But, I can see now that it is not a maze....it is more like dodge ball....and has been since I first raised my right hand...and now I understand what the Marines mean when they say once....always.... when we gave up our Constitutional Rights....we gave them up....forever.....but, then that is only one part of this as I see it. The above blog post might be sorta cryptic, sorry about that, that is just the way I think. I am finding in my research to link my toxic exposures (a literal soup) to my known 'nexus' .......oh, yeah, it is known.....but it won't be admitted, unless it is squeezed out of them.....every drip. There is NOT one place in the VA or the PUBLIC that one can go and get tested for what EVERYONE KNOWS is Killing us.....Unless you have about $12,000........... Then......NOT one person who wants to work in science nor in medicine in this country will be able to publish any definitive links to what they already know and openly write about in very double double speak. Trying to stay away from politics, so lets make it about power. The industry that makes all the stuff, makes all the money....money creates power......power is what runs things.....power rigs things.....its all rigged.....its designed to let a few get what they feel is 'right' and 'justified'......and the majority sit back and die in the end.....still waiting for their 'right' and 'just' time. Now I know without a doubt why I stayed away from the VA for all these years.... Because I could.....now I am stuck here like everyone else......at least somewhat..... So, we are told that it is the VA, fighting with the Congress, and Admin is on our side, and a few of the Congress are on our side.....blah, blah, blah..... Same thing with the Mortgage Crisis.....it was never a mortgage crisis.....it was re-leveling of the playing field, too much cash had got out from the banks and too many little banks or NON players had evolved and the field had to be cleared and money put back where it belonged..... But, wasn't I supposed to get mortgage help......yep, and my Vet loving Congress Critter did the same thing with my mortgage help, that they will do with helping us with this stuff.....just take it off the wheel for more time and toss it backwards to start all over.....with a nice Congressional letterhead souvenir for a keepsake, of course. My blog will be unfortunately NOT some victory happy dance at the end of the day.....but a frustrating long journey to more and more dead ends.....as nothing is found except lies and those who tell them, over and over. We have allowed the lies for so long, we believe half of them. I am getting ready to post some links to Tyndall that should be of interest to those who want to understand what I think is going on.....AFESC at Tyndall has been working on 'brews' that eat every kind of nasty that you can imagine....these are the same guys who were in charge of cleaning up Agent Orange.....they eat herbicides, they eat pesticides, nerve agents, unexploded ordinance in place, RDX, Heavy Metals......you name it......and I have found links and so can you......find some closed bases and google the clean up contracts.....and trace it back to Tyndall.....could this have something to do with why they the DOD have been unable to get little ole Tyndall to play ball with the EPA? and Congress? or is it DOD just running it all? VA included? Curious minds just wanna know? Why did I have to step in this?
  14. I created a Blog on this site. My toxic journey. I have created my timeline of specific VA - Claim - VARO - VAMC - ID cards, gov websites access, etc...timelines for applying and my actual enrollment, hopefully this helps someone with info on at least my VARO current possible timelines. I am anonymous, and plan on staying that way, as well as one can, which isn't saying much. I have a tech background and know what my statement is worth. That said, like a lot of us, I will be very fortunate if I survive long enough to see my 'real' claim to any sort of fruition. So, there must be some sort of validation and some value of worth that my life's journey has left behind. So, I choose to leave it behind, right here, for as long as can, whatever the price. The suffering will end, and nothing I achieve will stop the suffering nor stop the end. So, if you are inclined, take a look here: This blog won't be for everybody, none are. If you have been exposed to some of the things I list, either where I was or somewhere else, I hope this will help you in formulating your nexus. If you find something that you think you can help me with, please do share, and hurry. If you just have a suggestion or idea, please share pro/con. And Admin, is this blog in line with your policies?
  15. Vync, On the State VSO, I really just have need for somebody to tell me I am still in now, but, I don't want a yes man, either. I am not there yet, anyway, I have to wait those 4 weeks to us to interview each other, as I understand this one doesn't just accept anything either. So, unless I have a match, I will be back to doing on my own. According to the chart, my records should be at St. Louis. So, its my only option right now. I don't have a C-File for compensation, as I understand it, not with an Intent to File only. I do have a file, but the only things in it are the education and mortage claims, I looked at the screen at the VARO. So, I guess technically, I do have a C-File, and I saw it. I will be building my blog, with my claims journey. It will show at least my progress or lack of it on a timeline, and then I intend to share some of the research I have on toxic Conus bases, and exposures.
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