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  1. The buddy letter was from his CO who put him on nights because of the roommate's complaints. We did realize that due to the denial it would be an upward battle. We are very grateful that it appears he does have a shot at s-c because we are coming out of pocket for his treatment and the accessories are not cheap.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I was wondering more along the lines of it should have been [X] Yes due to the fact that his surgery was within that time frame.
  3. I have a question re: a C&P. My husband was diagnosed with DDD in 2014 after years of pain, treatments, chiro etc. He dropped his papers, had surgery in January 2015 and retired March 2015. Filed his initial claim while still AD. Had his C&P at the VA in Cape Coral, FL in August 2015. Awarded 10% for DDD status post laminectomy. Reading over this portion of the C&P. It states: 11. Intervertebral disc syndrome (IVDS) and episodes requiring bed rest a. Does the Veteran have IVDS of the thoracolumbar spine? [X] Yes [ ] No b. If yes to question 11a above,
  4. My husband has just contacted Dr Anaise for an IMO for his OSA. According to his VSO, it appears no weight was given to the buddy statements and his medical records from his last deployment states that he had insomnia. He was moved to nights while on deployment so his roommate could sleep but apparently that wasn't enough for the SC. So now I'm in the process of going through all his paperwork to send over to Dr Anaise's office. Reading these threads gives us hope.
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