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  1. My friend had lost his 50% rating for failing to appear at a random hearing for his PTSD. Now 9 months later he has ben reinstated and is set to receive back the 50%. (letter has been received). He was hoping that he would get retro back to the date they knocked him to 0%. He will not. Any thoughts how retro is given? Thanks for taking the time!
  2. Hello: My friend lost his 50% PTSD rating. He has taken the steps necessary to retrieve it back. He just completed another C&P with a VA affiliated physician. He believes that he can possibly receive 70%. Any thoughts. He was devastated upon losing losing the 50% but he did not show up when asked to for a followup C&P. It's a tough process to gain back what you lost. Thanks for any input.
  3. Sorry sir, I hit the wrong key... I have bilateral neuro. along with ptsd plus other sc was a letter carrier for many years My VSO ( who is terrific) wrote a letter with me requesting I would waiver a face to face dro if I was going to be approved. The e-ben page has appeal is complete where it states hearing disposition states cancelled. I can only hope, what a long weekend. 6-1 appeal was completed. Thank you for response!
  4. Fellow vets: Briefly, I submitted NOD through VA county regional rep along with a letter stating if I would like a personal hearing. However if I am to be approved for IU then I would agree to waiver the DRO personal hearing. Now on ebenefits it states my appeal is complete, hearing disposition is cancelled. It's what I asked for, any thoughts and thanks! vietvet
  5. Hello fellow vets: Wording from the examiner was "Can do moderate physical labor with his diabetes, but "Would have difficulty using his fine motor skills, requiring light touch sensations. Also has bi-lateral hand weakness. (regarding my bilateral upper/lower neuropathy). Was a letter carrier for many years. I was denied TDIU. My NOD was carefully written out by a wonderful VSO; still waiting on final decision. Could there be a conflict on the decision? Thank you very much Make sure to call your mom if you can!
  6. Thank you guys. I have all paperwork including MD's letter. My VSO thinks perhaps that the examiner contradicted herself by stating "He could do moderate work with his diabetes, but would have difficulty using his fine motor skills including touch sensations."Could this be a doubt in my favor?
  7. Fellow Vets, happy new year Total 70% (seeking IU) 10% bilaterals of (right and left) upper and (right and left) lower diabetic neuropathies 20% diabetes 30% ptsd with depression (prescribed meds not permitted while driving Postal vehicle) 10% tinnitus; 0% hearing Was a letter carrier 17 years, out 5 years now, no work Please be the judge of this statements by the C&P doc "He can do moderate work with his diabetes." "He would however have difficulty using his fine motor skills, including touch sensations; has hand weakness." Rater denied me stating I had not shown I was not unemployab
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. As a carrier letter carrier, my hands and feet were my tools for success. My examiner checked off that my bilateral upper and lower neuropathies would affect my ability to work and that I had bilateral hand weakness. Also that I would have difficulty using my fine motor skills (meaning hands, fingers, etc.), including light touch sensations. Wouldn't this prevent me from doing my job as I was trained to do as a letter carrier? She wrote I could do moderate work with my diabetes, so the above is what she meant for my neuropathy (bilateral upper and lower). I beli
  9. Thank you all. My diabetes and bilateral neuropathy are 60+ with bilateral calculations, so I have the required %. Retired 4 yrs. ago, difficulty in walking the route also casing.....
  10. Hello fellow Vets: I would greatly appreciate any feedback. 70% = 30 ptsd, 20 diabetes, 10,10,10,10 bilateral upper and lower diabetic neuropathy, also bilateral cataracts 0, 10 tinnitus I was denied UI; this was the statement of the examiner On my C&P VA Examiner stated: that my diabetic peripheral neuropathy impacts my ability to work; however in her description she wrote that I can do sedentary work and moderate physical labor, but that I would have difficulty doing fine motor motor skills, that require touch sensations- the same skills required of a letter carrier (I was a city carrier
  11. Fellow vets, cap examiner writes chronic ptsd - what can be expected?
  12. My bilaterals are for (4) 10% diabetic neuropathys. Don't they total 40%?
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have 20% diabetes, + (Left & Right) 10% bilaterals for diabetic neuropathy upper + (Left & Right) 10% bilaterals for diabetic neuropathy lower, and also 10% for tinnitus. Rationale was I am unable to work because of my loss of memory "needed" as a letter carrier, and also my hands had become weakened because of my diabetic neuropathy, which is super important as a letter carrier. I left my job after 17 years because I could not continue. That was 2 yrs. ago, I was 62. Again, thanks!
  14. Hello: I received a diagnosis of chronic PTSD "on a C&P exam" Without any other information at the moment. I am unemployed and unable to work; the examiner was very responsive to me during the interview. My paperwork from the Vet Center also felt and explained their reason why I should be granted IU. I am currently 60% (non PTSD). Can the examiner grant me IU or do I have to attend another C&P. Any thoughts. Thanks for your time. Vietvet
  15. Berta, thank you. I am currently working with a new Vet Center in Fl. My nexus is solid and was written by a VA licensed clinical social worker/MAC. He strongly suggested that I receive TDIU in his report. Also I am currently being prescribed medication for my PTSD.
  16. Fellow vets, hello. I have diabetes 20%, bilateral neuropathy both hands and legs 10,10,10,10%. Would these disabilites be regarded as '1' service connected at 60% for consideration of IU? Awating C&P for PTSD. Thanks for your input. Vietvet Also have tinnitus @10%.
  17. Fellow Vets: I was rated 0% service connected for Hearing WITH Tinniuts back in 1970. I filed a notice of disagreement within one year and it remained 0% for Hearing WITH Tinnitus. I understand how difficult the hearing portion is, but shouldn't I have been rated 10% each ear in 1970 for Tinniuts? Note: back then it was 10% for each ear. Now I know it's 10% for both ears. Then in 2006 when I refiled again took my CAP and was awarded 0% Hearing and 10% Tinnitus. Question: Do I have any claim for an error in the rating; should I have been granted 20% service connected back in '70? Am
  18. Hello. If my diabetes has worsened and that I now take pills, must it also be stated in my files that I am on a restricted diet? I would like to file for an increase. Thanks for any comments.
  19. Thanks so much for your response. My VA primary doc arranged for the appt. What is lowballing the secondary?
  20. Hello. I just had an appt. at the VA to check whether I have P/Neuropathy, secondary to my Diabetees II. The VA doc stated in his report that I have do. Do I now have to get an official C&P exam, or should I just submit paperwork for a claim secondary to Diabetees II, and the raters will by pass the C&P. Not sure how to proceed. Thanks for any help.
  21. Hello fellow vets: I am filing an appeal for service connection of vertigo secondary to tinnitus/hearing loss. I've gone to a private doc who gave me a complete and thorough exam. What can my private doc write for me to help my appeal. Does he need to see my total medical VA records? Very grateful for any help. Thanks.
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