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  1. Josephine, hello: I think that by seeing an outside doctor I can get a real answer as to whether there is a connection between my vertigo and hearing loss/tinnitus, or am I just waisting my time, because there is no linkage... My tinnitus was a result of loud firings of guns, weapons, etc. I separated in 1970 and within 6 months filed and received 0% service connected status-non-compensationable for both my hearing loss and tinnitus. I placed a claim for tinnitus/hearing loss in 2005 and was awarded 10% for tinnitus (missing the bilateral rating of 20% for both ears that was earlier issued).
  2. ================================================================ Josephine: Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I greatly appreciate it. First, I have bilateral hearing loss rated 0% {issued hearing aids}, with bilateral tinnitus rated 10%. My VA primary doctor has diagnosed me with intermittent benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo and has prescribed 'Meclizine' for the dizziness. I can walk a straight line, but at times I have some difficulty staying on course; I tend to sway alittle when closing my eyes and standing still. Not certain what the 'Drun
  3. Greetings: Has anyone successfully appealed Vertigo secondary to S/C Tinnitus and Hearing Loss. I would like to start the process. Thanks
  4. Hello. I was 0% SC for tinnitus and bi-lateral hearing loss in 1969. In 2006 I was rated 10% for the tinnitus, and issued hearing aids. Can vertigo be claimed as secondary to tinnitus and/or hearing loss? as I recently had a C&P exam. As I was leaving the doc said "Everything should be OK now" and shook my hand. Did that mean anything? Appreciate feedback.
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