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  1. Anharris, You should get what you deserve from the VA: You have two choices. Find a VSO and file new claims for all the secondary conditions you have. After these claims fail you can Lawyer Up and have someone who knows what they are doing fix things. Or - you can study up and do the job yourself. It ain't easy. It is a lot of work. But there is plenty of info here and elsewhere to teach you. No body cares more about your claim than you.
  2. One other option: Do both. You are free to argue that your IBS is More than likely a functional disorder presumptive to GW exposure At least as likely as not secondary to PTSD Thus Service Connected Due to Presumptive and Secondary reasons In my own claim I am arguing SC for several conditions that I have evidence could be linked to more than one condition. As an example, are my Migranes due to my fibromyalgia neck and shoulder conditions PTSD Allergies/Sinusitis Directly connected as I was treated for headaches on active duty It could be one of the above, or a combination of several conditions. In the end the arguments add up that they are SC because it is Most Likely it is one of the above and the RO can assign them to whatever he chooses.
  3. Hi, Please understand that the information you are seeing as to where your appeal is and what is happening is what the system chooses to report and not necessarily reality. It is not unusually for eBenifits to flip back and forth umteen times with one status or another. In many cases you will receive a decision long before the status updates in the system. There are claims that were decided years ago and eBenifits still says they are pending... At this point all you can do is wait on word from your appeal. If the Higher Level review doesn't go your way DON'T GIVE UP. You will win and you will receive your back pay. There are some lawyers out there that are specialists in your type of case. Hill and Ponton is one firm. The VA Disability world is a long term play. It shouldn't be, it just is. Keep your head up and know you will eventually win.
  4. Miken If in the IME/IMO there is not a sentence that says, In preparation of this document I have reviewed the Veterans entire VA Claims File. The VA has the ability to discount the entire document. In order to establish that their opinion is credible the above sentence must be in there! This has been upheld in Court . It's nit right, it just is.
  5. Remember, under VA Policy you are not locked in to PTSD. You can receive the same ratings for Depression as you do for PTSD. With MH issues it is the impact of the issue on your Life. Not the "name" of the issue. The VA should (yea I know...) automatically rate for any other MH issue that is diagnosed other than PTSD as part of the same claim. So your current therapist records are viable no mater what the diagnosis is. As long as the records document the impact on work and lifestyle you should be fine.
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