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  1. Greeting All, So this brings up a dilemma I am facing, I am registered with the burn pit registry from being in the both theaters during the OIF & OEF and being stationed in Djibouti for a year. I applied for a Federal job that required a lung test and my results were barely met. So is applying for compensation going to be a headache or has it become something the VA is expecting now that time has passed and symptoms are more prevalent? Thanks All
  2. So I just had X-rays completed at the VA on 11/1 and it shows there is Osteoarthritis in both Hips. Since my claim for hip was denied in February of this year and I have been going to physical therapy at the VA plus a local outside Physical therapist, will this assist my NOD? Thank you
  3. Well I was able to finally go back to the VA, my newly assigned DR forgot to put my referral in for my GERD which disappointed me as usual. I was able to make an appointment for my hearing which is so shot that I have to get a waiver each year at my current job at the Pentagon when I do my medical for the agency. The X-rays show some really bad stuff on my hips (the VA denied the claim due to the false report from an outside Tricare Dr. I went to see for something else) and lower back requiring a MRI now. So if any kind person who reads this, can you please provide advice on the necessary s
  4. Thanks for the info Paul, well I have a lot of work to do for my other disabilities that the VA denied. I lost out on Retro because of my military retirement and only being rated at 40% at the time.
  5. All, Thank you for all the responses. To clarify Berta, (I work in the Pentagon and there is a VA office here and the Rep told me of the results which was the cause for the claim being Denied was what the DR wrote.) I had a claim in for my left hip in which I had an X-ray completed when the injury occurred. So over the years it has progressively gotten worse, so when I went for the C&P exam the DR did notice some ailments with evidence through 4 new X-rays but according to the VA, they kept the VA claim in a deferred status for 4 months. So when I went to my family DR (who was agai
  6. For that served, sincere thanks for your service to the greatest Nation, America. I recently applied for Disability, using the DAV back in August 2017, which I applied for several service related injuries, after a few months of being denied on some injuries once said and done I was given a 40% rating. I was also collecting military retirement and of course not meeting the 50% rating my retirement was subject to be given a taxfree percentage. After the VA acknowledged my request for VA disability in August 2017, they sent me a letter stipulating I would be entitled to retro pay from the d
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