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  1. So I just had X-rays completed at the VA on 11/1 and it shows there is Osteoarthritis in both Hips. Since my claim for hip was denied in February of this year and I have been going to physical therapy at the VA plus a local outside Physical therapist, will this assist my NOD? Thank you
  2. Well I was able to finally go back to the VA, my newly assigned DR forgot to put my referral in for my GERD which disappointed me as usual. I was able to make an appointment for my hearing which is so shot that I have to get a waiver each year at my current job at the Pentagon when I do my medical for the agency. The X-rays show some really bad stuff on my hips (the VA denied the claim due to the false report from an outside Tricare Dr. I went to see for something else) and lower back requiring a MRI now. So if any kind person who reads this, can you please provide advice on the necessary steps to pursue a claim that has been denied and what form is used for a increase request. Thanks to All.
  3. Thanks for the info Paul, well I have a lot of work to do for my other disabilities that the VA denied. I lost out on Retro because of my military retirement and only being rated at 40% at the time.
  4. All, Thank you for all the responses. To clarify Berta, (I work in the Pentagon and there is a VA office here and the Rep told me of the results which was the cause for the claim being Denied was what the DR wrote.) I had a claim in for my left hip in which I had an X-ray completed when the injury occurred. So over the years it has progressively gotten worse, so when I went for the C&P exam the DR did notice some ailments with evidence through 4 new X-rays but according to the VA, they kept the VA claim in a deferred status for 4 months. So when I went to my family DR (who was against assisting Vets like most DR's in the North Virginia area) for a completely different exam and nothing to do with my hip, he decided to write in the report that there was nothing wrong with my hip and I was fully functional and I didn't notice until I sent the report in as evidence for the condition. Paul When I called DFAS, the rep said there was an audit, but that was two months ago and I have read on other forums that it usually hits within 30 days but the VA rep I see sometimes in the Pentagon said I am not entitled to retro pay because the case was adjudicated in Feb 2019 (I was at 40%) but then in June I was increased to 60% and I was given $2400 from Treasury (according to the EzBenefits) I am guessing for the 3-4 months they took from my retirement otherwise if I was to receive retro pay It should be a larger sum. Again thanks for the input.
  5. For that served, sincere thanks for your service to the greatest Nation, America. I recently applied for Disability, using the DAV back in August 2017, which I applied for several service related injuries, after a few months of being denied on some injuries once said and done I was given a 40% rating. I was also collecting military retirement and of course not meeting the 50% rating my retirement was subject to be given a taxfree percentage. After the VA acknowledged my request for VA disability in August 2017, they sent me a letter stipulating I would be entitled to retro pay from the day my VA claim was submitted, if I calculate the time it would be about 20 months before finally receiving a rating but I was told I would receive no retro pay because I was collecting retirement. So I went to a VA representative stationed in the Pentagon who told me that in February 2019 my case was adjudicated and that I would be entitled to no retro pay and I had to submit paperwork because the VA did not acknowledge me being married for 18 years. I submitted for additional VA disability in April and received an additional 20% increase giving me a total of 60%. The VA rep I spoke to also informed me that the VA denied a claim because my personal doctor wrote a side note on a medical examination in reference to my injury ( my doctor wrote a false report because I wasn’t even there for an examination on what he wrote a false report on) that I was fine and there was nothing wrong with me which caused me being denied. So here it is now the middle of September and I’m trying to figure out what I’d be entitled to any retro pay at this point? If anybody can provide me with a bit of insight or a point of contact that would be really really appreciated. I did receive a $2400 from the Treasury but when I called I was told that the VA was conducting an audit and that was in August. Thanks All
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