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  1. Today on ebenfits 100% SMC-1 , Lung Cancer right top lobe lobectomy , wedge cut middle lobe, doing just fine , lot better now.
  2. Good morning all, retired 25 years service rated 90% disabled tru VA 20% each leg, 40% lower back 10% right knee, payed at 70%. This month I had a right lung biopsy , and a collapsed lung after. PFT test and PET scan . diagnosed with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. I see the surgeon Thursday the 26th. I am a Viet Nam veteran 70-71. Right lung top lobe, my lung doctor recommends a lobectomy remove lobe . After surgery will I still be compensated for lung cancer? The claim was filed by my VSO 4 Sept. will I have a C&P for this the complete diagnoses was sent also> Best of luck to you all, Thanks for your Service.
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