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  1. My husband received this message today. He is in the reconsideration phase. Anyone else received a message like this? & what was your outcome? Did you have to have a Quality Review after, Were you approved or Denied? Just hoping for some input, I’ve heard all of the above occur
  2. Hello! Updates: For any future readers who need help with a timeline - Retro and new monthly amount was in account on 11-25-19, (in 2 separate payments) ebenefits says 100% compared to previous 70%, as well as two boxes checked saying permanent and total but nothing about TDIU. Decision came in mail yesterday stating TDIU is a moot point and wasn’t granted. Instead he was put from 70% to 100% scheduler for PTSD. Letter states he more meets criteria for 100% not 70%. Also mentions chapter 35 benefits as well as stating his service connected PTSD is deemed permanent and total in nature.
  3. UPDATE!! Claim closed today! 11-25-2019 Checked ebenefits & he is now rated 100% TDIU. Also saw that the Permanent and Total box was checked?? So does that mean it’s permanent and total? The packet was mailed today and will be here in about a week so we will have all the details then. I am so thankful my husbands claim was processed so quickly- 9/19/2019 - 11/25/2019, and thank you all so much for your advice and information!!
  4. Congrats! How long did your claim take? From when you filed to when it was closed? Also how long from when it was closed to when you started receiving your new monthly $ amount and retro? My husband filed in Sept & had a c and p shortly after but nothing’s changed since. Just wanted to compare timelines, I’ve heard others taking years and then months to even see your increase in $ each month after a decisions made. We have two small children and are also struggling. Any insight would be helpful thanks!!
  5. He never appealed either decision. If we didn’t have our children.. he never would have gone to the VA again. So appealing anything hasn’t been an option. I agree, he meets 4.16a with his 70% rating since 2015 but in 2013 he had the 30% rating (his initial rating) but he was unemployable due to his ptsd and has employment records, statements , etc to show that. So then he would meet 4.16b . I’m assuming
  6. Hello! Been a bit busy. Husband had c and p exam for TDIU claim on Sept 27 2019. After filing Sept 19 2019. When he submitted his claim, we had his previous employers over the past 5 years fax completed va form 21-4192 to his VA processing center. He also submitted copies of the forms along with his application. He submitted his claim for TDIU as an FDC. Since his c and p exam the claim has still been in gathering evidence stage. Some background: His service connected disability is PTSD ( 2013 SC). His employment and social life have been effected since his discharge. (He didn’t expect to come back... still has trouble accepting that he is here while others aren’t..) He has earned no Substantial Gainful Employment since his discharge in 2011 and has only had 3 jobs during this time (all cut short due to issues with his ptsd) His PTSD disability and it’s effects make him unable to think or focus. He can’t be around strangers or multiple people (even if he knows them) . He has hallucinations of snipers being on top of grocery store buildings... so he no longer goes to public places. He has been in and out of drunk tanks, charged with resisting arrests (during drunk black outs) . He has severe night terrors. Every day is a fight and every night is. He is tired of fighting. From what I’ve been told TDIU is made for people in my husbands situation. He needs a hand up and is finally willing to take it..
  7. My husband recently applied for TDIU or Unemployability as it’s known to others. I was wondering if someone could give me any advice on his chances of approval or eligibility based on his employment history? He meets the criteria for TDIU. I just don’t know what kind of employment history or not makes one eligible. Also if eligible for tdiu, what would his effective date be? Some background: Discharged 2011 Was active duty infantry in Afghanistan 2012 Rated 30% service connected for PTSD 2012 worked at fast food job for 3 months before fired for no call / no shows 2013 no work 2014 worked 4 months at a job before the job was over and the position was terminated - he was laid off 2015 rated 70% ptsd 2015 - also no work this year 2016 no work 2017 no work 2018 started work at a family members business - accommodations were made (allowed to work alone; allowed absences, breaks etc) 2018 - started claim - for increase due to working issues - but didn’t file Feb. 2019 filed for increase from 70% to 100% ptsd based on effects of ptsd at work and in daily life - April. 2019 c & p exam April. 2019 Received decision on claim- PTSD continued at 70% disabling April. 2019 Started claim for TDIU August 2019 Quit employment at family members business due to ptsd. Earned roughly 13,000 in one year (poverty level is roughly 24,000 in my region based on family size) well below poverty level September 2019. Filed for IU. Does his history show show enough or not show enough work to qualify for tdiu? What would his effective date be? He has been unemployable since his discharge 2011 but he wasn’t rated at 70 until 2015, since 2015 he has not worked until 2018 when he started work for a family member. Even with accommodations he couldn’t work and now he is unemployed again.
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