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  1. I received a call back from the attorney that represented me with advice from broncovet. He seemed pretty cool with it and looked up my case. He said that when they withdrew from the case, they are forfeiting any/all awards that may be granted. Even said if they do however receive something, they'll work with me or whomever to get it situated. I forgot to ask for the letter/statement/contract stating that, but emailed them again today to see if I can get a copy of that so I can submit that to the VA.
  2. Thanks broncovet! I'm going to give my VSO a call today and ask for that copy. Left a voicemail yesterday to the lawyer, but will take your advice.
  3. Hired lawyer Late 2014 and they withdrew 2015 on the phone. I'm sure I received a withdrawal letter, but it's been since 2015. Shortly after got with my current VSO and he was representing me until it was granted. Emailed my VSO today and he said I may have to sue the lawyer regarding the fee. I also reached out to the lawyer and left a voicemail regarding their withdrawal. So we'll see what happens I guess.
  4. Long story short. Filed a claim back in 2013 (PTSD), denied then appealed using an attorney 2014. They dropped me as a client the following year later in 2015 (who knows, maybe they felt like they weren't going to win or something). Fast forward to 2019, appeal finally complete at the BVA level and granted with a service connection. New claim status appears with the "pending decision approval" and "AFD for DRO decision". Looked around this forum and seems to be a case for Attorney Fee Decision. So my attorney back in 2014 is still going to get part of the backpay even though they dropped me as a client? Called the 800# for clarification and the very "nice" person said "by the way it looks like, yes they are going to get paid". Anyone have any insights? Thanks in advance.
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