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  1. I was awarded in July 2016. I had a c&P exam in July of this year when I requested for an increase for my MDD with anxious distress . I feel as if it is getting worse. I was denied I believe and my wife does my claims for me. I had a second C&P exam through VES 3 weeks ago both I feel we’re favorable for my MDD and GERD. My claim closed and am currently waiting on the BBE. No updates in ebenefits or va.gov on a letter or anything. I’m currently on the phone with a DAV area supervisor because no rep will answer a phone for the past 3 weeks. And I just got off the to to request to cancel my POA for the DAV representing me. In my area they are horrible.
  2. I currently get 60% 50% MDD with anxious distress and 10% GERD.
  3. I just checked my claim status. Claim was closed Oct 9 ,my va letters have not updated on either I see this from other posts was just probably thinking it hasn’t updated or more than likely a denial. Still waiting on BBE.
  4. I’m currently fighting the va myself with my claims. I feel I am underrated and filed for increase on my mental and GERD. My DAV rep or hell any DAV rep will not pick up a phone call or return a phone call. I’m trying to find a VSO near me and can’t seem to get on the right path. Just need a little help with that magic touch to get me where I need to be. Am currently rated at 60% and feel like I’m 80% worthy. Sorry for rambling on just got off work and tired., thanks in advance.
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