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  1. Berta I am probably the Blue Water AO Veteran that you refer to in your post. I asked you a lot of questions about AO Prostate Cancer Update. Last Feb 3 I had a C&P exam for prostate cancer. Went well. Feb 5 claim closed. Feb 10 I had backpay in my bank account to 2010 when I first filed my claim. In 2019 was denied for my Hearing and HBP. Appealed to the BVA. For HBP I put in my claim a copy of NAS now said there was now sufficient scientific proof that Agent Orange did cause HBP. The judge remanded both hearing and HBP. Long story short I am now Service Connected for Hearing and HBP. I am helping a shipmate and friend with his claims. I thank you Berta and all Veterans and just everyone on Hadit for helping Veterans with their claims and getting what they so richly deserve.
  2. I looked in VA.gov and it says moved on Nov 21 2019 to Evidence gathering Review and Decision. Decision due April 6 2020 Happy Thanksgiving
  3. That is a 20-0995 Supplemental Claim they have. I also submitted the letter the VA sent me along with my DD214, a letter that I wrote telling them of my condition the last almost 10 yrs.. NavSource Online: Service Ship Photo Archive that tell all about the USS Mount Katmai from the time it was commissioned to its Decommissioning. It also tells of all the times the ship was off coast of Vietnam and Korea.I put a map showing the ship was within 12 Nautical Miles of Vietnam on March 14 1970 and them to see ship’s log for March 1970. I also told they already have my medical records to check. HR 299 is reason they are gone to start making decisions on BWV claims on January 1 2020 I really do not see what else they would need. They say a decision would be made between 02-02-20 and 04-06-20. I also had ED on that 20-0995 claim as a secondary condition of Prostate Cancer. I got a letter telling me to fill out a 21-526EZ for ED which I did and sent in. They asked for a date when the disability began or worsened I put 2-10-10 the date of my Prostate operation.
  4. That came from VA site on checking my claims and appeals not ebenefits I might just call the 800 number of the VA and see what they say. They also said a letter was sent to me. I have not received yet
  5. Also I still have never had a C & P exam
  6. The VA has all my medical records and I sent them a map of longitude and latitude in March 1970 showing them we were within the 12 nautical miles. I would have thought that would be all thats needed
  7. I filed the 20-0995 the VA asked for I looked in my VA claims and appeal and it said Claim for Regulatory or Procedural review received November 4 2019 November 21 (Status-Evidence gathering review and decision Details Claim type Regulatory or Procedural Review What you claim Malignant growth of the genitourary system (Prostate Cancer) is denied (Supplemental) Date Received. November 2019 It also says date of decision April 6 2019 Maybe you can help me understand this. I have never seen a Regulatory or Procedural review claim on Hadit Thanks so much
  8. I will look in Mount Katmai AE16 ships log to see if I can help. I remember our ship being refueled by a couple of times by the Tolovana. I have also seen the Tolovana in our deck logs while searching to see if our ship was within the 12 nautical miles of Vietnam. I found where my ship was in 12 nautical miles. Maybe the refueling took place in the 12 nautical miles. I will let you what I find out.
  9. Today I received from the VA CLAIMS INTAKE CENTER a letter saying Due to a recent law change you may be eligible for VA benefits. Why we are contacting you The new law Public Law 116-23, Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of2019 • extends presumption of herbicide exposure to service within offshore waters of Republic of Vietnam and • provides a potential earlier effective date for conditions that were previously denied service connection How this May Affect You You we’re previously denied service-connected benefits for an herbicide-related disability, and you may be eligible. You may also be eligible for potential retroactive effective date if VA grants service-connected benefits under new law for an herbicide-related disability you were previously claimed on or after September 25 1985, and January 1, 2020 that was subsequently denied VA is currently processing claims and will decide these claims based on date of new law. This mean eligible Veterans will be awarded benefits as early as January 1, 2020 Eligibility Criteria You may apply for benefits if you believe the following criteria are met 1 You served aboard a US Navy or Coast Guard ship offshore “blue waters” of the Republic of Vietnam between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975, VA will presume herbicide exposure if your service included: • Duty or visitation within the Republic of Vietnam itself or • Traveled on a vessel in the inland waterways of the Republic of Vietnam, or • Travel on a vessel within the eligible offshore waters as listed in Public Law 116-23. 2 You can provide us with evidence or identify any evidence that we can gather on your behalf such as diagnosis or treatment for one of the conditions noted in 38 C.F.R. S 3.309(e) I need to submit a VA Form 20-0995 Also if I do not submit VA form 20-0995 the VA will take any action to review my claim Sounds Good to me. I understood that the VA was going send BWV who’s Claims were denied in the pass a letter like this.
  10. Thanks so much for listening and your input. I will keep you informed. I hope all BWN finally get what is rightfully due to them. I thank all the people who were responsible to get the BWN to this point. A lot of BWN Veterans never lived to see this accomplishment. I feel so bad for them. I only hope their surviving family will know about this and pursue what is owed to them.
  11. In my case the VA has denied my claim twice already this year. In my claim I cited Procopio and HR 299 and still they denied my claim. If I put in another claim and I will put my ship’s logs in it to show that we were within 12 nautical miles. With the stay on they still have time to deny me again this year. Whenever you cite Procopio case why would they deny? There is a lot I do not understand but to me the ruling in the Procopio case should be enough for the VA to approve my claim this year. My doctor at the VA said I was herbicide exposed Vietnam Veteran and things I get from VA said as much. It makes me wonder what it is going to take. We need more Veterans employed at the VA. The only thing I have about the VA and how it operates is ????????????????????????
  12. Before I do anything I will call the VA and see what they say my options are. I do not want to do anything that will hurt my EED. I will also put my ship’s logs in my appeal. My ship was within 12 nautical mile every month we were deployed. The VA also needs to make up a list of ships that were in the territorial seas of Vietnam. Veterans who file new claims are going to have show their ship’s logs have them within 12 nautical miles.
  13. I think next week I will pull the BVA appeal and put in a Supplemental Claim with new evidence. My ship’s logs that prove we were less than the 12 nautical miles on many occasions. It can be a pain to go through your ship’s logs to have to find the information that will prove your claim. You really have to do your home work. As I said before it is really nice to have people like you to help and to give your time to others to help them. Through out this process and reading everything you can to help your claim is so time consuming. It seems like your mind never shuts down. I have learned a lot and will try to help others If I can. Thank you so much for your input and help.
  14. I am still on the claim of Prostate Cancer I filed in 2010. I put in a Supplemental claim which VA told me to put in. They received my Supplemental claim July 10 2019. This was on their Rating Decision that I received Evidence Service Treatment Record received September 7 2010 Service Personnel Records received August 31 2010 and October 25 2010 VA letter concerning your claim. How exposed to herbicides dated September 7 2010 National Personnel Records Center response to request for evidence of herbicide exposure received September 20 2010 National Personnel Records Center response to request for evidence of herbicide exposure received October 25 2010 Memorandum of Formal Finding of Inability to Concede Exposure to Herbicides dated November 16 2010 Rating Decision dated December 17 2010 VA Form 20-0995 Supplemental Claim Application received July 10 2019 VA letter concerning your claim dated July 19. 2019 Section 5103 notice dated July 25 2019 Web Evidence related to Blue Water Veterans received August 6 2019 Section 5103 Notice Response received August 6 2019 VAMC Records from November 7 2014 through August 23 2019 Rating Decision 09/03/2019 Service connection for Prostate Cancer remains denied. Instead of another Supplemental Claim my representative filed a VA form 10182 Appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals and under Board Review Option chose 11B option where we still have 90 days to submit evidence. I would like to know if I took it out and filed a Supplemental Claim if I would lose my EED on my claim. I would think a Supplemental Claim would have been a better route to take. Your opinion would be helpful Thank you so much
  15. I already have a appeal in now with court of appeal but they will not move until Dec 24 because I can put more evidence in it. Would you suggest that I pull that one and file a 20-0995 again. If I would do that would it hurt my EED because now they are denying me on my 2010 claim that is some of the evidence they are referring to.
  16. There is no rating on my denial. I have never had a C&P exam yet. The reason was I was at urologist at the Va was because they found blood in my urine. They made my appointment so I talked to the urologist. He set an appointment for me for a c-scan with dye and another appointment with him for the scope to check my bladder. They really found nothing. The urologist was the type that I wish all Vets would have. So easy to talk to made me feel so at ease. He made me feel like he really cared. He even gave me his card with his extension on it and told to call him anytime. I have had leakage all these yrs and he set me up an appointment with a outside the VA doctor about a cure for it. I am self educated about the VA. Since my being denied. I have read so much on the ins and outs of the system. I thank God for people like you that pass along the experience that you have had to help make the path better for others. In my case I do not know what what is the best way yet. I really like your opinion and what you would suggest I do. Thank you so much
  17. What I received from the VA was dated September 9 2019 with Service connection for Prostate Cancer remains denied. It had on Rating Decision 09/03/2019. I read in my medical report that there was a question that had Agent Orange exposure? My urologist answered YES. In my opinion the VA is not during anything for Blue Water Veterans until after the stay is lifted on January 1 2020 even Veterans who already had claims in. I think that is why the VA keeps denying my claim for now.
  18. I would think the CUE in my case and every other Blue Water sailor who submitted a claim before the Circuit Court of Appeals case of Procopoi vs Wilkie was that the VA was interpreting the law wrong as they were only including Veterans with boots on ground or those who served in the waterways of Republic of Vietnam. The court found that Congress clearly intended that the presumption of exposure applied to those who served in the territorial seas of the Republic of Vietnam. Agent Orange is presumed by the VA to have caused certain diseases in veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam with Prostate Cancer being one those diseases.
  19. Yes I received and returned a 5103. The VFW submitted tinnitus hearing loss hypertension and prostate cancer all on one claim. I got two different rulings. One had on was just for Prostate Cancer and the other one on tinnitus which was granted but hearing loss and hypertension was denied because they said were not device connected. Most all decisions on my Prostate Cancer claim were things I submitted in 2010 and the new blue water law was all things denied. They said The required service in Vietnam is not shown nor is there evidence of exposure to herbicides during military service. The VFW filed my appeal on Va form 10182 and check 11B that says Evidence Submission Reviewed by Veterans Law Judge I have additional evidence in my support of my appeal that I will provide in the next 90 days. It will not move from there until December 24. I do not feel we should have gone that way. It will take too long for a decision. I believe another supplemental claim with new evidence would have been a better way. I guess there is no way to do it different now. I will have keep sending new evidence I come up until it moves on. Any opinions you have would be appreciated. Thanks for trying to help God bless
  20. In 2010 I came down with Prostate Cancer and had my Prostate removed. I filed for va disability and was denied due to being a blue water sailor. Since filing in 2010 I have had problems associated with my Prostate removal. I put in Supplemental claims that were denied. Right now I have an appeal before the Board of Veterans. I received a letter from VA that was on 10% rating for tinnitus that moved me up to priority group three that also stated Determined to be a Vietnam-era herbicide-exposed Veteran which I sent into the Board of Appeals. I think I found in the USS Mount Katmai deck logs on January 10 and February 13 1970 that our ship was less 12 nautical miles off coast of Vietnam. I guess now it is a waiting game with the VA. I really do not see how they can deny my claim now. WHAt is your opinion? Thanks for your help
  21. I need help to determine if the USS Mount Katmai AE16 was within 12 nautical miles of Vietnam from 1969 to 1973. I know we saw land of Vietnam numerous of times.
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