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  1. I've got a question concerning my ratings code sheet. The info enclosed below is depicted on all three of my Ratings Code Sheet (Original - 2013; IU - 2019 & PTSD RFE 2020). Does this mean that I'm service-connected for Sinusitis at 0% or is this just a VARO mistake (maybe a CUE)? Is there any additional action that I should or could take? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey y'all. I got an update on this... At 8:06AM I received a phone call from my local area VAMC Compensation & Pension office informing me that the C&P Examiner was CANCELLING my 11/16/2020 Review PTSD C&P Exam appointment (via VideoConnect) today due to the fact of me having a recent Review PTSD C&P Exam on 11/10/2020 done by LHI. I told him that I wanted something in writing from the VA regarding this cancellation and it MUST include "why" this C&P Exam was cancelled. I stayed on the line with him until I got an email stipulating this. I can't help but feel that
  3. @Broncovet I appreciate your empowering words and I will do just as you suggested. My IU is based on both my 70% PTSD and 10% Hiatel Hernia (VA also interchanges this with GERD). Although I felt like I got the "bait and switch" during the 11/10/2020 PTSD C&P Exam, I mustered through it. I intend on doing the 11/16/2020 PTSD C&P Exam (Review) via VideoConnect. The VA won't be able to hold it against me for not showing up to either PTSD Exam. My main concern was that the VA would try to make me look like a liar by backtracking covering their own butts.
  4. I warn y'all that there's a lotta dates on this one but by the end hopefully y'all understand once I'm done. I have duplicate PTSD C&P Exams scheduled for 11/10/2020 (which I just had) and 11/16/2020. The C&P Exam on 11/10 indicated it was an "Initial PTSD" as that's what the paperwork indicated when I got it from LHI. The upcoming C&P Exam on 11/16/2020 is being done by the VA via VideoConnect. I initially contacted LHI and asked them if they would clarify/verify the PTSD Exam (whether Initial or Review). I literally found out on the day of the 11/10 PTSD would be a "Review Exam"
  5. Thank you all for your help and recommendations. Trust and believe that I'm going to follow up on all of these. I'll keep you posted!
  6. I was recently granted IU back in September 2019. I was trying to see if I was also P&T because of my award letter referenced CHAMPVA & Chapter 35 -- but it did not say that I was granted it (see info enclosed below). My award letter also did not mention a future C&P exam either. On eBenefits there is no Commissary Letter or Chapter 35 Letter under Letter Generator. I recently went to a local military base to get my Tan ID card in which the Expiration Date shows "INDEF" and the STATUS/Grade box reflects "DAVPRM". I would like to get y'alls thoughts about this. Thanks!
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