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  1. As everyone has stated above, it doesn't look bad. It appears more an "administrative" error. At some point, the VA just failed to attempt to get a portion or your records, whether that is STR's, private docs or even LAY STATEMENTS. Side note: even under other circumstances, lack of STR's for an issues is never a deal breaker. Could it be a little more challenging? Yes. However, it is not a deal breaker. My own experience, so far, can attest to that. My current claim appears to be stating that my issues will be presumptive and that is directly due to lay/buddy statements. If you coul
  2. If it were me I might email back and explain that I understood that but, if possible, you would like to have that "corrected on the record/his notes". The statement, while not meaning to minimize the issue, that language may be taken out of context by the VA and possibly lead to a reduction of benefits. The fact that you got a response in email means you now have "counter weight" evidence. I feel that his response itself could serve helpful in any review as it at least provides some sort of contextual sense of what he meant. It isn't the best but it is something. I would likely send anoth
  3. Berta, great post! Id like to offer a couple buddy statements I used in my claims as an example. The redacted info I will explain in the post itself here. The first is from a former NCO I had. It is a good example of a buddy statement you described in your post. The bottom redacted info lists all as you said. It identifies the individual by name, address, phone number, and email. It also describes the who, what, where, how and why of the event in the narrative. The second is from my father. So, it is differently formatted than the VA form 4138. However, we included the
  4. I fully understand that, no worries. Takes me awhile a lot of the times to send off a solid, coherent post on here LOL. Anxiety sucks..
  5. I am not the most versed here by any means but I have found the info from this source to be pretty solid. Have a look at these, maybe they can help? I'll provide link too. http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.org/kneeandleg.html#limo
  6. It can be as confusing as it would like but as long as it means what I think it does? I am also very curious as to why one on my contentions is missing also. Had a MH claim under that same HLR but saw nothing about it
  7. Lmao! Yes it is odd. The High level reviewer would have been the rater on this decision. However, with the DTA error, they sent it back to VARO for another exam. They want an opinion on secondary condition due to my SC knee. Hopefully it will get more clarifying after this new exam. I'll also contact my rep Monday and see what they say.
  8. Bronco, this was just a decision they made on the HLR but it had an error and the HLR sent it back to VARO for another exam. That much I do know. But I am a little confused as you are with how they worded things.
  9. I will upload this to the HLR timeline post I have but also wanted to get some input. Looks like my supplemental claim about the lack of secondary opinion helped get me new CP exam as this is what the error was in my claim, apparently. It seems like they may back date the EED also to my ETS, at least that's how it seems to read? Any input is appreciated. HLR Decision - Error Correction_Redacted.pdf
  10. I am posting my timeline of my claim in hopes it helps others along with theirs in some way. I believe others have done this, including @broncovet and I always felt it was helpful. Here we go.. ITF on 9SEPT2018 for back and neck issues. FDC filed 4SEPT2019 for back and neck issues. First Denial of claim for back and neck issues on 13SEPT2019 - Denial based on the lack of nexus to service connection but did have DX. Supplemental Claim filed 16OCT2019 for the back and neck claim denial. Filed my own statement plus multiple buddy statements to support an event in servic
  11. Going to post a full fledged timeline of my claim and HLR in a new post. Hopefully it will help others and put the process into a better picture.
  12. So, this may have not been accurate either LOL. I checked my Va.gov this morning and noticed my HLR is showing CLOSED as of 27NOV2020. No other details, probably will need to just wait for a decision letter or maybe they'll hold the letter until the TDIU claim is finished? Not fully sure what is happening at this point but it looks like progress so I will think positive! Correction**** I now see the error of my interpretation from my attorneys document. I believe my attorney had simply asked that "a request for total disability evaluation based on individual unemployability part and parce
  13. I received my CFile. I now see what the hold up is on my HLR. It was how my attorney is handling the two claims I have. Looks like he asked for the VA to adjudicate both my HLR and the TDIU claim I have together. I assume this was done to get them to also include my neck and back issues with my TDIU claim as I do not have them SC which is why the HLR is in to begin with. It will make more sense to read it. Here is a quick redacted snippet of my filing.
  14. I have a VA approved attorney (Rep for Vets, Harry Binder) out of Florida. In my experience, and it sounds similar to others, it can be difficult to get in touch with your paralegal that assists just due to their workload. My attorney can access my claims file from their computer from what I understand. As far as them giving you a a copy, I don't know if they can do that electronically. I believe they'd have to request it just they same. The attorney should work your case if they have a stake in it (usually 20% of retro). The best way to expedite your claim is to timely return any
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