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  1. I am very confused. I have a NP as a PCP. I also see a NP most of the time when I can't see my Spine DR. I am having my Spine NP write an IMO because the DR refuses. I was told by a DAV rep that I should not have a NP write the letter even though she is experienced with nerve and spinal conditions. He said the VA will give it as much weight as if I wrote it... Any ideas?
  2. Hello again, I just received my letter for my supplemental claim for Acid Reflex/GERD and it was denied. When I started this claim, I initially tried to link asthma medications to Acid Reflex/GERD. I had an IMO form my PCP. That was shot down and eventually I was denied because the VA had 2 negative opinions, one from the C&P examiner (who wasn't a specialist) and a DR. who was tasked to clarify on the claim. After I received the denial the first time, I filed a Supplemental claim. In this supplemental claim I stated that I believe that my Acid Reflex/GERD could be a combination of medications I take for service connected disabilities (An IMO was provided) I.E.: Lorazepan (anti-anxiety), Flovent (cortecosteroid), Albuterol (Beta-2 antagonist), Long term use of NSAIDS for Migraines, Ketorolac (Potent NSAID) etc. I also mentioned I was deployed to the Gulf of Aden on a West-PAC Marine expeditionary Unit, I told them I was on the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), which I was. The reasons for their denial: They found I was in East Timor when on deployment and not in the Gulf of Aden (this was only one stop, we ended up in the Gulf Of Aden and DJibouti) they also did not acknowledge that I was on the USS bonhomme richard, they said they could not find evidence. They acknowledged I was in the Gulf. They said no evidence shows the disability is related to a service connected disability, nor that it was claimed while in service (which it was not). Remarks: The VA did not take into account that I had said that my GERD was caused by the many medications I take for service connected disabilities which caused my my GERD. They kept it as I was trying to Service connect my GERD to my Asthma medications like before in the original claim which I was not. They also claimed I did not serve in the Gulf of Aden but confirmed that I was in the Gulf. Here is the letter that my PCP wrote for this supplemental: I am writing on behalf of RONNIE REDACTED, born on 04/03/88 who is under my medical care. I have been asked to write a statement in support of the veterans claim. I have reviewed Mr. Jaques medical history and noted the circumstances and events of his military service, which include his service-connected asthma and migraine headaches. Mr. Jaques has been my patient since July 2019. Per the patients verbal report he has been diagnosed at the VA with moderate persistent asthma, migraine headaches and PTSD. Mr. REDACTED suffers from symptoms of heartburn, dysphagia and indigestion frequently while taking asthma medications Flovent, Albuterol and multiple rounds of prednisone for asthma exacerbations which increases his symptoms. My Patient has also used ibuprofen and ketorolac to control his service-connected migraine headaches for several years. Based on the above it is at least as likely as not that Mr. REDACTED symptoms of Acid reflex (GERD) is a result combination of the long-term use of asthma medications and long-term use of NSAlDs. It is known from literature that beta 2 antagonists such as Albuterol have a relaxing effect on the Lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which contribute to Acid Reflex/GERD symptoms. Long-term use of NSAlDs has also been shown to irritate the lining of the esophagus causing symptoms of acid reflex/GERD. Where do I go from here? Do I file another Supplemental? Do I need more information? what would be my easiest route? Thank you.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew veteran friendly DRs in Arizona, as a PCP or those who do Evaluations and IMOs? I am aware of DR. Anaise, but I don't have the money to pay for an IMO and he does not do physical evaluations. I am looking more for a PCP (I have tricare prime).
  4. So I meet criteria # 1 ( 2 incidents with stomach issues). Does number 2 have to be diagnosed by my PCP, cause I also have that. How Would I go about with #3? An example would be good.
  5. Hello, My question is, How do I go about getting my IBS service connected? I just went through my SMR and found that in 2009 I was experiencing "Fever, chills, and the inability to hold down food" after Eating. My wife prepared food and I ate, felt sick and vomited for hours. Mind you, none of my family got sick. Then when I was on Deployment to the Gulf (USS Bonhomme Richard LH-6) I had Acute Gastroenteritis (thats whats labeled on the paper) after departing from Thailand a month prior, we ended up in the Gulf Of Aden. Then in 2015 when I had already got out, I had a stomach issue which resulted in me being constipated and bloated for 2 months which is documented in a Private Medical file from my old PCP. Ever since the issue on Deployment I have suffered with gas, pain, and bloating which also causes Acid Reflex/ Gerd (which the VA denied me for). That is all the records I have. Where do I go from here? Thank you.
  6. The Spine Specialist has agreed that my Sciatica is indeed connected to my L5-S1 narrowing and which is putting pressure on the nerves. She has said she will state that my sciatica on both legs is "more likely than not" due to my Spinal Stenosis (narrowing of spine and disc deterioration). My lower back injury is service connected at 10%, if she says my sciatica issues are the caused due to my lower back injury, is that enough or does she need to say "service connected" as the VA already knows about my service connected lower back.? thank you.
  7. What I meant was, I spoke to "Peggy" today and she told me a packet is on the way, kinda hinted it was denied and ebenefits shows nothing. I also mentioned I called last week and they said it was back in the developmental phase, which is quick because they went from Developmental phase, to decision, back to developmental phase to completion within a week. In refernce to my back, when you say "a new effective date" do you mean that the date will be when the new claim was filed? and what is the problem with that? Thank you!
  8. WHo do you suggest I speak to? in terms of Lawyers, I think they did what you just said, the guy on the Phone (VA) kinda hinted to me my claim was denied, even after everything was in my favor... Man, I never had trouble with claims back in washignton state, as soon as I moved to Arizona, DENIED DENIED DENIED!.
  9. Ok, So I called the VA regarding my Supplemental Claim for Acid Reflex secondary to Multiple medications for Multiple service connected disabilities. As I spoke to the gentleman on the phone, we got along and talked about infantry stuff etc. After our chit chat, he told me my claim was finished and a decision was made as of today. He said a packet would be out tomorrow. I said "well, usually I see something on Ebenefits, so I guess its not a good decision", he said "legally I cannot tell you anything because you don't have the packet, but if you disagree with it you can always appeal". I took that as, I was denied, even after All the information from my PMC, a note from a specialist and a positive phone exam from a Dr.. I called the VA last week and they said my claim was pushed back to the developmental phase because they wanted a opinion from another DR. At that time I figured they were trying to deny me. So, what is my next step in this process? Do I go straight to BVA? Last question, I just had an MRI for my Lower back, turns out I have Spinal Stenosis (narrowing of the spine) which is causing pain everyday and incapacitation episodes every few months (I am service connected for Lumbar degenerative disc disease 10%). I believe I rate an increase so should I go the supplemental claim route? Also, Back in 2014 I was trying to get my Sciatica service connected due to my back, well I was denied as the examiner said it wasn't service connected, I was dumb and younger and didn't really bring info or disagree with the decision. My Specialist for my Back says it is related to my L5s1 injury which is already service connected and she is writing me a letter, Do I also do a supplemental claim on that? thank you, I know its alot.
  10. Make sense, Well I guess I'll know soon enough, I have 3 other things that need upgrading in terms of service connected disabilities, so its only a matter of time for me to rate 100% (i am at 94%)
  11. Hello, I have been persuing a VA claim for over a year now in regards to Acid Reflex/GERD. I was medically retired from the Marine Corps for Asthma (30%). When I filled this claim, I was trying to Service connect Acid reflex/GERD to ASthma medications. I had a my private NP-C write a letter and added some information that shows connection between my meds and Acid Reflex. I then saw a VA P.A. for an examination. She wrote against me and the VA followed up with a second opinion from a DR at the VA. When I received this decision, I filed a supplemental claim. I had my private NP-C write a stronger letter with more substance to back up my claim. I also had my Asthma specialist DR write a quick note stating my inhaler "may" cause Acid reflex symptoms (I tried to get a substantial letter but he refused). I also typed a letter stating that I do not know (this is why I did a supplemental) if the asthma meds were the only thing causing my acid reflex/GERD. I stated that I also use Lorazepam for PTSD (service connected), I take Acid reflex medication prescribed from the VA, and I have been taking NSAIDS long term for service connected Cervical neck strain/Migraines. I also stated these symptoms manifested during my Sea service deployment to the gulf of Aden. At that time, I was prescribed Advair for asthma and still deployed. I basically connlcuded with, I believe it may be a combination of these medications that have contributed to AcidReflex/GERD. So, for the second part. I was ordered to see (I spoke on the phone due to COVID-19) with a DR. from Veteran Examination Services. The DR. asked me some straight forward questions then after 5-10 minutes said "I think I heard enough, I have reviewed your letter and I have all the info I need" (he seemed very nice and attentive). Two weeks later, I call the VA and they say that they received the examination notes but my claim was sent back to gathering info because they are going to ask another DR due make an opinion. This happened last time, so I am a bit worried they are trying to find a way of denying me again...Anyone have experience with something like this? Thank you!
  12. Can someone point me in the right direction when it comes to medical literature or any information linking Acid reflex/ GERD to long-term NSAID usage? I am doing a supplemental to a denied secondary service claim for GERD and I'm trying to make sure my letter and my Doctors IMO are on point. Thank you! I also take Albuterol and Prednisone, and Lorazepam (Anti-anxiety) so if you have information on those, I would appreciate it. I am also doing my own research.
  13. Cause the claim started out as Acid Reflex/GERD secondary to Asthma, that was the title but I said Asthma Meds, now Im saying it could be something from Gulf War syndrome..
  14. Well, I dunno what to do next. I'm thinking I should do a supplemental claim to clarify things and add lay evidence. Like I said, I'm not sure if I should say that I believe it is my meds and or something that developed after deployment (OEF). I know I meet the presumptive conditions its all there. Some people say I should do a supplement claim others say go to appeals...I was hoping appeals would be my last resort. Can you see the cluster I'm in? lol. Thanks for the responses Shrek!
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