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  1. I was rated at 20% for Multiple torn minuscule on both knees somehow they only rated the right one. Since then I had a partial knee replacement in 2016 and a full in 2017. From that surgery I was left with perineal nerve damage and cannot straighten out or flex my knee past 55%. I also learned that I need another surgery to replace my floating kneecap. If that was not enough I also was diagnosed with CRPS. I was told by an very reputable outside Dr that I will never get my motion back. I had fallen two months after my recovery, and herniated my L4-L5 Disc. I went to the VA and had an MRI and was told that no further action was needed even though I questioned the part that stated L4-L5 disc is bulging towards the faucet thus pinching the nerves. I keep on questioning this and symptoms on back and hip pain along with groin pain and bladder and bowel issues. Finally after months of being passed around I was listened to. By the Dr. that I kept on questioning. He acted like it was the first time I saw him. And replied yeah I’d say someone missed this. That is when I demanded to be seen downtown. After all this and the VA giving my a grant to do my shower, Providing me with both a power and a standard wheelchair, a stair glider and a ramp. Comp and Pen still are denying me an increase for my knee. HELP! I am already at 100% permanent and total. I already have the 20% I am asking for another 40% lower extremity so that I can get hand held controls. Thanks, JW
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