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  1. I am a little bamboozled. I have had many of c&p exams especially for my back pain. I do not recall having my vitals taken nor do I see vital reading on my DBQ. Is this something new?
  2. Did you file an appeal? Usually when a decision is made, they state that they have reviewed all medical files. In your case, you have stated that they did not law with your c&p exam. Look carefully at your decision letter in the evidence section.
  3. Not sure of her organization. I have not used this person but one of my buddies have just recently used her and he went from 90 to 100 p&t. Her name is Carmella George.
  4. No hearing, no nothing. I had called Peggy and of course she could not give me an answer. She did tell me that it was still open.
  5. Mine appeal was moving fast just like that. it went to judge in august 2018, as of today, the judge is still reviewing. Hopefully that your keep moving faster.
  6. I am not to sure about this but I do think on the DBQ for back, there is a question for radiculopathy. If the examiner fail to answer that correctly, and it was in your in records, they have failed to go through your records. Thats why it is important to get a copy of your C&P exam and study it. New and material evidence, you may not have new evidence but material evidence is probably that you had but va did not list it in the evidence section so therefore they did not got through your records it it was in your file since 2016. That should be good enough for material evidence I would think. Maybe you should do a supplemental claim, write a statement of support as to why you disagree. IMO
  7. That email is obsolete. She must have retired or something.
  8. I agree with broken. have obtain a lawyer in 2018, Oct 2020, my lawyer had just gotten my file and the reason why is because she had to apply, get a background check, and finally was granted to access VA files. Just depends.
  9. Congrats to your retirement and you are one of the few to get out with 90%. I only got 10 when I had retired. My question is, when you filed your claim for your back, did you file for sciatica and radiculopathy? Are you still in that 1 year window for an appeal? Did the C&P examiner use the Goniometer? The reason why I am asking is because looks like you have only been rated for the range of motion. If you are within that 1 year for the appeal and have new and material evidence, you might want to challenge it. You need to get a copy of that C&P exam and study it very well. Same for your decision letter and pay attention to the evidence part. Now if you are out of that 1 year period, I would file for and increase for the lumbar, then claim sciatica as secondary. Another question, why didn't you file for a mental issue? In your 20 years of service did you deploy? Do your service connected disabilities cause you depression and anxiety? Do your service connected disabilities cause you to lose sleep because of the pain? Others feel free to chime in. V/R
  10. I just love to see vets success stories. Congrats to you USMC_Vet. The only thing that I hate to see is that vets have to wait so long to fight and win the battle. As Vets, we want things to happen and happen now. The VA do not see it that way. I am in the same situation as you usmc, but my problem is trying to get things service connected, then I can go from there. My hat is off to you and I salute you and all of the members such as Tbird, GB Army, Broncovet, Broken Soldier, Berta and all of the other long term members on Hadit that guided us in the right direction.
  11. Sounds like what I am going through. Congrats
  12. Just be careful. VA will probably say that its by weight gain, therefor not service connected. But if the reason that you have gained weight, maybe its because of your service connected disability. Get my drift? The VA duty is try to deny. Keep Fighting.
  13. I have read your sleep disturbance from Detroit. What kind of credential does Detroit have? I am asking because I have lived in the area and have been to John Dingall. You need to try better than Detroit. If not, denial all over your face. you probably had Elaine Kountanis
  14. Broken soldier is absolutely correct. Tinnitus is an auditory nerve issue. Insomnia can be connected to a mental issue such a ptsd. I am not claiming to be a doctor but I was declined for trying the same claim and a neuro dr. had a good rational is to why tinnitus does not connect the dots. If you don't have a claim for mh issues, you may be able to claim insomnia as secondary to your service connected conditions that causes pain while you are trying to sleep. But it must be in your VA medical notes about sleep and you can state that you take otc sleep meds but it may be better if the VA had prescribed tremodol or some type of sleep meds. Also may be good to take a sleep study test to prove some type of sleep disturbance. I have been there, done it.
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