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  1. Attached is the DBQ for the last knee exam. I just don't understand why the pa's job is assist to deny. It is redacted. KNEE DBQ.pdf
  2. I agree with Fat. I had tried to get migraines secondary to PTSD. The examiners opined that PTDS does not cause migraines. Could be the same in your case. Are you taking meds for PTSD or any other med for your service connected disabilities? Does the meds side effect causes weight gain? Does weight gain causes sleep apnea? I would look at the meds and like members in the group say, try to get an Imo/ime.
  3. Well, I guess that this is another way for VA to make claims harder for Vets. Been stated, bring a DBQ to your private doc to see if he can fill it out, but VA wants to take it off the website. Go figure.
  4. I do agree as well. The problem is that most VA Docs say that they can not do a DBQ which is a false statement. I usually try to trap them by messaging questions on myhealthevet.
  5. I do agree with you on that one. I haven't heard of anyone losing their job either. My hat off to you for staying in the fight. This is my first time going up to the top and uncertain as how to go about it but I am going. No matter what the outcome will be.
  6. you got lucky on that one. Congrats on hanging on to the fight.
  7. Its a shame that Vets have to go through this much trouble. On top of that, spending out of pocket expenses just to get service connected. I know. I have spent over 10 grand out of pocket on Private Dr. I have been trying to get my back and neck service connected as well for years but of course the denial. I do have a disability lawyer fighting that one right now. Looks like I am going to have to go that route with knees as well. As far a doctor doing an IMO/IME, all of the private docs that I have been to refuses to write them for some odd reason then I hear people stating call people like Dr. Bash etc. So what I don't understand is why do I have to spend to much money and still may get denied and now have to wait for years for an appeal. Its all about the money and not taking care of the vets that had made a sacrifice for their country.
  8. Thank you so much Berta. This is some great info that you all are providing for me.
  9. By reading and learning on the Hadit site and great members like you, I did learn to check the criteria of the C&P examiner. However, on the last claim that I had submitted was a secondary claim due to flat feet. That particular examiner (MD) had 15 years with VA and 30 years as a Dr. She did recognize that I did have problems but did not think that the flatfeet caused it. I do agree with you. Was she an expert in that field? I don't know.
  10. Thanks BroncoVet. Great advice and a great help. Will try to answer your questions in order. 1. You have a "negative" nexus. The decision states that the examiner opined it was "less likely than not caused by service". This is fatal to a claim "unless" you can get another FAVORABLE medical opinion. I suggest you check your medical record(s) and see: Was the decision accurate, and did the examiner opine this was less likely than not caused by service? This is from my latest DBQ Verbatim: Examiner Medical Opinion: It is the opinion that the Veteran does have bilateral knee conditions that are less than likely than not proximately due to or the result of bilateral pes planus and plantar fasciitis. The Veteran has specific diagnosis for the left knee, as mentioned and the right knee has a dx of recurrent strain. From the history these are related to specific injuries in service and not to the bil pes planus and plantar fasciitis. The Red Bold looks like a Nexus to me. The last examiner was a MD the the previous ones were Nurse practitioners.
  11. Great question Pete. I did not appeal at all in the past. Wasn't familiar at all with the VA system until around 2017. But I had it so yes this time, I am going to appeal it. I have been studying all of my decision letters for my knees and I see lots of errors and false statements. I am unsure as to should I do a supplemental claim again and point out all of the inconsistencies on a statement of support of claim or should I just do a HLR and see what the outcome will be from HLR.
  12. Yeah that statement is so true Deedub but thats how the new system is making it a longer process. Imo, I think you are going about it the right way by doing a supplemental claim with new evidence, if thats denied then go HLR I think.
  13. I have been trying for years to get my knees serviced connected but I still get the bid "D" some maybe someone that has had the same experience can guide me to the light. Applied for bilateral knee condition in 2009. Denied. No permanent residual or Chronic disability. Filed again 2012, same thing, as well as 17, 18. 2019 I filed different. Filed secondary to my bilateral flat feet. Had all new evidence, MRI, even a DBQ from my personal Doc. Guess what. The big D. I opened up a supplemental claim with new evidence. Got the D again. What am I doing wrong Here? Knee Decision.pdf
  14. I do agree with you Pete992. Sometimes this works but other times, it does not. Depends who is reviewing your claim. I have done what you just stated and got denied. I did have my personal Doc evaluate me, did a dbq and also reviewed my c-file. VA denied it saying that my Doc did not review my SMR. Just depends. All I must say, don't ever give up. Try everything that you can but don't give up and big rewards will come.
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