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  1. Recently attended a c&p exam for mental health. Had already submitted DBQ that my VA psychiatrist wrote up along with sworn statement from my wife and employer letter from my last employer 3 years ago. First question was followed by a statement from my examiner: Are you now or have you recently had suicidal thoughts or ideations? Before you answer yes to this question you need to know that I will have to stop this interview here and have you hospitalized immediately. I really felt like this was like a threat that if I answer yes to her question the c&p exam would be over and i would be
  2. I am currently rated at 50% for major depression with anxiety. When I submitted my claim I included strong DBQ from my VA Psychiatrist, a notarized Sworn Statement from my wife and a statement from my last employer from 3 years ago. I attended my C&P exam a week ago and was actually not having the best day. First question from the examiner was, "Have you had any suicidal thoughts in the last several days" but before I had a chance to answer her she warned me that if i say yes she would have to stop the interview and have me admitted to the hospital. Next question was, "Are you able to ha
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