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  1. Hello, I am currently rated at 90% with a 50% rating for MDD. I have a remand for increase dated back to 2015. I just recently had a telehealth C&P exam for this increase. I feel like it went very well. It lasted over an hour with a civilian provider. I was very surprised because at the end of the exam she told me, "I truly feel like you deserve an increase for your mental health." Does that seem like a positive sign? I wouldn't think that a provider would say that, especially in a C&P exam. Also, if my appeal was remanded back to 2015 when I was 80% and I get an increase that raises me to a higher rating of 90% or even 100%, will I be entitled to back pay for the difference from 2015 to present? Thank you all for your service and I hope you guys can help give me some guidance on these questions. Stephen
  2. Has anyone had any experience with the Dept of Debt management taking retroactive payments? I recently had $8000+ intercepted for a dependency debt that I did not owe.
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