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  1. If it helps, I was just honest. But more importantly, I made sure I knew what all my stressors were beforehand and succinctly gave my story to how it has affected me to this day. Good luck!
  2. Thanks, shrekthetank1. I will continue to fight it. I was denied quite a few years ago, so I'm outside the one-year appeal. Got to get myself to the docs to get my new evidence ready.
  3. Thanks again for everyone's help. I was service connected for PTSD, but deferred on a few other items. If the other items are approved, but lower than I think they should be I might appeal. But if I appeal, will my whole case (including the PTSD claim) be reviewed again? Or just the one I might specifically appeal? Also, I had a claim from a few years back get denied. But I feel I have new evidence that might win my case? If I ask the VA to reconsider my old claim, will they also review my newly awarded service connected disabilities? I guess I don't want to poke the bear and am wondering what triggers a review of currently awarded conditions. Maybe I should just be grateful the VA granted me the things they did. Thank you.
  4. Valhalla0321, sorry to know about what you have to go through.
  5. Thanks, Buck52. I hope so. Can't imaging paying out of pocket for care for some of the other issues (non-PTSD) I have. Thank you.
  6. broncovet...great advice. Not sure if I qualify as a combat vet. MOS is a desk job, but spent most of my deployment providing driving skills and security on the mean streets of Iraq.
  7. Berta...Ma'am, thank you for the response. I appreciate you letting me know and for making this a great community to share information. Thank you!
  8. Thank you, broncovet. I am not being treated for PTSD nor am I taking medications. I plan to go to the VA and get checked out. Appreciate your guidance and response.
  9. Sorry to bother everyone, but I have a few questions about the claims process. Has anyone ever been approved for PTSD or another mental health disorder without first getting a diagnosis? I recently filed for PTSD and anxiety and had a C&P exam. The C&P examiner said I had symptoms of PTSD. Does her filling out the DBQ suffice for a diagnosis? Or am I probably going to get denied? If I get denied, should I go to the VA and then get an official diagnosis? Apologies if these are rookie questions. Thank you for the help.
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