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  1. I'm currently service connected at 70% for PTSD with alcohol use disorder and situational specific phobia. I also have a 50% rating for cirrhosis with hepatitis and alcoholic gastritis. During my claim, I listed PTSD as the disability that makes me unemployable but I was under the impression that VA would consider the combined affects of all disabilities. Is this not the case? If anyone has advise on how I should proceed, that would be wonderful. Based on the symptoms listed in the my award letter, is it even worthwhile to appeal?
  2. Nevermind. I just saw other your post in the e-bennies forum.
  3. Yes it was an electronic filing and yes, it was for PTSD. The original claim C&P and the IU C&P were both conducted by a VA doctor or a VA contractor. Today my claim is showing as closed. There's no change in my benefits letters so I'm bracing myself for a denial. I just find it odd though, because the M21-1 makes it seems like it's mandatory to request the form, except for the exemptions listed below. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the manual but thanks for the information that you've provided.
  4. I submitted a requested for individual unemployability on 7/26/2020. I have 2 service connected disabilities (one at 70%, the other at 50%). I listed the 70% disability as the one making me unemployable. I attended my C&P exam on Monday, 8/10/2020 and as of yesterday, my claim was in the "Gathering of Evidence Stage." This morning my claim was in "Preparation for Decision" and it is now in "Pending Decision Approval." I did not submit the VA Form 21-4192 Request for Employment Information form with my claim. I called Peggy today and they said that they did not see where the VA had req
  5. Hello Buck52, Now I'm getting a listed confused. When I was referring to a previous post, I actually meant the first message in this exact thread. This is the only thread I've opened on this matter. I'm not really sure why we're seeing different things. Regardless, thank you for your input. I'm not intending to cause any confusion.
  6. Hello, I'm currently rated 50% for PTSD with specific phobia and alcohol use disorder. I already have all 3 elements and service connection. That claim was closed in June 2019 but I am trying to decide whether or not to appeal for a higher rating. I attached a copy of the rating decision with my first post. Is that not visible? If it isn't, I can re-upload if necessary. Also, I submitted a second post with additional information in response to broncovet's questions. However, I think the post is still pending approval by a mod. If there is any additional info that you need from me, I
  7. I'm not currently working. At my last company, I was working in the same department for almost 10 years with no issues until a new manager was hired. Me and this manager frequently clashed and eventually, I had to leave. I was counseled by her both alone and with HR involved. I eventually quit voluntarily to avoid the inevitable termination. I did not have an issue with missed work because I was the next senior person in the office and I was needed to make sure the office was running smoothly. That was a big part of my issue with her because I felt like I was doing both my job and her job and
  8. Hello all, I was wondering if you would consider my rating of 50 percent to be fair, based on the listed symptoms. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I'm currently service connected for PTSD with specific phobia and alcohol use disorder at 50 percent. I also have a diagnosis of alcoholic cirrhosis. I recently requested service connection for the cirrhosis and some secondary conditions that were caused by the cirrhosis. All claims were rejected as non service-connected. My understanding was that the cirrhosis should be service connected since the alcohol use was related to my PTSD diagnosis. Below I've listed excerpts from my PTSD C&P exam and my claim denial letter. Please let me know if this claim should be service-con
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