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  1. Wow! Thank you. I looked up the nearest and I work 15 minutes away from it. I will go 1st thing tomorrow. I greatly appreciate that info.
  2. Sorry I meant to ask what the “C” I’m cfile meant. I’ve been on ebenefits for a while and haven’t been able to find where I would request such a document. Thanks again for all the information
  3. I do appreciate your testimony it does give me hope. I’m more determined to see this through knowing I am not the only one.
  4. This is great information thank you both. I did not know I could start the process online. Which I am logged in to do so now. I have issues with a few discs which is what I discovered with my out of pocket xrays and last I went to the VA was diagnosed with back arthritis. I am not sure how I would determine what my percentage would/should be. I was also told because I had a surgery (which turned into 2 because the surgery was done improperly the 1st time) that should have also been a rating. What if there is information missing from my files?
  5. Hello, Quick background; I injured my back severely in Kuwait in 2013(I was 22) no proper medical exam or treatment at the peek of the injury just pumped full of pain meds. Once back in the states it still took months before Someone decided I actually needed an xray just to be told I was fine. There were times where I’d experience temporary paralysis below the waist, daily pain levels above 5, numbness, pinching and burning sensations in lower back and to be told nothing was wrong made me want to give up and suffer in silence because no1 seem to take me serious. However the pain was so intense I found myself in the ER sometimes twice a week with strange knots in my back that were shrugged off as muscle spasms and just given more pain meds. I was given a 10% rating after separating in 2014. I didn’t know what that meant or why. Almost 7yrs later the pain is worse back and forth with the VA with treatment that either aggravates or just doesn’t work and I recently discovered that I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain BUT it stated it didn’t come from work. I couldn’t believe it. I now live in MD near DC and although terribly discouraged feel I need to fight what seems to be a system that hasn’t cared for me properly since day 1 and appeal. The question is. IS IT WORTH IT? I paid out of pocket for X-rays and made some discoveries about my back that make much more since than what the VA tells me. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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