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  1. Granted Remand by VLJ in July 2018 but needed a C & P which was done in March 2019.....still standing by.
  2. Filed originally in 1994, denied...and to be honest I swore at the time never to darken the VA clinic again...and didn't until years later...Anyway the VLJ referenced this claim and my failure to appeal with the law so it's over..however he did reopen my back claim I requested in 2011 due to new evidence.
  3. I feel the last DBQ exam which was done by a civilian (contract) was fair and just, she answer the DBQ questions very well and even put in I was not able to work. Don't think a IME would help. She even provided the nexus if I understand it correctly. My place was saved in the appeal list if the remand is unfavorable they said it goes back to bva automatically I'm # 29,000 something lol.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. Appeal was filed years ago, denied and then went before a VLJ and they ordered the remand in 2018, I did get a copy of the DBQ exam which was done in March 2019...Was extremely favorable for lower back and both legs-examiner stated more likely than not caused by military service. Yes they completely ignored my MOS and Jump status during the first exam years ago and the VA examiner misrepresented the results of the exam which I noted in my letter to the board .
  5. Thanks broncovet, update: called Peggy back in last month and was told remand was with vsr ? has all necessary info and will go next to sro. Sent ISIS email requesting update and location of appeal : received reply dated 03/02/2020, Your Remanded appeal with Date of Claim 7/19/2018 is currently being worked out of the Phoenix Regional office. Your appeal is with a claims developer as we speak. Sent ISIS another email asking why the appeal went from AMC to Phoenix : got the following reply 03/03/2020.The Board of Veteran Appeals issued a decision and remand order on July 19, 2018, which is currently Ready for Decision and assigned to the Seattle Regional Office pending review..... Not real clear here where it is or what they mean by ready for decision....can anyone clear this up for me?
  6. Thanks for advice. I have no special circumstances that would expedite the remand. Called yesterday and was told awaiting decision. Guess the wait won't be longer than it has been so far(sense of humor necessary...).
  7. Short history: Service from 1974 -1994. Army Original claim date: May 18, 2011 Decision letter: Oct 30 2012 Appeal date: Dec 10 2012 Remand date: July 18 2018 Examine date: Mar 2019 Arrived at AMC: Aug 2019 Any guesses as to completion date?
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