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  1. thanks, i think i fixed it. my husband set everything up for me. i am new to the computer.
  2. i was awarded 70% disability for ptsd due to military sexual trauma 3 months ago. the examination was a horrible experience for me and threw me into a deep depression. i just received notification that in a couple of days i have to have another exam for my claim for unemployablity. i was told that i had to see two doctors this time. i am terrified. do they ask the same questions that they did the first time? what is the second doctor for. any advise on what happens in these examinations would be greatly appreciated and what things are they looking for. i hope that if i know a little about what to expect that i won't go into another severe depression. i have been on social security disability for 4 years for depression. i really need the extra money because i cannot get the help that i need from the va hospital and have to pay a great deal of money out of pocket to see 3 local doctors on a weekly basis not to mention physical problem i am having due to stress. HELP KIMMBERLY
  3. i would like to find out how to correctly file for tdiu. i have been awarded 70% disability for ptsd military sexual trauma. i would like to know how to apply for the tdiu correctly the first time so that i do not have to experience reapplication at a latter date. our local veteran representatives are really uninformed and caused a four year delay for my original claim for ptsd. i have several questions i would like to get information on. 1. when they ask for medical records for the last year, do they have access to the ones i have given them for my claim or do i have to recopy all records again and resubmit them? 2. does it help to write explanations about my hospitalizations or have letters from my doctors stating that i have been unable to work for 6 years? i am currently on ssi due to mental depression. 3. will they obtain the information from my psychiatrists for my sessions or do i have to obtain these records and send them myself? 4. will it affect my claim if my dates of jobs are approxiamted or i am incorrect about the wages earned? it also asks for number of days missed and i am not sure that i can obtain that information from some of my previous employers because it has been a long time since i worked for them? i would appreciate any help in filing this claim successfully the first time because i need the money to pay for my psychiatric appointments. i cannot get to my va hospital for treatment there because it is too far away and everytime you go you have a new counselor and i cannot get the help that i need. i have to pay for these sessions myself. thanks, kim
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