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  1. Well, here it is December and in August I did submit my late husbands medical bills. I've heard zero from the VA. Nothing. I did call a month or so ago and was told "they are working on it" whatever that means anymore. I only have until next month I think it is to submit the rest of the bills (only sent the major ones). I asked VA if I should go ahead and submit the rest of the bills and they said "no, wait until you hear something." Soon that will be too late. I know that the odds of them reimbursing are little to none but it would be nice of them to give me a yay or a nay instea
  2. No formal claim has been made as I just received word a month ago that I had won my appeal. It had been denied while my husband was living BUT the BVA found evidence where my husbands claim should have been approved at the regional so therefore they awarded me accrued back to the date of the original claim that my husband made in 2004. Because his cancer was not recognized as service connected at the time he was undergoing treatment, we didn't file any claim for reimbursement. Now that the BVA has stated that my husband did die from a service connected disease, I would think they sho
  3. anyone have an answer regarding the medical bills??
  4. Its great and all that they awarded me accrued to Bill's file date but what do they do about medical expenses regarding his cancer treatments? He didn't have health insurance just medicare and they only payed 80% of their approved amount which left us with huge bills for chemo, surgery, and radiation. I had been putting the chemo charges on our Visa card but maxed it and one of the times we went in for his chemo treatment we were told to cough up $2800.00 or they wouldn't give him his chemo. Lucky for me that I had another charge card but I was sure pissed that they confronted me right in
  5. No, my brother had Acute Myloid Leukemia. Diagnosed around Christmas 2006, died February 2007. I was just reading a post on another site and it said the VA had a 6 month freeze, per their VSO, on all BVA granted claims. Anyone know about this? I've heard nothing from the VA since I won my appeal. I did contact them via IRIS and got the following response: "Upon researching your file, our records indicate we have received the notice of grant of benefits and the claim is with our Columbia Regional Office for the final administrative steps which need to be completed prior to the claim
  6. Thanks Pete. I also lost my brother (USAF) Vietnam 1969-70 to leukemia. He died 8 months after my husband did. My sister-in-law has chosen not to seek DIC because of the stress involved.
  7. "sorry if I sound angry-this award letter I got today gave me flashbacks-and the check could have come last year when I was approved for it- but it took until today." I know exactly where you are coming from re: the flashbacks. On Saturday when I received the BVA decision I simply fell apart. Couldn't even finish reading the thing. Couldn't hold it as I was shaking so badly. Don't know what happened to me. It was like I had just been told that Bill died. Maybe delayed reaction to his death, I have no idea. It was totally unexpected as I thought I would jump for joy if I won but it did
  8. Thanks for the replies. I do have a few questions. After reading the letter from the BVA I see where they show the date that my husband filed his claim as Feb. 2005 when in fact it was July 2004 via VONAPP. As I was awarded accrued benefits because his claim was pending this would affect the accrued benefit amount. How do I get this corrected? As I remember this was an issue with my husband and the VA but I do have his C file and the original claim to prove otherwise. I don't know if I should protest now or wait until they send me the accrued monies and then go after them. I'm concern
  9. Thanks for all the information I learned on this site, and because of it, yesterday I received the "brown" envelope from the BVA telling me that I have been granted DIC as they found my late husbands esophageal cancer caused by his exposure to agent orange. All though I am glad the fight is over, I find no joy, only anger that our own chemical companies knowingly poisoned thousands of Vietnam veterans in the name of the all mighty dollar. I would also like to add that anyone filing a claim or appealing a decision should never assume that their VSO has their best interest at heart. Mine
  10. Well, good luck Mike and let us know how it goes! I was under the impression that an appeal going before an attorney and law judge was the last step in the appeal process and that now it would either be denied, approved, or remanded. I hope that I hear something soon.
  11. When you say your appeal is in legal do you mean being reviewed by judge and attorney? How long was that process? I appealed 3 years ago and now, knowing that my appeal is actually being reviewed by the board, is more stressful than the 3 years I have already waited so far. I just hope it won't take very long ie: months, year....
  12. On February 23rd I was told that my appeal was being reviewed by a VA attorney and a Veterans Law Judge. On March 11th I was told that it is still be reviewed. Is that an unusual time frame? Also, a friend of mine whose VNveteran spouse also died from the same cancer had her appeal heard in April and did not hear from the VA until October regarding their decision (she won!), but isn't that an unnessary amount of time to wait to learn of their decision?
  13. I got a call from Washington yesterday saying that my appeal had been sent to the board on Wednesday. Does anyone know how long that process normally takes once it has been sent to the board? It was at the American Legion there in Washington I guess because I had signed a POA with my local AM. Where does the Appeals Management Center come in to play? Is that the same as the board? The gentlemen that called me said that my regional office had really failed my husband by not getting his records. He said that many awards and ribbons were missing from my husbands DD214. He also said that
  14. When a veteran has received any of the combat decorations listed below, VA will presume that the veteran engaged in combat with the enemy, unless there is clear and convincing evidence to the contrary: · Air Force Achievement Medal with "V" Device · Air Force Combat Action Medal · Air Force Commendation Medal with "V" Device · Air Force Cross · Air Medal with "V" Device · Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device · Bronze Star Medal with "V" Device · Combat Action Badge · Combat Action Ribbon (Note: Prior to February 1969, the Navy Achievement Medal with
  15. My late husband got both workerman's comp and ssdi from 1991 until he died in 2006. The SSDI was off-set due to the comp. Comp also paid me a nursing check each week because I had to leave my job to care for him due to his disability.
  16. Last time I called the BVA I was told that they are working on appeals where the veteran is 75 years of age or older and will continue to do so until they are finished. I think it's a great idea and that they should include terminal veterans as well. Only issue is that daily a vet turns 75 and I would bet that daily a vet finds he has terminal cancer so this really could be a never ending story. How long ago were you told that 2007 claims were now being heard?
  17. My appeal is currently at the American Legion office in Washington. The last time I called and was told it would be another year, the gentlemen that I spoke with (who has my file) said "you need to just get on with your life and consider this a windfall when, and if, you win your appeal." I was very disturbed by that comment. I'm filing for DIC. plus accrued for PTSD. I read about the Writ you spoke of and don't know if that is the route I should go. It's been 2 1/2 years since I appealed my denial and have been told that it usually takes at least 4 years but like I said in my previous po
  18. My claim has been in appeal since March of 2007. Last year I called to check status and was told it would be another year. When that year went by and I heard nothing I called again and this time was told it would be at least another year. Naturally I was dissappointed. My question is: Will it hurt my appeal if I ask my congressman to check as to why things are being delayed another year or so? I don't want to rock the boat but have heard that if you make waves so to speak that it can go against you and your claim will be deliberately delayed. Also, I thought claims were heard by docket
  19. I so agree with you! I'm dismayed by the lack of support regarding bill 3491. The negative comments there are unbelievable. Such lack of respect for our veterans is beyond my comprehenion. When this bill was first posted the voting was 75 for, 25 against but it has definately gone the other way. What are these people thinking? For some reason you can no longer bring up this bill through google so I will try again to post the link. It appears ok in the body of the e-mail but when I do a preview it wipes part of the link out??? Really would like to see more positive support for this bill.
  20. As you already know, these sponsers were for the bill when it was in the 110th. To date, there is only one co-sponsor in the 111th. I have contacted some of the vet organizations and have been told that they will not back this bill without the research (this was when it was in the 110th). Just who is going to research gastric cancers? I find it hard to accept that in the last 4 decades there has been NO research on any gastric cancers. Take esophageal cancer as a classic example. It has risen 350% since ten years after the VN war. A red flag indeed but no one out there is researchin
  21. I haven't been able to either..please try: www.washingtonwatch.com then key in the bill number (H. R. 3491) in the lower left hand corner. It will take you to the proper link, click that and you will be there. Thanks!
  22. This is the link to the bill. If any of you would, please go to this site and vote YES. It's being slammed by non-veterans, not to mention the comments made there are way out of line. Thanks! http://www.washingtonwatch.com/bills/show/...tml#commentform
  23. thanks guys for your responses. I don't know what that form is that you are referring to. Where do I get it? Some things that are abbreviated lose me...sorry. YES! My husband's VSO was useless and after my husband passed away I got a different VSO and he was useless, too. He told me straight up that he would NOT help me with the PTSD claim but now he denies ever saying that. Too late because I have done it all on my own. I just hope that I haven't hurt my case. Because my vso did have me sign a POA for the cancer claim than it is listed that I have a VSO for the ptsd..that is why t
  24. My DIC claim is at the BVA (two years last March). I have talked with a VSO there in Washington who is from the American Legion. He is handling my claim before it goes before the appeal board. My late husband was receiving social security disability for PTSD (since 1992). He originally filed a claim in 2004 for ptsd but died in 2006 from cancer. No one has ever requested my late husbands social security records. I did, but only got the medical records...no letter stating his diagnosis. I have repeatly told the Washington VSO about the social security records but no one seems to want to
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