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  1. I apologize for not being familiar with how best to respond to each of you separately. So I will add some info here. The Reserves has done a much better job in allowing medical issues that Active Duty allows. In the past there was a "threshold" allowed (I believe it was 60%) before you were no longer eligible to serve in the reserves. However, many people coming off active duty with acceptable medical conditions while on active duty, were not eligible to participate in the reserves. So those standards have changed to more closely align with active duty standards. And yes, I agree it is a matter of asking the right office for the audit. I do not know many of the acronyms you guys have used so I apologize. I will read the link that was recommended by the Elder. I will also keep tabs on this thread.
  2. I was 10% VA rated since leaving active duty. I am a serving reservist. At some point back in the early 2010's I was upgraded to 30% VA rated and then in 2016 I was upgraded to 60% VA rated. I have some VA compensation withheld each year to offset the reserve pay I receive. However, I believe the computations for both the last increase in VA compensation and several years of the withholding has been calculated incorrectly. I wrote to the VA and explained where I thought the mistakes had happened and asked them to audit my history. I got a letter back saying they do not do that. Who can I request an audit from?
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