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  1. Please remember DMZ also qualifies for Agent Orange bennies. Vet I know on DMZ Korea eventually got PTSD , heart condition, etc. File all they can do is say no. Good luck
  2. Hey I was reading the proposed reduction AND it says it shows SOME improvement not that it is definite. I sent in my dissatisfaction on SOME improvement. I guess that will tell them I am to have a follow up in September with a real oncologist. This site and vets are awesome
  3. Thanks guys. I have no computer nor access to one. Small town virus has us shut down I am not really literate. That's why I am screwed any call I make they are working from home. The decision says the evaluation of left tonsilhigh-grade diffuse large B cell Non-hodgkin's lymphoma is based on Inactive disease (38 CFR 4.311) I have up coming exam in Sept
  4. Got 100% back in 2018 for Non-hodgkin's lymphoma. One march 2020 I get a letter for reexamination. I live in the sticks no VA so I get sent to a Winnebago 60 miles away for an exam. Go into the Winnebago they draw blood I go home. No exam. Two weeks later I get a decision that I am being lowered to 20%. Effective 1 May. Kick in the butt for serving in Nam.
  5. FYI VA has also acknowledged that Agent Orange was, in some instances, used in the Kingdom of Thailand and has developed specific procedures to determine whether a veteran was exposed to herbicides in locations other than the Republic of Vietnam or along the DMZ in Korea. See VA's Adjudication Procedure Manual, M21-1MR, Part IV, Subpart ii, Chapter 1, Section H, para. 5-7. Additionally, effective June 19, 2015, VA amended its regulation governing individuals presumed to have been exposed to certain herbicides by expanding the regulation to include an additional group consisting of indivi
  6. Berta, sorry about the confusion but on that spouse that was taken off as a dependent.  The vet and her lived together and I got letters from neighbors and clergy that they were living as man and wife (in sin?) So then they decide to make it legal and the vet dies within six months and the VA jerks her dependent status cause they were married less than on year (legally) and that is correct by VA law.  But if they were together prior as man and wife and the VA originally recorgnized it then they should not penalize her now.  I did find this:

    VA propaganda"

    Date 06-17-91

    Citation VAOPGCPREC 58-91 VET. AFF. OPO GEN COUNS PREC 58-91

    MEANING OF "LEGAL IMPEDIMENT" for Purposes of Deemed-Valid Marriage under 38 USC &103a Comon Law Marriage


    Presented that to the vA and I got nothing back still denied.  Hope we are a clear state of mind on this and I really value you and the other members opinions. Thanks   Q

  7. hey Buck I am looking for  Alex Graham how do I find him.  I am lost, thanks


    Marine Corps VSO

    1. Buck52


      I would think the same way you found me, just post a question and refer it to Alex   aka  Asknod... A hadit elder member.


    2. Buck52



      I'll let Alex know you need him.


  8. YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL.......................That someone in Congress or that someone in the VA System would read some of these posts. FAT CHANCE of that happening but they need to wake up and pay attention. Short of a revolution what can we do to make them aware of their incompetence???
  9. GAWD..........................what the heck is going on? Vet served in KOREA and his claim was denied cause he was inot in VIETNAM!! Amazing, so we tell them we never said VIETNAM, we said KOREA, did you read our paperwork? OK we got that settled and a decision was issued for the vet at 90%, but his ischemic heart disease was denied cause he did not make an appointment they had scheduled. OK the day of the decision we requested the exam be rescheduled cause the VA Decision Letter requested that we ask for a reschedule. We did that and then NOT one week later we get another later that "yo
  10. Gawd..........................we spend so much time taking exams, doing paperwork for them and they give us....................Nada, wait we will get to it, it here it is there, and finally when your day comes.....................oh wait we need this or that. And the beat goes on, you continue to borrow from friends, relatives, get behind your bills and so on, does the VA care..........................O(EWUREW no!!!!!!! Sorry brother this is the problem, to bad we served survived and came home expecting to be taken care of. Apparently that is not in the program. It is almost good afterward
  11. Let me say congrats, keep up the good fight and go for 100 now. Please,. Please, do not forget to apply for the free 10 thou SGLI insurance. I am tired of vets not doing that and then expiring and the family misses out on the benefit. Again WAY TO GO
  12. Though I am not enitirely happy with the VA I did get intervention from them that was above and beyond. The VA local director interevened on a deceased veterans claim Ischemic Heart and the claim was resolved in favor of the vets wife although the claim was dragging for over 12 months, and he put his two cents in and we were done in about three weeks. Kudos to him. The good ratings are late and far and in between, but I do have to give them credit for this one.
  13. As a veteran VSO for over eight years I have recieved more flak from the people I work for than the VA. I am in line awaiting decisions like everyone else and all my call usually fall on deaf ears. It is in development, it is at rating, and so on. Basically phone calls are a waste but you have to try and get their attention, and I do not know how. Does any one else? I have not been reimbursed ONE CENT from my organization although I get as much lip and promises from them as I get from the VA. Why do I do it? Heck the veteran deserves more and if I get no money for stamps, gas, mileage,
  14. Get a SF 180 and complete it to get your 201 file which is the personnel file from your military records. It is much easier to do that and then you can research all the information that is on them. Go ahead and file your claim, there is no problem, later you can attach a copy of your 201. 201 gives dates and locations of bases where you served and what assignments you had etc. They have an addreess to send it to but it is better that you fax it to MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS CENTER THE PHONE NUMBER IS (FAX) 314-801-9195. It is faster that way about 45 days max. If you mail it it just see
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