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  1. I receive SMC s now, mainly for PTSD 70% and a bunch of other things that rate to 100% more. Just put in for A/A, and was wondering will they just say ok SMC L or do they Pyramid to the SMCT, For I also have a TBI? 10% with 30% More for Migranes. This is really confusing the SMC rates and how to apply them to your situation. thanks for any help. Johnny Adams MSG USA RET
  2. Good Morning, I have a few questions about SMC. I currently receive SMC S, for I have 70% PTSD and have 50% for Sleep Apnia, 40% for Fybromyalgia, 30% Migranes, 20% for Cervical Spine, and 10% for TBI and a host of about 9 other things all listed at the 10% Disability rating. Would they just look at new A/A that I just submitted or would they pyramid me to the SMC t? this is so confusing. Thanks for any help.
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