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  1. Hi Berta,

  2. Hi Berta, They just upgraded my account and the upload file appeared so here it is! F4-RCmike REMANDED decision.pdf
  3. Hi Berta, Sorry but I don't have that button? maybe because I'm new to Hadit? all I have is "insert image from URL" and "notify me of replies" I know how to upload the file if I could find the button in here????This is frustrating
  4. Hi Berta, I scan and just uploaded it. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions. I"m currently living on Coatesville VA in a program (I'm homeless). I make regular appointments with my Psychologist/all medical
  5. Hi Berta, I Scaned it but don't see where i can up load it? Please advise. Thanks M
  6. Hi Pete, the base has closed long time ago, but we did look for new paper articles on micro fish, and all things archived from the base. Thanks M
  7. Hi Berta, Yes. the SS# xxx xxx xxx and the Docket# 19-29 096 Date: February 25 ,2020 Thanks M
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