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  1. The day I got rid of CenturyLink was a great day. My local electric coop finally got internet ran to my house and it's great. Superfast.
  2. I finally contacted my US Senator and they got my C&P exam from the VA in less than a week. It's just crazy how the VA seems to slow play anything having to do with a claim.
  3. I think my contract c&p examiner was good to me. After the exam the VARO made my left thumb, left index finger, & left little finger secondary service connected. But now I have my appeal on hold because I want that c&p exam before I file anything else! Thursday will be 8 weeks and I will be calling them again.
  4. It's a contract C&P exam but it's still a medical record. At least in my opinion. Next Thursday will be 8 weeks since I faxed in my request. It's just a way for the VA to delay your claims. I understand what you're saying I guess I'm just venting.
  5. Shouldn't it be in medical records that I can access on va.gov? My request for a copy of my C&P exam has been in evidence gathering for 6 weeks. What the hell is there to gather?
  6. Why is it that the VA seems to be stuck in the 80's with their correspondence. I called the 800 number a couple of weeks ago because my letter was going on 2 weeks. The guy told me it should be there tomorrow but if it's not call back and we'll email it to you. Why not email it in the first place? Seems like it'd be a lot quicker and save money.
  7. I filed to get my last c&p report on June 3rd. It was an FOIA. It was in initial review til June 16 and it has been in evidence gathering since then. Lol.
  8. I'm going to file an appeal for my TDIU and was wondering which will be my best option. My old claim is a legacy and I've never used this newer version. What are the pro's and con's of these 2.
  9. Thanks all. I'm at 50% combined right now with 20% being my highest rated so my tdiu will have to be extraschedular. I will appeal it but I'm waiting on my last c&p exam report. The VA has had my request for 3 weeks and they're still evidence gathering. They wear me out. Anyway on the letter I got it says that a higher evaluation of 30% is not warranted for the non dominant hand unless the evidence shows favorable ankylosis involving the index, long, ring, and little fingers. Then where they talk about my long finger they say that the claimed condition essentially effects four digits of the left hand and that is not dissimilar from suffering the favorable ankylosis of four digits (index, long, ring, and little fingers) of the non dominant hand. That makes no sense to me!!!!
  10. So I finally got my letter and of course my IU claim was denied. But the VARO service connected my thumb, index finger, and little finger as secondary to my original service connected disability. This seems like a good thing to me since it raised my rating by 10%. Does this mean that my original claim and the secondary condition ratings can be raised separately? I don't understand the VA like a lot of people on here so I was wondering if this is a good thing and also shouldn't this help with my appeal.
  11. Thanks Berta!! I have an appeal at the BVA on my left long and ring fingers. After I get my letter from my IU claim I'll appeal that one too and I'll ask for SMC.
  12. Well you know more about this stuff than I do so I'll trust you. Lol. I just was surprised they service connected all 5 digits on my left hand. Proud they did but I sure wasn't expecting it.
  13. I had a C&P exam back in April. I had all the range of motion tests on my left hand. My examiner said she was going write quite a bit down for me but she didn't know if it would do any good. Apparently it did some good. I am currently waiting on the VA to send me a copy of that c&p exam.
  14. I filed for IU back in February of this year. Yesterday I checked va.gov and my rating had increased by 10%. So I'm pretty sure IU got denied. I thought they had increased my 3rd & 4th metacarpal. Today I got on va.gov and found I was awarded 20% for limitation of left thumb, 10% for limitation of left index finger, & 0% for limitation of left little finger. I didn't have any of these issues claimed. Anybody ever have something like this happen?
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