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  1. On va.gov it shows my appeal I filed in December 2016 then it says my va form 9 was completed in September 2019 and it also say my appeal was updated In July 2020. So I have no idea what date they're going by probably July 2020.
  2. My Appeal is a legacy and at the bva. December 2016 is when it was filed. On va.gov it says my appeal was updated in July 2020. On va.gov it says they are working on claims from September 2017 and later. Shouldn't my Appeal be seen quickly. Va.gov says there are 85000 ahead of me. Just seems like December 2016 should be seen before September 2017. Also my claim was remanded to director of comp. And then sent back to RO and now is back at bva. Wasn't sure what to do.
  3. I don't know anything about cck. But like you I don't trust lawyers I had one. He was a moron I fired him and got better results by my self. But he still got paid. But he kept my appeal a legacy and didn't move it to the RAMP so now I'm 5 years into my claim. I don't like lawyers. Sorry for venting in your post.
  4. Hey Broncovet I'm wanting to file for loss of use of hand. Now I still have a claim at the BVA for limitation of motion. It has been remanded and deemed extraschedular by the director of c&p. Would loss of use of hand be a supplemental, secondary, or new claim or what. Or should I even bother with it while my claim is at BVA. I don't want to jeopardize my claim at BVA. I plan on filing for tdiu at some point but I really want to have my ducks in a row before I do that and I thought that if I got loss of use of hand it would help. Of course if I don't get it it could hurt. I was wondering i
  5. Thanks I hadn't thought about it pyramiding. My limitation of motion right now is because of the distal fragment and the arthritis would be in my knuckles but both would be limitation of motion. Well I'll still file for loss of use of hand and SMC. Once again thanks for the information.
  6. I had 2 malunion spiral fractures of the 3rd and 4the metacarpals in my left hand while I was in the army. These are service connected. The 3rd metacarpal in my left was never set correctly and I have a 1 cm distal fragment that juts down into the palm of my hand. Would this be considered a sequelae fracture and if it is would that be a help to me? I'm planning on tdiu at some point. Trying to get in to see a specialist to determine if I have arthritis in my left hand and if so I'm planning on filing for that plus loss of use of non dominant hand and SMC L & K first. Just trying to get m
  7. I meet the extraschedular requirements as far as maintaining substantial gainful employment and I have 2 c&p examiners that have said as much. I did just get my disability rated as extraschedular. My total rating is 40% with 30%on my left hand. I'm hoping the BVA will increase it but who knows. I do know anything with the VA is an uphill battle.
  8. Thanks I think I'm going to see a specialist and see if I have arthritis in my hand from SC disability and if so file on arthritis and loss of use of non dominant hand. Then I'll probably try for tdiu. Once again thanks for answering me.
  9. Can one of the mods delete this please. It's been on here long enough with no answers.
  10. If I file for tdiu while I have an appeal at BVA. It's still a legacy. I don't want to screw up my appeal so I have been waiting on it. So my question I guess is should I file my tdiu or wait till my appeal is settled
  11. I plan on filing for tdiu but my appeal is at the BVA and I didn't want to delay it anymore than it is. 1 of my c&p examiners said I was a liability and any employer of mine could be held liable if an accident was caused by me. In his December 2016 Notice of Disagreement (NOD) and in his September 2019 VA Form 9, the Veteran asserts that a distal fragment or bone spur that protrudes into the flesh of his hand is an additional symptom that affects his overall disability picture regarding his left hand finger disabilities that causes significant pain, limitation of motion, and an inabil
  12. I received an extraschedular rating on my left hand a few months back after it was remanded to the director of c&p. I went from 20%-40% now my case is back at BVA waiting on a judge. My questions are how rare is it to get an extraschedular rating and should it help at the BVA?
  13. How many judges at the BVA rule on appeals? They go thru hundreds a day so I was just wondering how thorough they were in making their determinations. Do they spend an hour on each case, 4 hours, or a day? Just curious.
  14. I recently had an appeal remanded to the director of compensation in February. In June my disability was determined to be extraschedular and I was awarded an increase in my disability. I thought my appeal was over but in July I get a letter saying my appeal is waiting for a judge. I had my VSO check on it and it's for the appeal I had remanded. The VARO said I should know something by the end of September. Lol dealing with the VA you never know what's going to happen!
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