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  1. If you get rated for 100% before you win a BVA grant, will the VA still pay you the back pay even if your rating does not change.
  2. you should be asking them, not us- we don't know why it was cancelled, they, or the vendor (depending on who it was with) do. You should have a phone number for the exam location, call it and see what they say. I agree thanks for the feed back.
  3. The VHA just cancelled my regular MH treatment appointment, saying the provider is not available at this time, "We will call you to set up another appointment". My appointment is over a month out, what's going on? How can I verify that they cancelled and not me? Is it because I have a claim in? Stressed OUT!!!
  4. Thanks for the input, I know a few Vets that have a 100% PT rating for Mental health disorders.
  5. My private PHD Pyshc. doctor filled out the DBQ and he opinion on my anxiety disorder because the VA C&P examiner gave me or added Unspecified Anxiety Disorder to my award on my initial MDD secondary to tinnitus claim.
  6. At a current rating of 70% for Unspecified Anxiety disorder with MDD, is it possible to get a increase without a C&P exam? The IMO rationale & DBQ were added as evidence. I have been getting Mental health treatment at the VA since my last award also.
  7. Thanks for the input, it looks like I need to go forward with my claim for increase. Thanks
  8. I want ask if anyone has information or knowledge of a BVA appeal that is out of the 90 day evidence phase, holding up a decision on a claim for an increase on another SC issue? I would like know if I should just wait for the BVA to make it's decision first on the appeal, before I put in for the increase for the separate issue? Forgive me if this is not the right platform for this question. All information is welcome, Thanks.
  9. Thanks everyone, a lot of good information was given. I just have to see if I can actually fall asleep with it on, my biggest problem is falling asleep, I'm hoping it will tune out my tinnitus issues but I'm definitely not going to give up my wife and kids are too important.
  10. I was just diagnosed for sleep apnea OBSA by the VA and I have a follow up appointment I guess to get my CPAP machine. Does anyone have any insight on what to expect from this initial appointment?
  11. I have put on a lot of weight the past two years because I don't like to get out and leave the house much and I don't feel like doing much of anything. I'm thinking this has caused me to develop OSA. Can my psych doctor or doctor opinion my excessive weigh gain is due to my depression?
  12. I am secondary serviced connected 70% percent for MDD and Anxiety (Tinnitus can't sleep). I was recently diagnosed with OSA sleep apnea by a VA doctor (sleep monitor test) and my question is, if I were in the future to file for an increase for my MDD and Anxiety, could the VA reduce or terminate my compensation because of the Sleep Apnea diagnosis (OSA)?
  13. You should go see a PHD mental Health doctor tell him your symptoms and how your Tinnitus keeps you up all night. Your lack of sleep has to cause a depressive mood and anxiety, trust me my anxiety is terrifying and I know your tinnitus is preventing you from falling asleep and staying asleep if it is bad as mine. I was able to service connect anxiety and major depression disorder secondary to my 10% Tinnitus at 70%, so it can be done you just have to get an opinion from a Independent physiatrist and be very honest (don’t hold back) during your C&P exam.
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