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  1. First some background info: I have an existing service connected disability (left knee @ 30%) and am now diagnosed with a degenerative lumbar scoliosis condition with several compromised discs and severe radiculopathy. I have submitted an intent to file form to connect this lumbar condition to my knee disability. The theory is that years of left leg instability has caused the lumbar scoliosis condition. A private orthopedic specialist is providing a NEXUS letter for the connection (which in his opinion is very strong). I'm being treated mostly on the private side, though the lumbar condition has also been documented at my last couple of VA yearly physicals. The prognosis is not great, the lumbar region is unstable and I am soon headed for a surgical decision (2 or 3 level lumbar fusion to stabilize the spine). My question: How best to proceed with secondary claim? Should I submit what I have now (multiple diagnoses with supporting MRI's, NEXUS letter from a private specialist) and put off any surgery - get rated prior to surgery? Or proceed with surgery and add that to the secondary claim? Thank you. Kevin
  2. I have a service connected disability (total left knee replacement 30%), this disability dates back several decades. The condition caused lateral instability in my left leg all of my post injury life. I am presently diagnosed with severe foraminal stenosis of several lumbar discs on one side (right) causing severe pain in lower back and radiating down my right leg. There is also a degenerative scoliosis of the lumbar spin (convex toward the left side). I will be seeking orthopedic and neurologist advice on how to treat this. The orthopedic surgeon that performed my knee replacement suggested that the knee instability was the cause of my spine deformation (which was not as pronounced at that time). My question is: how difficult is it to establish connectivity of a secondary claim (the spine problems) to the already service connected knee disability??
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