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  1. Thank you for your reply, I am at 100% P&T unemployable, he used to work with my dad when he was a police officer. He has always been a family friend . They do not have any IRS issues to speak of and there are no court ordered judgments against him or his wife. You say that you don't see how they can take his VA compensation but can they go after the back pay? Also would Champ VA be a secondary insurance to social security for any future health care with no copay?
  2. I have a friend that is in his 70's and has been recently rated at 80% but all his claims have not finished processing. His wife is on hospice and social security is taking care of the cost. He will probability be getting a little over 2 years worth of back pay worth over $60,000 when his is finished. He is on track to be rated at 100% P&T unemployable under chapter 35. If this is the case his wife would become eligible for health care and prescriptions under champ VA. He is worried that social security will take his back pay because they have been paying for his wife's care. He is also worried that they will make him pay for her care in the future. I told him that I would check and see what could happen. I think that social security can't touch his back pay or his disability pay in the future. That champ VA would become her secondary insurance to social security for any future health care with no copay. Her prescriptions will also be taken care of through champ VA with no copay. Please advise me if my thoughts are correct and if they are not please advise me what to tell him. Thank You!!!!!!
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