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  1. Berta, Thanks for responding and to answer your first question, no they did not. They have not listed any of the new evidence. Your second question was what was the diagnosis for the medical discharge, it was schizoaffective disorder. Your third question, scan their denial letter with evidence list? I can but I will not because it’s not relevant to my question above. The question above is has this been seen before basically. Moreless has anyone seen such a blatant disregard for a claim, in addition they are just skipping through it as it seems to me. Your fourth question, did a law
  2. Brokensoldier244th, Thanks for the response and yes your partially correct, C.F.R. 3.12 Character of Discharge, all of this statue applies especially (6) By reason of a discharge under other than honorable conditions issued as a result of an absence without official leave (AWOL) for a continuous period of at least 180 days. This bar to benefit entitlement does not apply if there are compelling circumstances to warrant the prolonged unauthorized absence. This bar applies to any person awarded an honorable or general discharge prior to October 8, 1977, under one of the programs listed
  3. GBARMY, Thanks, I appreciate it and yes I have read about the VA's Character of Discharge and getting it upgraded. I filed with the ABCMR about 8 months ago awaiting their decision. I have about 90% of my mental health records from Fort Bragg. What I do have is overwhelming to say the least. The angle I am pursuing while I await a decision is my character of service, the VA cannot change nor upgrade a service members discharge but they can make a determination on the character of service for VA benefits. The VA determined it was "dishonorable" for VA purposes and denied compensation. Furt
  4. Can someone please tell me this is normal for the processing of VA supplemental claims? October 28, 2019 I submitted my supplemental claim with the locations of new and relevant evidence and four buddy statements if you will, the VA closed it on November 20,2019 with out explaining why. I submitted a VA Form 27-0820 to request an informal conference via telephone to explain why? While waiting for the call the claim magically re-opened and after the call with the idiot who's only answer was not eligible over and over. The claim closed again on December 13, 2019. So I waited for
  5. Hello, My claim is being denied over and over again since 2009 and the VA states it is due to my OTH Discharge . Here is a rundown of the claim, Bars to benefits per the VA: 1. AWOL more than 180 days 2. Acceptance of OTH discharge in-lieu of General Court Martial. VA states no records indicate insanity at time of offense, nor compelling circumstances. I recently was made aware my mental health records from Fort Bragg do exist but for 12 years I was told they don't. Someone eventually informed me after countless calls that they do exist and cannot be released to me bec
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