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  1. I sent the IRIS inquiry it was the same verbiage as the 800 # (Peggy) almost word for word. I called the White House number last week and was transferred to a guy name Larry who put me on hold for 47 mins- so I finally hung up...called the White House number yesterday -told the about Larry never coming back to the phone- they put me on hold - came back in just a couple of mins-and said nothing had changed...
  2. I am new to posting so if I’m in the wrong spot - please let me know. I have an appeal that was remanded by the BVA in 2018. I called to check my status with Peggy and as the person was taking my call was looking at my info- he said well it’s already being tracked....and that it was in the national work queue since Dec 12, 2019 and hasn’t been looked at since that time. My question is-what do they mean that it’s already being tracked? Thanks sincerely Matti
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