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  1. I should have stated more clearly my issue with travel. When I said that I am unable to travel this distance, my anxiety is severe enough that I am physically unable to reach this destination unless I were to be completely sedated by a medical professional before traveling. Travel of this type produces in me extremely violent nausea and diarrhea, hyperventilation and extremely high heart rate, to the point that it is physically impossible for me to be in the vehicle for such a distance. This was included in our original filing we sent requesting the exam, where we included my medical notes for the last 2+ years that this has been increasing in severity, which includes statements from multiple doctors that I am completely incapable to travel outside of my local area. We requested specifically to have services provided in my town. I am still hoping to hear back from my VSO, but if I have not heard anything by mid day tomorrow it seems I will need to 'wade in' myself and contact LHI to do my best to explain my constraints. And thank you to everyone who has replied thusfar
  2. I have found this forum today searching desperately for answers and help, and I'm hoping that some can be found here. I have been working with a representative from the American Legion to assist me in preparing and filing a service connection claim. We started last May (an intent to file was sent on May 17, 2019), and this week of all weeks I finally received a series of letters from the VA Intake office saying my claim was being worked on and that I would be getting a call from a local doctor to schedule my C&P exam. The rep I have been working with told me to call him (or see him at his office) when I got this information, but his office is closed for another week at least (automated voicemail and email responses say through Apr 6) and I am very concerned about what is happening. The rep had mentioned the name of a local physician as who most everyone he has worked with in the past was sent to, but I just this morning got a call from Logistics Health Incorporated and the reviews I found for them online are varied from awful experiences to good ones. I have no way to contact the one person who has been helping me navigate this process and I am very worried on how to proceed. My primary claim is Anxiety/Panic Disorder (it has become so severe that I have been put on ADA Medical Leave from my part time job and my university professors/staff are working with me through their version of a disability office to provide accommodations to help me try to finish this term). I have been on that ADA Leave since Nov 17, 2019 and it is currently slated to last until May 17, 2020. Due to the nature of my primary issue, I have been unable to sleep recently trying to figure out what to do as I can not access the resource I had come to rely on over the last nearly one year. I have several claims being made other than just the Anxiety/Panic Disorder and can elaborate if someone needs that information to help, but frankly I'm terrified to call this large impersonal corporation to schedule a C&P when I had been expecting to work with a local physician. EDIT: I just received a Voicemail from LHI, and they have already scheduled an appointment for me for Mon 4/13. One of the primary issues of my Anxiety/Panic Disorder is that I am unable to travel long distances (anything out of my own city, and even long distance within town is problematic even with medication). In light of this, we had submitted along with our filings a request to have an appointment scheduled within my own city, but the appointment was made for me at an office in a city more than 30 minutes away, a trip I can not make.
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