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  1. My thanks to all... The recipe for me, in obtaining the win on my claim/in part was....Hadit.com,patience,tolerance,perserverance. Peace, William B)
  2. Happy too report that I was awarded 60% in late January but denied some of the most important portions of my claim. B) The battle now continues, as I now will wage my 2nd offensive against the VA. Thanks too all for your help here, as I garnered the strength from all your help. I look forward too helping others once again. Peace, William n
  3. Pete....Ya gonna lay in bed and eat ALL the candy???? Happy Halloween to alllll... :( William N
  4. Carlie, the FTCA 95/and evidence, was filed and we waited too see what their response was...They have 6 months too respond too your Tort Claim. Award or Deny. got it now. The lawyer has been pressureing regional counsel since July. they said were waitn on med. review from Ohio. Sen. Bill Nelson's office, has been doin the same. They(VA dont give a ****) who tries too move them.. They are a beast in itself. They have wayyy too much juice!! I hung up w/ lawyer, disgusted, but relieved. I forgot too ask some questions, and thought i'd run it by u folks. thats all. peace,William too answer your
  5. Just lookin for some reassurance from someone who is familiar with the process..and my question answered. thanks, William
  6. WOW...Pete sorry too ya had to endure this.Im glad ya pulled out ok. Hope your feelin a lil better. In my thoughts, peace, William
  7. Dav...go for it !! I feel its a matter of time,thats all. I'll be rootin for ya! No action brings ,no action! peace, William
  8. Appeal,Appeal,Appeal.....don't let them take you out like this. Go too a private psyc. doc. immediately,get something too rebutt their descision(sp). personal message Carlie on this. She posted a link just days ago on this subject. get a hold of her! Good luck, William
  9. Could Berta, or someone chime in here pleeeezzzz..peace, william
  10. Patti, Top Notch law firm, in Austin Tx. Archuleta,Alsaffar,Higginbotham.(google them)Peace, William P.S. I grew up in South Windsor,Ct. moved too Florida in 2003
  11. Welll, just got off the phone w/lawyer in Austin, Tx. Michael Archuleta,J.D,M.D.,MBA(Archuleta,Alsaffar & Higginbotham) and he received the denial letter. They(VA) state "that although i was awarded 30% disability by the Va in a NSC Pension Claim for the injuries, I should feel lucky because if they made an award it would have offset my "Pension", for years". HEHEHE.noo kiddin!! Now, the lawyer wants too crank it up a notch. Federal papers will be filed in court, and were rollin,rollin rollin. Now, the 1151 papers are being filed, as well. (I think) Forgot to ask him about that.. Keep ya
  12. BOOM!!! Another win for the home team....Good for ya! Peace William
  13. Carie,thats the one.....hope it helps someone. Wiilliam
  14. Please go too Hartford Courant.comand scroll for article containing this Vets issue, too read more....Peace,William
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