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  1. Thank you so much!!!
  2. His migraines were only service connected for 3 years before they reduced. I did ask for an increase immediately and filed a NOD as to why they reduced it. I have never had a BVA decision. All of decisions have been handled at the Regional level
  3. I apologize for the vagueness it was late. Secondly, THANK YOU for the quick responses and I am forever grateful for platforms like this as it has helped me tremendously to help my husband. To give you a little more background: My husband was medically discharges for maculopathy and was rated 30% upon that medical discharge. He also while in the Army had an Aortic Aneurysm repair and was placed on medicine at that time. He continues to be rated 0% because VA states that he has no residuals except scars. Fast forward, I took over his VA appeals because like most he was frustrated. After looking through all of his files which he had, I discovered a plethora of things he should have been claiming. Anxiety, migraines, knees, spine, and back issues among other things. We started out at 30% from 2001-2015. I opened his case back up at that time and started filing. We moved from 30% to 80% due to research on this site and others. We used NO attorneys or VSO help. This has NOT been an any task but it is so worth it. To bring you up to speed, I filed for an increase for my husband’s knees and back due to things not getting better. In Jan 2018 they provided an increase for those items but lowered the % for migraines to 0% without a warning or exam. I immediately fled a NOD. They had continued to deny his increase even with his headache log, statement, medicine history and doctor and neurology notes in the system submitted by me. Sep 2019 we received another no answer and I filed a supplemental claim for headaches among other issues. It was filed 1/2/20. He had his C&P exam 2/20. Doctor wrote DBQ to get him increase. Doctors stated to husband he should have never been decreased based on what he saw in records. My husband was granted 50% for headaches 4/6 which put him over the top for 100% T&P from the 90% he was granted after a DRO revealed he should have bee rated higher earlier.. GB Army I was thinking of the HLR review first as well but have been watching Berta for years provide valuable advice on CUE so really we were not sure. Thanks again for all that you do to help others! Haddit Attachments.pdf
  4. Looking for help to file a CUE for my husband for EED. Husband was recently awarded 100% P&T with his increase to 50% for headaches but was only awarded back pay from 1/20. Date should go back to 1/18 as I never let an appeal go past the one year mark when they lowered it to 0% for no reason. I even looked and saw all the documents showing His headache log and medical evidence from VA stating that he was suffering from migraines and the frequency had increased. Not sure if we should do CUE when clearly the RO used the wrong date which cost us lots in retro or do a HLR. Our Regional is Reno. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. God bless.
  5. How do you ask for an audit? I believe my retro is incorrect too
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