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  1. Roger. We did ask for a senior level reviewer. I'm guessing that just pisses them off. I guess I have about 50 more days to see what happens. Then I'll find a lawyer to move forward.
  2. the original from when I got out in 2002? Or the original that I put in a few months ago and they denied, and now I'm asking for a HLR? I'm assuming here in Arizona? Thats were I'm located and registered at this VA.
  3. Bear in mind this is an increase request with a request for secondary issues due to the already rated problem. So they know the original issue is at least valid. My battle buddies/shipmates all used the same format to submit, they are all now sitting at 100%, and I'm fighting with them for not doing their job. Lol. I guess this part of the country isn't a good place to be a veteran. People have died at this VA after all.
  4. That is basically what we wrote in the HLR... "Claim for increase cervical spine and add bilateral radiculopathy. Private DBQ submitted and not used. Against 38 CFR 3.326 (b) and (c) and M21-1, paragraph III.iv.3.D.2.d. My DBQs are sufficient for rating purposes." I was under the assumption wherever you are located, that is where the person reading your file will be as well?
  5. And by the way, my DBQs I provided were from an independent Doctor.
  6. What sucks more is that two of my buddies that used the same firm to put their packages in for them both got through and rated at 100% and all they sent were DBQs as well. I asked one of the team here to take a look at my DBQs as I can't decipher them. I'm curious what they'll think.
  7. I'm in the HLR process now. They flatly denied my original claim without using my DBQs I sent in and in the denial letter, they never mentioned the DBQs either. I'm in about day 70 so far. Yesterday the VSO said the status is "ready for a decision" This is my first time really dealing with this. When I got out of the Navy in 2002, about 6 months later I got a letter saying I was 40% rated and I'd get X dollars per month. I never did a thing. I realized that the DAV officer that reviewed my medical records must have submitted on my behalf. Now, I'm going after an increase with s
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