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  1. The VA does not follow state law because it is part of the federal government. Marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government. If you inform your VA provider that you are self medicating with Marijuana they will no longer prescribe certain medications. This has happened to a buddy of mine in Vegas.
  2. Thank you, Shrek. Just so I am understanding this correctly you are not referring to the judge line we see when we view the status of our appeal on VA,gov . As of now I have just under 58k in front of me. That would be if I lost my first round of appeal and stayed legacy.I know I can option in for AMA from my legacy status if I desire to.
  3. When is a remand considered completed ? 1. When the remand instructions are completed. 2. When the case is ready for decision . 3. When the decision has been made and a notice has been sent to the veteran. 4. Something else needs to happen. (Please explain if this is the case.) I ask because I am at "ready for decision" and I am two weeks past the days shown tin the Monday Morning Report. I understand that number is an average.
  4. I do not remember where I read it, but I did read that you can lose your legacy appeal date if you change over to AMA after a denial on a legacy appeal is made. Does this also mean that you can also lose your original claim date? I am in my 6th year so that would mean tens of thousands lost.
  5. Thank you for your response. When I did the VA math I came up with 70, because of the 50% for the Sleep Apnea with the required use of a Cpap. So currently at 10, add 50 for SA & another 30 for Persistent daytime hypersomnolence. I have added the BVA letter & full C&P both have been redacted. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ce-DezoJS04BI5ozXnJVqxYsLmjmuBWb I talked to Peggy last week & was told that my claim is the “Ready For Decision”. stage. I am in my 6th year with this. I know others have waiting much longer.
  6. My Sleep Apnea appeal (date 9/15/15) is in remand (date 1/11/19) with the VBA, after talking with Peggy last week & confirming with the AMO this week I am currently at “Ready for Decision”. My favorable C&P was completed on 12/11/19 at the Las Vegas VA Hosp. My C&P question: When a examiner answers a DBQ as shown in the following excerpt, will the condition result in an automatic increase if the main issue is approved, or is it something I need to claim once my appeal is completed? 3. Findings, signs and symptoms ------------------------------- Does the Veteran currently have any findings, signs or symptoms attributable to sleep apnea? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, check all that apply: [X] Persistent daytime hypersomnolence Also, if allowed here, how long does the “Ready for Decision” phase take considering it was a remand? Thank you
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